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Victoria Beckham Thinks Her Vogue Cover Girl Days Are Numbered


Victoria Beckham and David Beckham were like, BORN on a magazine cover.

Posh Spice has especially been all over the Vogues…and again, not really American but tones of overseas versions of Vogue, like Vogue UK, Vogue Australia, Vogue India, and most recently Vogue China. But she’s not anticipating any more Vogue covers anytime soon, and maybe that’s why she’s so GD SURLY all the time. Anyhow, according to The Sun Posh joked at the Vogue 100: A Century of Style exhibit on Thursday that she’s got to be nearing Vogue’s cover girl age expiration date. UGH.

“When I hear another Vogue cover has come up, I always say, ‘This is the last one, because I’m a bit of an old bag now. Surely this is the last one? I’m 42, I’ve got four kids.’”

Shortly after Posh called herself an “old bag” who was thinking she wasn’t going to snag any more Vogue shoots, The Daily Mail says that her rep reached out to them to say that she was “clearly joking” about being too old for Vogue, adding that she’s got “plenty of cover shoots under discussion for the future, Vogue and otherwise.” LOL. I love how her rep had to cover her tracks. Gotta keep that cash flow coming IN! But in all serious, Victoria looks awesome because she eats like a Nazi and probably does all kind of weird skin stuff. And hey, it looks like it’s paying off.

Photo: Vogue China


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Kim Kardashian Looks Gorgeous On The Cover Of VOGUE Australia


Woah, I actually kind of…love this?

Kim Kardashian is all over the place, and while I think she’s overexposed bordering on PLEASE WHY ENOUGH WITH HER MET GALA POST BABY BODY BS, she most recently is on the June cover of Vogue Australia, which hits stands on May 16. The first look came out this weekend, and she looks like a beautiful futuristic survivor in a post-apocalyptic Anthropologie catalog.

This is her second Vogue Australia cover, and while there were only a couple juicy Q’s of note, Kim did say what she’d want to be if she wasn’t a reality star/megabrand: “I would be a forensic investigator and live a normal life.” Suuuure, Kim.

What do you think of these pics? I. Think. They. SLAY.

Photos: VOGUE Australia

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Kate Middleton Looks Very 70’s On The Cover Of British Vogue


It’s the hat.

Yesterday British Vogue unveiled Kate Middleton as the cover star for their centenary issue. Photographed by Josh Olins in the Norfolk countryside, the Duchess appears in a 10-page shoot within the June 2016 issue, and she looks like a 70’s folk star.

It’s kinda cool, as this is the first magazine shoot that she has ever consented to. So it has that going for it. But it’s also very up it’s own a-hole, as many magazine shoots are:

“It’s a huge honour and incredibly exciting for us to have HRH The Duchess of Cambridge featuring on the cover of British Vogue and as part of our centenary issue,” Vogue editor-in-chief Alexandra Shulman said today. “For me personally it has been a wonderful experience to have had the opportunity to work with her on this, and I am immensely proud of what we have produced. This special issue of the magazine is very close to my heart as it had to reflect on 100 years of British Vogue, and so I am hugely grateful that we have been able to continue with our tradition of outstanding royal portraiture with these pictures.”

The Duchess also gave the go-ahead for two of the images to be in the National Portrait Gallery.

“Josh has captured the Duchess exactly as she is – full of life, with a great sense of humour, thoughtful and intelligent, and in fact, very beautiful,” Nicholas Cullinan, director of the NPG, said today. “Not only do they reflect her love of the countryside, interest in photography and championing of the National Portrait Gallery as our very committed patron, but they also encapsulate what Vogue has always done so brilliantly – to pair the best photographers with the great personalities of the day, in order to reflect broader shifts in culture and society. We had fun in making and choosing these images, and I hope that comes across.”

(via Vogue)

Vogue has also photographed Diana, Princess of Wales, Princess Margaret, the Queen Mother, and the Queen over the past 100 years. So you know, she’s in good company.

The question is…what do YOU think of these photos? Weigh in below!

Photos: British Vogue

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Taylor Swift Answer’s Vogue’s 73 Questions!

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 11.18.22 AM

Haven’t had your fill of Taylor Swift?

The girl looks drastically different on the cover of Vogue, but in addition, the magazine put out their latest installment of Vogue’s 73 Questions video series. Now clearly, this was taken a while back (note the non-platinum non-bob), but it’s still pretty cute. And, you creepers can see inside of Tay’s house! JOY.

In the vid, she reveals which songs from her last album, “1989”, were the hardest to write and what type of junk food she’d love to feast on if “calories didn’t count:”

“I mean, if we’re just saying what I wish I could eat everyday if calories didn’t count is chicken tenders,” the “Blank Space” singer hilariously reveals in the clip.

And what would be her go-to order at a drive-through? “Um, cheeseburger, fries [and] a chocolate shake,” she confesses.

Swift also says her favorite TV show is “Friends,” her favorite movie is “Love Actually” and she still has “insecurities” from her childhood.

When asked to give some words of wisdom (or warning) to her younger self, she adds, “You’re gonna date just like a normal 20 something should be allowed to, but you’re gonna be a national lightning rod for slut shaming.”

OOF! Pretty real. That being said, it’s true. Check out the video BELOW!

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