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All The Gwen Stefani Gavin Rossdale Divorce Settlement DEETS

Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale Split After 13 Years of Marriage - FILE PHOTOS

And the papers are signed.

Things are wrapping up in the Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale divorce and like we previously mentioned, and true to form Gavin’s not asking for what technically, he could receive in this whole big THANG. TMZ reports:

Rossdale COULD have fought for 50% of everything Gwen made during their union — but opted to let her keep various assets she acquired.

In addition to her music, Stefani also gets 100% control over her wildly successful fashion lines L.A.M.B. and Harajuku Lovers.

Stefani agreed to put 25% of the profits from L.A.M.B. in a trust … presumably for the benefit of their kids.

As for real estate, Gwen gave up her rights to any of their property in Europe — where the couple had 4 homes. She does get 50% of the profits from the sale of their Bev Hills house … and also full control over 2 other L.A. homes.

Neither of them gets child support or spousal support — instead, they created an expense account for the kids in which they each sunk $1 MILLION.

The also agreed to joint physical and legal custody of their 3 kids.

Kind of a classy move after 13 years of not-so-classy moves. Hey, respect.

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Gwen Stefani Got Off Easy In Her Divorce Settlement

Wallis Annenberg Center For The Performing Arts Inaugural Gala

#Thanksnothanks, Gavin.

Gwen Stefani got a HUGE break in her divorce settlement, thanks to the odd smarmy pride of her ex, Gavin Rossdale.

Gwen and Gavin struck a settlement today, and Gavin (maybe because he knows he’s a dirty cheat) decided to walk away from a ton of money he was legally entitled to.  As you know, the couple was married for 13 years but they didn’t have a prenup. Under CA law, Gavin was entitled to 50% of everything acquired during the marriage, which means access to Gwen’s concert and record sales. But he didn’t want it, content to hang with his sweet Bush money, I guess. LOL.

Child-wise, the couple agreed to a 50/50 joint custody arrangement, although Gavin will probs get the kids more due to Gwen’s touring schedule.

Gavin is ALSO not asking for child support, even though he could have pushed for it and probably gotten it.  So it’s pretty much settled- Gwen’s going to keep her millions while Gavin will…hmm…what WILL Gavin do now?

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Gwen Stefani’s Still Feeling That Gavin Rossdale Split HARD

Pregnant Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale At A Baby Shower

…the simpler days, with Gwen Stefani rocking a surprisingly feminine (and early 2000’s) ensemble…

Gwen had another interview on ABC’s Good Morning America on Monday, detailing new information about the aftermath of their 2015 split. It’s not super controversial, just kinda sad. Gwen has always been super likeable and just seems like a woman who wants to be loved and raise a family. Here are the highlights:

On her divorce: “I felt like I was so … I was so kind of … I felt like … I can’t even find the words,” Stefani, 46, told Lara Spencer of their devastating breakup. “Oh, my God. I was embarrassed. Like, ‘I can’t go down. This is not who I am. I’m not going to fail.’ I had to make something good out of it, so I tried to write, because I know that that was my gift. And I was like, I’m gonna do this. I’m going to make this into music.”

On making her third studio album, This Is What the Truth Feels Like: “It was magic. There was magic in the room. I was put in the studio by my label. I didn’t care about anything,” she said. “I was just literally trying to get up in the morning. I just want to write a record, and I don’t care about anything else except for getting this out and healing and being honest and real and truthful. I don’t care what style it is. Or being on the radio or charts, anything. Like, why would that matter to me at this point? Nothing matters except trying not to die.”

On the future: “It’s still painful. I’m looking at the pieces and going, what is happening?” Stefani confessed. “There’s so many great things, but it’s still super hard to have your family break up. What do you do after that? Here we are, we’re doing it.”

The No Doubt frontwoman has been dating Shelton since last October, and things seem to be going well for them, both romantically and in terms of Gwen’s writing:

On writing Make Me Like You: “That song was one of my favorites to write. It just came out,” she dished. “I had been feeling that way. It’s just exactly what I felt that day … I miss you right now, here it is. Everybody in the room was kind of, like, whoa, this is happening right now. It was written fast — 10, 15 minutes the whole thing just done.”

It has been a crazy year for Gwen. And while her new relationship seems out of left field, I’m glad she’s happy and making music.

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Gwen Stefani Is NOT Into Joint Custody With Ex Gavin Rossdale


Ugh, clearly, this is going to be a long and tumultuous breakup.

Gwen Stefani said in a new interview with The New York Times that she’s unhappy about sharing joint custody of her children with ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale. And I get it- she just had to process the fact that Gavin cheated on her for years with their kids’ nanny and Gwen style sycophant Mindy Mann. It’s kinda enough to make anyone go a little crazy…

“It’s like, the most unjust, unbelievable system,” Stefani told NYT of being made to share her boys with her ex.

There was a silver lining to the 50 percent of time that she didn’t get to spend with her three sons, Kingston, 9, Zuma, 7, and Apollo, 2, though. It allowed her to write music for her upcoming album, This Is What the Truth Feels Like, Which is getting pretty good traction after such a traumatic ordeal.

“I am dead, actually. How do I save myself? What am I going to do? How do I not go down like this?” she remembered thinking to herself at the time. “I have to make music out of this. That’s what God wants for me,” she added, explaining that recording helped her heal. “Being in that room and being creative, it was the only place that felt good — I was like, ‘I love the smell of this room.’”

But don’t get it twisted, OBVI Blake Shelton helped in a VERY public way.

“[He] had been going through literally the exact same thing in literally the exact same time frame,” Stefani explained. The country couple split in July, just two weeks before Stefani and Rossdale announced they were divorcing.

(Via Us Weekly)

How convenient. Gwen seems like the type that ALWAYS needs a dude so makes sense she would make the bridge but also, she’s probably at a weird crossroads where she has kids and has been married, but can just kinda do what she wants to do without that pressure. Hey, I might be wrong…but only time will tell if wedding bells will ring for Gwen a 2nd time.

Until then, enjoy that new album!

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