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Taylor Swift Donated $1 Million to Louisiana Flood Victims! -And Other LINKS!!!

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Tom Is Ready To Propose, But Taylor Has Cold Feet?

Tom Hiddleston & Taylor Swift Out For A Stroll On The Beach In Suffolk

Weeks into their relationship, we were hearing engagement rumors from the Taylor Swift/ Tom Hiddleston camp. Of course, that stuff hasn’t let up since their romantic dash across the globe. Hell, even a week or so ago, we reported that Taylor was fully expecting a proposal of marriage from Tom, sooner rather than later. So… IF Tom does propose, is it a guarantee that Taylor would say yes? Now In Touch is saying Tay might be backing out of this whole thing:

Taylor Swift a.k.a the queen of relationships has cold feet! After starting a hot and heavy romance with actor Tom Hiddleston shortly after calling it quits with Calvin Harris, a source exclusively reveals to In Touch that after accidentally finding a diamond ring in the Thor actor’s drawer, the singer is now hesitant to accept his hand in marriage.

“She feels bad because she’s the one who originally told Tom she wanted to get married, but now she isn’t sure what she wants,” the source reveals. “She ruined the whole surprise, which left Tom upset for obvious reasons. But he was also crushed that she was telling him she wanted to wait.”

Even though the pair has only dated for a few months, Tom is ignoring the advice from friends and family to slow things down, and instead wants things to get serious — fast.

“He gave her an ultimatum about getting engaged,” the source continues. “She’s now telling everyone she’s made a ‘decision to make a decision’ by the end of August. She knows she either has to get engaged or leave Tom.”

(Via In Touch Weekly)

I really wonder if this relationship is cooling off, or what.  This relationship hasn’t been great for either of their careers, and maybe they’re seeing that? Or maybe we have no idea, and they’re makin’ babies in Rhode Island as I type this.


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Make No Mistake, Karlie Kloss Is Team Taylor.

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Do NOT question Karlie Kloss‘ loyalty to Taylor Swift!

Though we all noted that the model seemed to take a neutral stance in the CONTROVERSIAL Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift “Famous” beef, Kloss called the reality TV star a “lovely person” during a recent interview. Many are interpreting this as something being wrong between Tay and Karlie,which isn’t the case, Karlie attests. The model took to Twitter on Monday evening and wrote:

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Don’t mess with a quintessential #Squad friendship, ya hear?

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Tom Hiddleston Loves Himself Some Rom Coms

Laurence Olivier Awards

Aw, Taylor Swift must love this.

As Tom Hiddleston’s comments about “camera phones” and “falsehoods” were going viral this weekend, dude was on the move and the theory is, Taylor sent her plane to LA to pick up Tom and now he’s back in her Rhode Island mansion, playing with her purebreds and making banana bread on the East Coast. But, before he went off to do that, the dude answered some questions in LA:

He really wants to do a rom-com: “I do think a rom com is possibly one of the hardest things to do because the best ones have a truthfulness about them. It is difficult to do. If you make a good one then there is no better time than that to be in the cinema. I would love to try one day.”

His favorite rom-coms: “I have two – Four Weddings and a Funeral and Pretty Woman. They are both fine movies.”

His ‘Rear of the Year’ award: “I didn’t know it was going to be on the bucket list until it happened. I’m just happy it happened. I’m happy that that’s something that has come into my life in a way that I didn’t expect. Sometimes the universe hands you something on a plate that you didn’t expect and, for me, it was the Rear of the Year award.”

(Via The Mirror & the LA Times)

Aw, I love how Tom loves a good rom com. And honestly, I’d love to see him in one- a British one, from the 90’s. None of this “What’s Your Number” BS. I’d love that way more than anything James Bond, to be honest.

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