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Liam Hemsworth And Miley Cyrus Picked A Wedding Location!

Liam Hemsworth & Miley Cyrus Attend 'Paranoia' Premiere Together

Woah, I guess this wedding is actually happening? Color me impressed.

According to US Weekly, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are planning to exchange vows not in some kind of androgynous Woodstockian mushroom’d instagram nightmare (sorry, Miley) but in Liam’s home country of Australia.

During a late April trip to visit the 26-year-old actor’s family in Byron Bay, “they were discussing potential venues and looking around,” US Weekly reports. Also, “Miley’s mentioned she’s interested in having a bunch of bouncy houses,” another source says. “Like at a carnival!” …Which hopefully means Liam took the reins and was like, “hey, I know I’m only 26 but I feel like there’s gotta be a sane one driving this train.” Sounds like maybe the two balance each other (e.g. Liam loves Miley’s crazy but will temper that shiz).

The couple, who met while filming The Last Song in 2009, started dating months later and got engaged in 2012. The two reunited in December, and Miley started wearing her engagement ring a month after.

Though the two haven’t publicly confirmed the nuptials are back on (Hemsworth told TV Week Australia in March that he wasn’t engaged), that hasn’t stopped Cyrus from meeting with a wedding planner to sort out the big day. Again- one person in the couple is for BALANCE, one, for CRAZY.

Do YOU think this wedding will happen? WEIGH IN BELOW!

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Kate Hudson Had A Weird Wedding-Themed Birthday

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 12.51.55 AM

Kate Hudson, this feels weird and lame.

The actress was a blushing bride on Saturday night…but don’t get any weird “surprise wedding” ideas: she was just celebrating her 37th birthday in the lamest, most worst Sex And The City B story way she knows how: by having her annual “Hot Mess” party, a joint celebration of she, jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer and author Derek Blasberg‘s birthdays, held at Kate’s Pacific Palisades, California, home.

“It was some night,” Hudson wrote of the party, alongside a photo with the birthday stars. “Love you guys #NothingLikeAJointBday #AprilBabies #AnnualHotMessParty #WeddingEdition.”

Hudson and Meyer were dolled up in I guess 80’s bridal attire (of course veils included). Kate Hudson- not to be outdone- also celebrated her day earlier in the week, on Tuesday.

The festivities drew the likes of Demi Moore, Rachel Zoe and Chris Martin, who were spotted arriving at the bash. But hey, we didn’t see Nick Jonas, which may have been for the best. #HOTMESS

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 12.55.09 AM

Photos: Instagram

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Johnny Depp And Amber Heard’s Apology Video Is Hilarious

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 9.14.30 AM

Oh god, and then the universe gave us THIS.

Remember yesterday when we reported that Amber Heard and Johnny Depp got off for illegally smuggling their dogs into Australia last year? Well, part of their plea was a very ridiculous video. And well, now we have it. You can thank me later.

They’re both shockingly bad at “acting” in this video, but it is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a looooong time, so there’s that. But it seems that Barnaby Joyce, the deputy prime minister of Australia, isn’t done with these two quite yet. Joyce made some statements after the video apology was released:

Australia’s deputy prime minister — who once threatened to euthanize dogs belonging to Johnny Depp and Amber Heard — has mocked the actors’ videotaped apology for failing to declare the Yorkshire terriers when entering the country last year.

Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce told Australian public broadcaster ABC that Depp “looked like he was auditioning for the Godfather” in the somber apology video, but said he did not “think he’ll get an Academy Award for his performance.”

He doubled down on his criticism in an interview with CNN affiliate Channel 7′s “Sunrise” program, advising the Academy Award-nominated actor to “do it again” with “a little gusto.” The apology video by the Hollywood couple was played to a Queensland court on Monday as Heard appeared over the incident.

(Via CNN)

yikes. He’s not pulling ANY punches with these two.

What do YOU think of their video?

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Iggy Azalea Wants Some Privacy

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 8.23.22 AM

Iggy Azalea kinda wants her cake and to eat it, too.

She’s telling all of us that we should NOT talk about her and her killin’-it-at-fiance-ing Nick Young, because she’s entitled to her privacy…but she’s sure regale us with how she wants to “cut his dick off.”

Iggy tweeted on Monday that “we are together and i would love to be given a little (a lot) of privacy on the matter.” And yeah, I get it, but she’s showcased her bare ring finger to show Nick who’s boss, and kinda generally letting us all in on her saga, so maybe, I dunno- stick to your own wishes?

She recently went on “Ellen” and a bunch of radio shows talking endlessly about the scandal, but now she’s gunning for privacy.

What do you think- should she get the privacy that she now seems to want? WEIGH IN BELOW!

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