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Sofia Vergara’s Wedding Had An IV Station Where Guests Could Re-hydrate

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Sofia Vergara, I LOVE YOU.

During a Monday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres show, Sofie’s costar Julie Bowen talked about the more bonkers (less romantic, still cool) part of Vergara’s fairy-tale wedding to Joe Manganiello.  And let me tell you, as romantic as this wedding was, it also seems so freaking TAXING!

“If you’ve ever been to a Sofia event, it’s three days,” Bowen, 45, said of Vergara’s Nov. 22 nuptials in Palm Beach, Florida.

“It’s like a slow-moving trolley: You jump on, you drink and you dance and then you jump off. You can’t stay on the trolley for three days,” Bowen explained. “It’s a party train. It’s insanity. And it’s really fun.”

And yes, rumors about an IV truck were absolutely true.

“It was crazy. You had to hydrate,” the actress said. “They had a little ambulance truck, an IV station where you could go get IV hydration.”

“Like, literally a needle goes into your arm and they give you hydration? That’s how much people were drinking?” asked an incredulous-sounding DeGeneres.

“Yes, I thought somebody had had a heart attack or there was an event, ’cause there was this first aid truck set up outside of the pool area where all the bungalows are. And there are people, sipping espresso, getting IV rehydration,” Bowen said. “There is nothing, apparently, nothing you can do in three days that can’t be undone by some IV rehydration.”

(Via People)

Dang. Sounds like these people party HARD. Where was my invite, SOFIA?!!

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Guess Which Celeb Just Lost Her Wedding Ring In A New Orleans Parade?!

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Guess which star reportedly lost her wedding ring yesterday New Orleans!

A hint: the piece of jewelry slipped off while the singer was taking part in the Krewe of Muses annual Mardi Gras parade, as this celebrity is an honorary member of the organization.

Find out what irresponsible celeb lost her bling after the jump!


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Bachelor In Paradise Stars Jade Roper And Tanner Tolber Got HITCHED!

"Bachelor In Paradise" Stars Jade Roper & Tanner Tolbert Tie The Knot!

Oops, I almost forgot: Love IS real.

Over the weekend, “Bachelor in Paradise” stars Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert tied the knot at the St. Regis Resort in California, and it looks like we’ll probably see some kind of televised spectacle, I mean SPECIAL in the near future.

The couple got engaged four months ago on the season 2 finale of B in P and recently put down a deposit on a new home in Kansas City, so I guess they’re living their dreams, ain’t they?

Check out some of the pics below. A warning: these pics contain HLOP (high levels of peony).

Photo: FameFlynet

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No Pressure, Nicky Hilton’s Womb.

Celebrities Attend The Casamigos Halloween Party

The glorious reign of of the entitled, fame-grubbing socialite lies in the hands of fate and the walls of Nicky Hilton‘s uterus.

Listen, I don’t really mind Nicky Hilton. In fact, I don’t think it’s crazy to say that she’s the most palatable of all Hiltonry. Basically, Nicky spends her time looking surly in large peacoats around NY and doing stuffy British things with her uber-wealthy European husband James Rothchild.  Already, she’s one-upping Paris Hilton who still thinks it’s 2003 and Conrad who has mental breakdowns on the reg. Barron? Probably doesn’t exist. His wikipedia page looks fake as hell.

Anyhow, Nicky is pregnant and in her, the Hilton’s only legit hope for an heir. I’m not discounting the possibility that there are little secret Hiltons running around who in 5-10 years come out of their woodwork, their mantis-like features revealing their true genetic makeup. BUT, I am saying that Nicky’s married, her husband is dreamy and it’s just the kind of thing Kathy Hilton imagined herself when she’d be thinking of her future and doing photo shoots with Nancy Reagan. People reports:

“Nicky is very excited to become a mom,” an insider tells People. “She is feeling great!”

The pair were recently spotted browsing at Pottery Barn Kids at The Grove in Los Angeles.

Says the insider, “They’ve just begun telling close friends and family. Nicky and James are over the moon!”

How many times do you think Paris called Nicky in that Pottery Barn, hoping to be godmother? I’m gonna say 5. Also, I’m making a Hilton Rothchild baby name bracket, with “Nigel,” “Henry” and “Isabella” as my top three. You want in on this? Yeah, you want in on this.

Photo: FameFlynet


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