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Nikki Ferrell Has Dumped Juan Pablo Galvis!

Nikki Ferrell Has Dumped Juan Pablo Galvis!

In a move that probably has the entire world saying “It’s about time!” in unison, we’ve learned that Nikki Ferrell has finally dropped the dead weight that is former “Bachelor” star Juan Pablo Galvis. How long can a woman stay with a man who refuses to say “I love you”?!?

“It’s definitely over,” says a source close to the couple. “It can’t be saved and they’re not even speaking anymore.”

Viewers watched the pair battle over Galavis’s inability to show affection on VH1’s current season of Couples Therapy – and the source said Galavis’s “disregard” for Ferrell’s feelings and his “refusal to introduce her to his daughter as more than a friend” were but two of the many sticking points in the relationship.

Meanwhile, Galavis, 33, “was getting tired of her childish antics and temper tantrums,” adds the source.

Though the two were seemingly making small strides in their relationship while undergoing therapy, Ferrell “finally decided that she didn’t want to keep up the facade anymore,” says the source.

Good for her. In time, let’s hope that she finds someone who won’t treat her like dirt!

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Courtney Robertson talks sex with Ben Flajnik

Courtney Robertson talks sex with Ben Flajnik

Former “Bachelor” winner Courtney Robertson showed her boobs on national television, so of course it should come as a shock to absolutely no one that she had sex with Ben Flajnik during the taping of the show.

Bachelor alum Courtney Robertson does more than just hint at her famous former flames in her new book, I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends — she names them (and in some cases, shames them), and goes into great detail about their hookup histories and sex lives. As she reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly, “I wanted to tell my side of the story.”

Her side of the story, it turns out, includes some TMI tales of getting down and dirty with ex-fiance Ben Flajnik on season 16 of ABC’s The Bachelor in 2012. Among the revelations she shares in her memoir? She had sex with Flajnik while the cameras were rolling on their skinny-dip in Puerto Rico. “It was about 20 seconds,” the L.A.-based model, 30, writes of their ocean tryst.

Robertson tells Us she was thrilled afterward — but publicity-savvy winemaker Flajnik was not. “He was like, ‘Well, 50,000 people just saw that.'”
She also dishes in her book about the couple’s fantasy suite date, which she later learned was Flajnik’s third roll in the hay. “Knowing I was the last overnight, it kind of makes me cringe,” she tells Us. Still, she insists she has “no regrets.”

She and Ben both are pretty gross, right? Will you buy her book?

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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‘The Bachelor’ star Sean Lowe out for a stroll with his fiance Catherine Giudici at The Grove in Los Angeles

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Molly and Jason Mesnick Are Preggers!

You heard me!

Do you remember Jason and Molly Malaney Mesnick, the couple who met on ABC’s The Bachelor, season 13? And how Jason didn’t pick Molly over Melissa, but then did? Confusing, I know. ANYHOW…The two got married and are expecting their first kid together in late March, the couple tells People!

“Our family is getting a little bit bigger!” Molly, 28, proudly declares. “I’m into my second trimester and I feel really good.”

Jason also a 7-year-old son named Ty from a prior relationship.  How’d they tell Ty? Why, how any couple tells a kid they’re going to be a sibling…a friendly game of hangman and a custom T. Right? Right.

“The answer was ‘Tyler is going to be a big brother,’” Jason, 36, shares. “He’s been asking me for years. He’s always wanted to be a big brother. So we played the game and he looked at Molly and I and said ‘Really?’ Molly made him a t-shirt that says ‘Big Brother’ on it and he’s really proud. He wore it to school.”

Kind of cute, right? Best of luck to this growing family!


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