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How Justin Bieber Stays Fit On The Road

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Justin Bieber might be a hard party-er, but he does have some healthy priorities.

On Thursday, the Sorry singer dished to the Kyle & Jackie O Show about staying fit on his upcoming Purpose tour. He said:

“I will be touring on a bus. It’s a different vibe, I don’t mind it. I have a studio bus and a workout bus, it’s just a big gym.”

Very cool, but, you know, he’s also gonna be a typical 21 year old:

“On tour it’s more lenient, I can bring friends [on tour] and party and sleep all day. It’s better.”

(Via Perez Hilton)


Dude regularly takes to Instagram to show off that lil bod, and yesterday’s pic was no exception (above). Nonetheless, this tour is gonna be so funny and insane, so he’s gonna have t stay in shape if he wants to fly through the air like a MF PHOENIX.

Are you excited for his tour? I AM.

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Justin Bieber’s World Tour Has A Lot Of…Metaphors?

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Ummm…Justin Bieber has a tour coming up and it’ll have all the subtlety of a high school play, or like, this photo he took on instagram.

Beiber is working out the concepts of his tour, called “Purpose” and they SOUND like Bieber got drunk and wrote them on a napkin and then told a production crew to get on it.  The opening image, according to TMZ, is an intense visual display that uses clouds and storms as a metaphor for the mistakes he’s made during his life…and then…the BIEBS FALLS FROM THE SKY:

A projection screen shows “abstract visuals of Justin falling through a dark, clouded atmosphere. He will be screaming, reaching and possibly passing through barriers as he descends into the dark unknown.”

Corny as hell, right?

During the fall, the audience will hear Justin’s voice, describing the fall he’s taken in his journey. Justin has an epiphany, which reverses his trajectory and he flies “gracefully and slowly toward the heavens.”

(Via TMZ)

Justin then makes his entrance and all the over earnest 13 year old girls learning about metaphors in middle school are impressed.

What do YOU think of this, ahem, “ARTISTIC” choice? WEIGH IN BELOW!

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Taylor Swift Has Really Important Post-Tour Plans…

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Taylor Swift is sometimes a trademarking, overprotective weirdo, and sometimes she’s a girl after my own heart.

Taylor’s 1989 World Tour documentary was released on Sunday, and if you don’t have Apple Music, you missed a lot of Tay, the SQUAD, and lots of modest giggling.

She also touched upon her post-tour plans, which include…wait for it- eating carbs and taking a mixology class! Check it:

“I want to learn CPR. Maybe a mixology class. I want to learn how to, like, make a good drink. Maybe I’ll just eat carbs and nothing else for the next couple of months. I don’t have to wear any crop tops.”

(Via PerezHilton)

Yeah, girl. Eat cupcakes and make delicious mixed dranx. YOU EARNED IT!

What do you think Tay should do on her downtime?

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Nelly Thinks He’s A Target For Terrorism

Justin Bieber at the BET Awards' 11 in LA

Okay, Nelly, I’m not terrorism expect but you can probably RELAX.

The singer has 86’d his upcoming UK tour because of “terrorism.” The first step to saving Nelly, one of the great talents of our time, was to cancel the Ritz in Manchester gig, due to “unforeseen circumstances.” The venue didn’t elaborate and at first one might think that the cancellation was about the rapper copping a plea Friday in his drug possession case, but NO!

Nelly’s people told TMZ that he cancelled 4 dates because of the threat of terrorism following the Paris attacks. I guess the shows will be rescheduled, you know, probably with more security.

Oh, Nelly. I think I can safely say you’re being a little…irrational. What do YOU think of his concerns?

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