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PICTURE: Drake attacks Chris Brown over Rihanna in nightclub last night, Brown leaves bleeding!

Chris Brown received a nasty gash on his chin last night after Drake’s entourage allegedly attacked him in a NYC nightclub.

According to TMZ, the NYPD confirms the two singers’ crews got into a fight at WIP nightclub where 5 people were injured. Police received the call between 4 and 5am. When police arrived, Drake and Chris Brown had already split.

After the fight, Brown tweeted this photo, saying “How u party wit rich n**** that hate? Lol… Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!.” Chris took the picture down, but not before people saw it and saved it.

Sources say the whole thing started when Drake and Chris arrived at the same nightclub. Chris ordered Drake a bottle of expensive champagne and had it sent to his table. Drake returned the bottle with a note – something about Rihanna. (It’s been a rumor for some time that Drake and Rihanna are either hooking up – or on the verge of hooking up.)

As soon as Chris got the champagne and note back, chaos ensued – which ended with a whole group of people fighting. Here’s more from MediaTakeOut: just learned that rapper Drake and his entourage got into a FIGHT… with CHRIS BROWN at the popular AFTER HOURS NYC nightclub WIP.

According to MULTIPLE snitches inside, Chris and Drake have had a DIFFICULT relationship since three years ago – when Rihanna CHEATED on Chris, with Drake. Chris has HELD A GRUDGE against Drake for years.

Well last night at WIP, we’re told that Chris reportedly sent over a bottle of champagne to Drake’s table, as a sort of peace offering. We’re not sure WHAT happened next, but we’re hearing UNCONFIRMED REPORTS that Drake sent the bottle back to Chris with a message to the effect of – “I’m f*ckng the love of your life [Rihanna], deal with it.”

Whatever message Drake sent back caused Chris to immediately fly into a rage – and he CONFRONTED Drake and his entourage – which included ANOTHER Chris Brown rival, rapper Meek Mill. Meek Mill also had a relationship with Rihanna.

Well according to our snitch, Drake PUNCHED Chris in the face and before Chris could retaliate, someone (#teamnosnitch#) popped Chris in the mouth with a BOTTLE, multiple times. And as a result, Chris was LEAKING LIKE A FAUCET!!!

Security immediately swooped in and broke up the fight. Drake and ‘em immediately LEFT the club, before POLICE arrived. Chris, we’re told left under his own power – and later went to the HOSPITAL, to get his face sewn shut.

When police arrived – they made no arrests.

A few hours before the brawl, TMZ shot footage of Drake leaving the London hotel … surrounded by his bodyguards.

Sounds like Drake was probably the instigator in this one, but I’m not going to lie…. I kind of like the fact that Chris had his ass handed to him. Being hit in the face doesn’t feel so good – does it?

Another thing worth noting: we’ve all seen the pictures of what Chris Brown did to Rihanna’s face. What he did to her – was disgusting – and I’d want to beat his face in too, if I were dating Rihanna. Then Chris goes and Tweets a picture of his “battered” face on Twitter like he’s been brutally attacked. I just say Karma’s a bitch. You probably deserved what you had coming.

The deleted Twitpic of Chris Brown’s face is a bit squeamish – so I put it below. Click on it if you want to see.

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Naked Photo Of Kim Kardashian Not Kim, Not Posted By Kanye.

Sorry to disappoint, everyone- the picture of a naked woman scarfing down a meal and looking suspiciously like Kim Kardashian is NOT Kim, and Kanye West was NOT the one who originally tweeted it.

Tuesday night,  a picture of a woman with, a, um, very generous backside an who looked a lot like our favorite reality star Kim Kardashian, was circulated with the hashtag “wanksterwednesday.” Rumor had it Kanye tweeted the pic,  shown here.

TMZ found that the picture isn’t of Kim at all, but of porn star Amia Miley. Miley tweeted the same photo of herself on her twitter account in 2011, and confirms the backside (and sandwich!) is hers.  She never dated Kanye- and he didn’t post the pic.  It’s all a part of “wankster wednesday,” where the twitter community tries to start lots of crazy celebrity rumors!

Photo: Fame/Flynet

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Hilary Duff: Having a baby “made our marriage stronger”

Hilary Duff gave birth to son Luca Cruz on March 20, and since then, she and husband Mike Comrie are closer than ever!

“It’s made [our marriage] stronger,” Duff, 24, told Hollyscoop in a recent interview. “Having a baby is a lot of hard work and you really depend on each other for a lot.”

Added the actress, “There is so much love . . . you can’t imagine it until it happens to you and you look at your husband and you’re like, ‘We did this together.’”

The former Disney star admits new parenthood isn’t all rainbows and butterflies — but also says even the not-so-fun stuff feels meaningful and rewarding.

“[There's] lots of hard work, [but] it’s fantastic,” Duff shared. “Mike and I were married before and that’s a great feeling, but to really have a child and feel that connection, that unit, it really has been an incredible journey.”

Since baby Luca’s March birth, the proud new mom has been tweeting images of her son to her one million followers. “Babies smell so good!” she wrote May 12. “I can’t get enough. Poor guy gets loved on so much . . . I wonder if he ever feels like, ‘Yo Mom, Dad, give me some space!”

Here are some new pictures of Hilary in Beverly Hills. She looks amazing!

Source, Photos: Fame/Flynet

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Kim Kardashian suffers a major wardrobe malfunction!

Kim Kardashian suffered another wardrobe malfunction this week — and this time, the damage was major!

The sexy reality TV star was backstage at “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” last night when the unthinkable happened to her super-tight leather dress.

“About to do Jimmy Kimmel & my whole dress rips! Help!!!” she tweeted moments after the fashion disaster.


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Jenelle Evans would like to clear up those pesky pregnancy rumors.

Apparently there’s a rumor going around that Jenelle Evans is pregnant (thank God it’s not true). She posted this picture on her Twitter page, proving the rumors are false – and that her boobs are painfully large.

The ‘Teen Mom 2′ star showed off her newly purchased boobs in this TwitPic, and said, “No I’m not pregnant, No I’m not fat. Check out my new bathing suit. :) I love it. SO BRIGHT!”

Are her bikini bottoms held together with a rubber band?


Posted Thursday, May 31st, 2012 at 11:11am
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