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You Lost Part Of Your Suit, Rita Ora.

The "X Factor" - London Auditions

Uh, Rita Ora? You may wanna take that thing to a tailor.

The newly single singer attended the London auditions of The X Factor at SSE Arena yesterday and she…must’ve left the left sleeve of her suit at home?

What? Was it hot? Did you decide shoulder coverings were not cool (but only on the left?) either way, this getup is both confusing and feels a little dated.  Like, power suit plus tank top plus white pumps minus left sleeve? That’s an equation I simply cannot get behind, girl.

What do you think of her X Factor look?

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Mel B Walks Out On Husband

Celebrities Seen Leaving The X Factor Live Shows

Mel B has to protect herself.

Voice judge Mel B has walked out on her husband of seven years, Stephen Belafonte, amid fervent Internet rumors of domestic abuse, according to US Weekly: 

Rumors started spreading online on Sunday, Dec. 14, when Mel appeared on the UK’s X Factor finale show, having missed the semi-finals the night before due to an unspecified illness.

When the feisty northerner appeared on the show without her wedding ring and sporting what looked like bruises on her face and arms, worried fans began speculating about the “real” cause of her absence. As Us Weekly previously reported, for his part, Belafonte responded to comments made on Twitter, denying allegations and calling them “disgusting” and “untrue”.

But according to the Sun, the former Spice Girl has now left the London home she shared with the American director, and sources have confirmed to Us that luggage and boxes were being taken away from the house on Monday, Dec. 15.

One source told Us the duo have always had a “volatile” relationship, while another revealed the X Factor judge was in tears during commercial breaks for the hugely popular finale show.

Mel B’s sister Danielle Brown added fuel to the rumors, by tweeting out a series of increasingly desperate messages during her sister’s mystery illness, threatening to go to the press with recordings of what she called “abusive” phone calls Belafonte had allegedly made to Mel in the past week, unless she and her mom were able to contact the singer, or at least find out what was wrong with her.

(Via Us Weekly)

This is so upsetting.  I hope Mel B gets the help and support she needs.

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Exclusive Interview with Mel B.: The X Factor, Spice Girls, Dating and MORE

Celebrities Seen Leaving The X Factor Live Shows

Melanie Brown is BACK, and tells everything to Guardian’s Simon Hattenstone!

Let me tell you, Melanie B.’s never been one to sweeten some harsh truths or to be boring. Here’s a taste of the excellently-written interview…

On her auditions before the Spice Girls: “They were brutal, those auditions. You were told, ‘You’re definitely not what we’re looking for, your hair’s too crazy, your skin colour’s not right’.” How did she react? “I used to just laugh… ‘I know, but I’m not changing it. If anything, I want to go and get a tan and become darker. Everybody looks better with a tan.’”

On the initial Spice Girls “Girl Power” catch phrase: Whose idea was girl power? “I wish it was me,” Brown says, “but I think it was Geri who came up with it.” What did it mean to them? “It was just supporting whatever you want to be as a person. Whatever you want to be, whatever you’re going through, we’re there to sing a song about it.”

On Eddie Murphy’s parentage of her middle daughter, Angel: “It really tore me up, because I didn’t want to blab my side of the story, and I haven’t and I still won’t, out of respect for Angel and out of respect I still have for him. I wouldn’t want to do that to anybody. So I got really down. Stephen, who I’ve known for 15 years, stepped in as a really good friend and said, ‘It’s fine, you’ll get through this.’”

On her three daughters: “Well, I have full custody of all my three kids. We all live together, and they’ve got completely different qualities.” She says Phoenix is cool and sporty, seven-year-old Angel is a show-off “sassy pants”, and three-year-old Madison is a tough firecracker who has to fight for attention.

On her bisexuality:  “Well, I did have a four-year relationship with a woman. But I’ve been very happily married for seven years to a penis. Ha ha! An amazing guy.”

That’s only the tip of the iceberg! Check out the whole interview HERE.

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Simon Cowell hopes wants to find another One Direction on ‘The X Factor’


The X Factor US may have been cancelled, but it’s still going strong in the UK, and Simon Cowell is returning to the panel to give it a little liveliness. Don’t forget that the show is where One Direction was put together, and they’ve since made Simon and his Syco record label millions upon millions of dollars. Well, now he’s lowered the audition age to 14 years old in the hopes of finding another big money boy group.

‘He desperately wants another One Direction or Cher Lloyd and they were very young when they appeared on the show.’

There are some though who disagree with the age limit being lowered on the show and who would prefer if it was actually increased to 18 from the current 16.

A representative from The X Factor confirmed the age lowering to 14 to MailOnline saying: ‘This is to allow a new generation of budding singers to audition for the series. Anyone under the age of 18 will need their parent or guardian’s permission to apply and they will also need their parent or guardian to accompany them to their audition.’

Well, that’s that. I personally do think 14 is way too young to be part of such a rigorous and unforgiving process – especially since kids that age should be in school, not chasing instant fame, but whatever. Get ready to see some fresh faces on the show next season!


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