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Here Are All The Deets On Kylie Jenner And Tyga’s Birthday Getaway

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Okay, let’s see what’s happening with this farce of a relationship, shall we?

Despite almost being incarcerated when he didn’t show up to his court hearing, apparently it wasn’t all for naught. No, instead, Tyga made the CHOICE to make sure his relationship was in a healthy place with Kylie Jenner last weekend, so he hung out with her and some famous friends in the Carribean. What a thoughtful boyfriend! A gem. A peace. Best boyfriend award, anyone?

And of course, People reiterated that everything is 100% wonderful with the couple. Sure. Check it out:

“Tyga’s legal issues didn’t cause drama on their vacation,” a source tells PEOPLE exclusively. “It’s been settled now, and they basically knew things would be fine going in.”

The reality star and the rapper – who have certainly had their fair share of ups and downs throughout their rocky relationship – are currently in “a really good place.”

“Tyga and Kylie had a ton of fun together on vacation and didn’t have any issues with their relationship,” says the source.

“Kylie’s friends surprised her with fireworks on her birthday, and they all went jet skiing and checked out a shipwreck,” says the source.

Aside from partaking in fun activities, the whole group also enjoyed a luxuriously low-key trip before flying back to L.A. on Saturday morning.

“They all indulged in massages and ate food prepared by chefs at the house,” says the source. “It was a very relaxing trip.”

(Via People)

I guess everything’s A-ok in Kygaland…for now. Ugh. I hate this couple SO MUCH, almost as much as I hate Kylie’s instagram, which is basically just bodies and lip kits. Sigh.

Photo: Instagram

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Orlando Bloom Grabbed Katy Perry’s Chest During Their Beach Vacation.

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CLASSY, Orlando Bloom. Very classy.

Dude’s been dating Katy Perry officially since February, but sounds like things are getting PRETTY comfortable, e.g. Orlando grabbing Perry’s boobs during a very sexy-looking trip to Sardinia, Italy, on Wednesday.

The Lord of the Rings actor did lots of classy grope-moves including (but not limited to!) cupping, fondling and grabbing on Katy’s chesticles as the couple sat in the surf and enjoyed a couple drinks. Yum! Sardinia- where couples go to get watched. The interaction stayed pretty PG rated, not like Bloom’s D slip that happened a couple days ago. YOWZA.

Check out the pics below and let us know what ya think of ’em.

Photos: Instagram

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Mischa Barton Went Topless In Greece

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Sometimes when you’re on vacay in Greece, you just gotta say, “screw it. I’m posting a naked selfie.”

And that’s just what Mischa Barton did. Girl has been in the news lately for not-so-great reasons, and she’s definitely posted um, some “creative photos” on her social media.

The posting continued while on vacation in Greece, when the actress shared a censored shot of herself sitting on a ledge topless and smoking a cigarette. She added the caption:

“Island vibes 🇬🇷 #Mykonos#Censored”

I am feeling those island vibes, girl. Hard. And honestly, I like this pic but why didn’t Mischa just put a tank on? A little confused by the spirit of the whole “being topless” thing. But I dunno. Clearly, what happens in Mykonos doesn’t stay in Mykonos.

Photo: Instagram


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John Stamos Was Mistaken For Robe Lowe On Vacation!

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Oh John Stamos! This is hilarious…and humbling.

On Thursday, the Fuller House star was on vacation when he was approached by an adoring fan…OF ROB LOWE! LOL.  The 52 year old documented the hilarious encounter on Instagram, and I gotta say, it’s pretty great. Even better than the very unbuttoned vacation collared shirt worn by Stamos. Meow.

To be fair, Stamos and the West Wing actor are both pretty handsome and have amazing cheekbones and rock hard bods. And hey, hey probably could have doing a little acting (it’s his LIVELIHOOD) and become Lowe for a couple minutes. Why not?

Check out the encounter HERE!

Photo: Instagram

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