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Taylor Swift Talks About Her New Hit Single!

Taylor Swift Performs On "Good Morning America"

Breathless? She should be! America’s country sweetheart Taylor Swift got candid with Yahoo Music about industry trends and her new hit single, “Blank Space.”

On 1989’s Second Single: Yeah, “Blank Space.” The fans tend to decide the singles relatively quickly for us. We don’t even need to do much as far as A&R work, because they are very vocal about their favorites. In my mind, I have a very clear picture about singles one, two, three. I’m up in the air about four, but I think that it will present itself just like all the other ones have. It’s really exciting to see people have so many favorites and be very, very clear about which ones they think should be singles.

On worrying about the song’s tone: It’s interesting when you put out a song with sort of a comedic element to it. People with different senses of humor perceive it differently. You’ll have people who completely get the joke and they’re saying, “Oh, look, she’s completely taken back the narrative, and she’s singing from the perspective of the person the media paints her to be.” And then other people will be listening to it on the radio and thinking, “I knew it! I knew she was crazy!” Just the way this has all kind of shaken out, I did not expect for “Blank Space” to be the favorite. And it is the absolute favorite. It’s No. 1 on iTunes right now, which is absolutely insane, and “Shake It Off” is No. 2.

With “Shake it off” dethroned and “Blank Space” on the upswing, I’m excited to see what’s next for my favorite guilty pleasure. Read the rest of the interview HERE!

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Taylor Swift Covers December’s ‘Cosmopolitan UK’

Taylor Swift Covers December's 'Cosmopolitan UK'

Taylor Swift covers December’s Christmas issue of “Cosmopolitan UK” and inside she reveals that despite not wanting to hook up with guys or date, her close friends still try to set her up.

She said, “People will say, let me set you up with someone, and I’m just sitting there saying, ‘That’s not what I’m doing. I’m not lonely; I’m not looking.’ They just don’t get it. I’ve learned that just because someone is cute and wants to date you, that’s not a reason to sacrifice your independence and allow everyone to say whatever they want about you. I’m not doing that anymore.”

Swift recently admitted that she hasn’t dated anyone since splitting — painfully — from One Direction hunk Harry Styles in January 2013. Her next Prince Charming, she notes, would really have to go the extra mile.

“It’d take someone really special for me to undergo the circumstances I have to go through to experience a date,” said Swift, whose well-known list of famous exes also includes Jake Gyllenhaal, Joe Jonas, and John Mayer. “I don’t know how I would ever have another person in my world trying to have a relationship with me, or a family. The best answer I can come up with now is go at it alone. Life can be romantic without having a romance. I’m very attracted to how happy I am now.”

Indeed, Swift’s 1989 album quickly shot up to No. 1 on iTunes after its Oct. 27 release, and she’s received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from her millions of fans, which includes her famous BFFs. Her fans have been a big part of her success, but they’ve also helped her heal from bullying she experienced back in school.

“It’s that mental adjustment that happens when you grow up and figure out who you are,” she explained. Girls creator and friend Lena Dunham has also helped her grow, she said. “Her perspective has truly shaped me in the past couple of years. She is just so enthusiastic about life, about other women. She is like a hug in the form of a person,” Swift told the mag.

It sounds like she’s in a really good place and doesn’t need to be defined by a relationship. Good for her and I hope that her empowered approach comes through in her new album.


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Taylor Swift Can’t Imagine Life Without Her Famous Friends

Taylor Swift Can't Imagine Life Without Her Famous Friends

Taylor Swift has revealed that she just can’t imagine how her life would be without the addition of her famous friends. Taylor calls Lorde, Karlie Kloss and Lena Dunham among others as her close friends and has admitted that she doesn’t know where she would be without them.

She revealed, “I’ve learned something from every single one of my girlfriends. It’s crazy to think that I didn’t use to have some of them in my life.”

She has had some success with her albums, but says that she won’t let that make her weird or unapproachable. She said, “My life is really abnormal now. But I refuse to let this whole thing make me weird, unapproachable and impossible to have a conversation with.”

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Taylor Swift Feared Venturing Into Pop Music

Taylor Swift Feared Venturing Into Pop Music

Taylor Swift has changed from being a country music singer to a pop singer, but has revealed that the genre shift scared her.

She moved from “Red” to “1989” which showed the singer exploring new territory in the realm of music. You wouldn’t know it, but the shift terrified her.

In a new interview, she said, “I found myself wanting so badly to explore this new territory, but I felt absolutely terrified to go too far in that direction because I thought people would be angry.”

She continued, “I think that the country community wasn’t surprised that I made a pop album; I think they were surprised when I was honest about it.”

What do you think of Taylor’s new pop sound? I kind of enjoy it!

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