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Calvin Harris Is NOT AMUSED.

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There might be more to this Calvin Harris/Taylor Swift breakup than meet the eye, especially when you throw a Tom Hiddleston makeout in the MIX!

According to TMZ, Calvin suspected something was up with Tay weeks before their breakup and I bet now he’s like, banging his head against a wall realizing that what happens at the Met Gala stays at the Met Gala.

I think everyone knows that Taylor and Calvin were in a “committed relationship,” but sources at TMZ say Calvin suspected something was up in early May, just a month before their breakup (the met Gala was on the 2nd of May, and the two broke things off about a month later).

Now, at the time of the breakup Calvin posted there was still “a huge amount of love and respect” between the two of them, and Tay re-tweeted. BUT BUT BUT hours after photos of Tom and Taylor surfaced Wednesday, Calvin deleted the tweet AND un-followed Taylor on social media. COLD.

Guess there’s not as much love and respect there now that Tom’s in the picture.

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Just weeks after her split from Calvin Harris, Taylor Swift was caught MAKING OUT WITH TOM HIDDLESTON (you know, of Met Gala Fame) during a romantic day out on a craggy beach of Rhode Island, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

An onlooker revealed: “They were all over each other – hugging and kissing – even though there were 20 people coming and going on the beach.

“They looked like any young couple madly in love without a care in the world.”

A source close to Taylor last night revealed: “Tom has been courting Taylor since they met – he sent her flowers. She’s been won over.”

WELL WELL WELL. I guess dance offs DO lead to romantic entanglements, don’t they? I mean, it’s surprising but also, not at all. Honestly, I say good for Taylor. Get your James Bond, girl. Just as long as that breakup album is still in the works…

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Taylor Swift Really Wanted To Marry Calvin Harris.

Taylor Swift Shares Some Amazing Breakup Advice With A Fan


Taylor Swift’s recent breakup with Calvin Harris was definitely one-sided, and I feel like we keep getting new sources coming in and telling us just how serious Tay was about Calvin. GIRL CAN’T CATCH A ROMANTIC BREAK!

A new source believes 100 percent Harris was behind the split and that it was not mutual. “A few weeks ago she was talking about marrying him,” the source says. OOF.

But both have been keeping busy, in that “Hollywood” busy way. Taylor crashed a New Jersey wedding, while 32-year-old Harris worked Las Vegas’ Omnia nightclub on Friday night, where he performed a nearly two-hour set and Saturday had dinner with singer Frank Ocean at Nobu, no big deal.

“The only truth here is that a relationship came to an end & what remains is a huge amount of love and respect,” Harris tweeted last Thursday, when he addressed his breakup with Swift for the first time after more than a year of dating. And of course, she retweeted to show that there isn’t any bad blood.

Sad. But, at least they have those instagram memories

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Taylor Swift Talked A LOT About Marriage, Babies With Calvin Harris

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Oh yeah, just when I realized I was missing a little more Calvin Harris/Taylor Swift breakup DIRT!

The couple’s fifteen-month relationship was definitely abnormally long in the brief dating cycles of Taylor’s roster of dudes, but I’m positive this is going to take her songwriting to the NEXT LEVEL.  But who knows? It could just show that her success has nothing to do with heartache. Anyway, people keep spilling their guts to various outlets, so Celebitchy rounded up a bunch of them and showed you what “sources” are saying, and they’re JUICY. Via Celebitchy:

Calvin Harris was trying to ghost Taylor. The continuing narrative from Team Calvin/Adam is that HE has known for a while that Taylor wasn’t the girl for him and that he’s been itching to dump her for months. E!’s sources now say that Taylor and Adam’s lack of chemistry was obvious and they are simply “very different people.” Team Calvin also says that “Taylor wanted more attention than Adam gave. Adam did care very deeply for her but the breakup was bound to happen.” How crazy that Taylor wanted to spend time with her boyfriend of 15 months. I’m sort of itching for the breakup album now! Oh, and E!’s source also insists that “marriage or engagement was not talked about.” More like HE didn’t want to talk about it.

Taylor thought Calvin Harris was The One. So says Us Weekly’s source. This source could just be me though, because this is what I always thought, that Taylor was in love and that she thought Calvin would propose to her. The source tells Us Weekly: “She used to talk about their future a lot — marriage, babies. And although he wants all of that, it just felt a bit like she was all full-steam ahead, whereas he is more of a slow and steady, let things progress organically, kind of guy. It’s a shame because Taylor is a lovely girl. But it just obviously wasn’t meant to be.” Just to defend Swifty for a moment: fifteen months is a decent amount of time. That’s plenty of time for a relationship to progress “organically” to engagement or marriage. My point is that I don’t think Taylor was crazy or clingy for discussing marriage and babies with her boyfriend of 15 months.

Calvin wasnt into Taylor’s “Hollywood” life. This is TMZ’s take on their breakup, with sources claiming that Calvin “grew more and more uncomfortable” as Taylor wanted him to attend more events as her plus-one, or… you know, just publicly acknowledge her. Allegedly, Calvin is “all about his music, working out and keeping a low profile.” Team Calvin also disputes the idea that Calvin was intimidated by Taylor’s success because Calvin – Mr. Anti-Hollywood – is the most successful DJ in the business.

Calvin returned to work in Las Vegas on Friday, telling the crowd that he feels “good.” Of course he does…until Swifty fans come at him after a particularly telling lyric in some new song she has out. Enjoy the calm, Calvin. ENJOY THE CALM.

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