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PICS: Michelle Rodriguez Vacations In Ibiza

PICS: Michelle Rodriguez Vacations In Ibiza

“Fast & Furious” star Michelle Rodriguez enjoys an afteroon on a yacht with friends while vacationing in Ibiza, Spain on July 30, 2014. Rumor has it “Neighbors” star Zac Efron may be dating Michelle for her money, having spent all of his funding his lavish lifestyle.

PICS: Michelle Rodriguez Vacations In Ibiza

A source said, “Zac has been pretty broke while waiting on his share of the profits from ‘Neighbors’ to come through. Michelle, on the other hand, hoards her money. Rodriguez has no qualms about shelling out the cash, and her friends are worried that she’s being played.”

The spy added, “Michelle thinks Zac will pay her back as soon as his next paycheck comes in, but everyone is convinced that he’ll drop her before then. He’s just living the luxurious life with her while he can.”

Oh snap, let’s hope that he’s with her for more than just her money…that would be terrible.

Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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So Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez are Definitely Making Out

Zac Efron Drops By BBC Radio One

Well what seemed an unlikely friendship is turning into an unlikely relationship?  We’ve all seen the pictures of hunky heartthrob Zac Efron, 26, gallivanting around Europe with Fast and Furious star Michelle Rodriguez, 35.  Now pictures are surfacing of the two kissing and getting all handsy with one another on a yacht in Sardinia.

Rodriguez has been very open about her interest in both men and women.  She was dating model Cara Delevingne earlier this year, but the two haven’t been snapped together in ages.  Efron dated his High School Musical costar, Vanessa Hudgens for about four years, and was most recently linked to Halston Sage who costarred in Neighbors with him.

Both Efron and Rodriguez have had their share of trouble in the partying department.  Efron was in rehab last year, and had a dodgy escapade in Skid Row earlier this year.  Rodriguez has been in jail for a DUI and a hit and run.  Hopefully these two have both cleaned up their act and are enjoying themselves in a safe manner during their Italian romp, rather than feeding each others demons.

I’ll say this for both of them.  They really land the lookers and they are both super fit.  Whether they are friends with benefits on a European romp – or if this is the start of something lasting and beautiful… only time will tell…

You can judge for yourself just how hot and heavy these two are by viewing the pics here.

Michelle Rodriguez Lands In London

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Zac Efron Vacations With Michelle Rodriguez… and Wiggles!

"Neighbors" - Los Angeles Premiere

Zac Efron is in Italy right now, vacationing with Michelle Rodriguez.  I missed something again… because I didn’t realize these two were friends, let alone friends who go to Italy together.  Anyway- the highlight of this story is not that this unlikely duo were on a trip together, but rather the video that is now circulating the web of Efron doing a ‘wiggle’ dance to Jason Derulo’s hit song.  You can see the video here.

The 26-year-old busts out his dances moves alongside his host flamboyant Italian businessman Gianluca Vacchi and dancer Youssef Giga in the clip.

Posted on the wealthy entrepreneur’s Instagram account, the trio do a very professional looking tabletop dance to Jason’s hit Wiggle to impress the ladies.

Not afraid to get a little sexy, the Neighbors star certainly impresses onlookers, one of those being his friend Michelle Rodriguez, who can be heard yelling in the background.

Staying at Gianluca’s estate, the pair has certainly been enjoying themselves and earlier on the businessman posted another video featuring himself, Zac, Michelle and his girlfriend Giorgia Gabriele.

Rodriguez’ status with on-again, off-again model Cara Delevingne is unknown.  But if it’s off-again, she could do worse than snuggle up with Efron’s abs.

Michelle Rodriguez Lands In London

Photos: FameFlynet, Source

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Zac Efron opens up about his addiction issues

Zac Efron opens up about his addiction issues

Zac Efron recently talked to the “Hollywood Reporter” about his struggles with addiction and now he’s saying that talking about his problems gave him a sense of relief. He talked to Matt Lauer on the “Today” show and said that he is glad that his story is out in the public eye.

He said, “You know what, actually, it was a weight off my chest, I think. It was great. It was a fantastic time. It was a rough year. It’s kind of funny – you know, ‘Neighbors’ is such a great sort of icing on the cake for all this. I was able to kind of channel all of that and put it back into this movie. And I feel great. I feel really blessed to be here working with this group of guys. I don’t know – it couldn’t be better right now.”

Us Weekly reports:

Costar Dave Franco (James Franco’s younger brother) agreed, saying he thinks this film will be great for his image. “I’m really excited for Zac, just because I know a lot of people have this preconception of who he is, and once you see this movie, I think his teenybopper image is going to be completely shattered, and all these new projects that wouldn’t have come to him otherwise are just going to flood [in].”

As previously reported, Efron secretly completed a brief stint in rehab back in April 2013, for problems with cocaine and alcohol. “I was drinking a lot, way too much,” he told THR. “It’s never one specific thing. I mean, you’re in your 20s, single, going through life in Hollywood, you know? Everything is thrown at you. I wouldn’t take anything back; I needed to learn everything I did,” he said. “But it was an interesting journey, to say the least.”

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