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Taylor Swift Covers ‘People’; Shakes It Up

Taylor Swift Covers 'People; Shakes It Up

Taylor Swift is featured on the cover of the 40th anniversary double issue of “People” magazine. On the cover, Taylor mimicks the March 4, 1974 issue of the magazine featuring Mia Farrow on its cover. Inside the issue, she talks about a variety of things, including her girlfriends and figuring out who she is.

“The last couple of years have been about defining life on my own terms,” the singer, 24, tells PEOPLE in this week’s 40th Anniversary issue.

“Being on my own, prioritizing my girlfriends, my family and my music above everything else and trying things I never thought I’d try,” Swift says of the personal changes she has made. “It’s really been a liberating and freeing time.”

“I made the decision to spend time on my own and figure out who I am,” she says of embracing the single life.

“When you take the other person out of the scenario and you’re walking through life on your own, you end up figuring out what you actually like without anyone else’s input.”


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Taylor Swift Talks About Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Fame

Taylor Swift Talks About Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Fame

Taylor Swift has opened up about keeping her wits about her in order to avoid having a meltdown and succumbing to the pitfalls of fame. In fact, she says that she has studied the rise and fall of other successful singers so that she can avoid falling into the same traps.

When asked how she has been able to stay sane in the ever changing entertainment business, she said, “I’ve been a student of people’s careers. Ever since I was a kid I used to watch this show, ‘Behind The Music’ on VH1, where they would profile the career heights for a band and then, why everything fell apart. And one thing I noticed is that it’s very simple. You keep yourself in check. You keep your wits about you and you keep your head. That’s the key. This could go away in five seconds.”

Despite the grounded opinion that she has, she said that she knows she can’t control everything. She added in another interview, “No one is past being taken down. And the only thing that we have that’s in our control is keeping our mind right. And the thing that’s not out of our control is luck.”

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Taylor Swift Covers ‘Fashion’ Magazine; Talks Girlfriends, Sycophants & Blind Items

Taylor Swift Covers 'Fashion' Magazine; Talks Girlfriends, Sycophants & Blind Items

Country singer turned pop star Taylor Swift is featured on the cover of the latest issue of “Fashion” magazine. Inside of this issue, she talks about the songwriting process, her girlfriends and the songs that she has written as blind items.

She revealed, “I feel like writing a song is sort of the last piece of the puzzle of solving whatever mystery I’m trying to solve emotionally. Things that kind of torture and haunt me a little bit are usually put to rest when I figure out a way to say it in a song. There’s a strange, eerie form of justice that happens when someone treats you terribly, you write a song about it, and that song ends up playing all over the world. You know at some point they’ve heard it in a grocery store, and they can’t escape.”

Here are the rest of the snippets from her interview:

On being emotionally vulnerable: “As a songwriter you have to open yourself up over and over again to pain and rejection – and doing that at the stage my career is in, the stakes are pretty high. So if you get your heart broken, you get your heart broken on the cover of magazines that are all over the world. But I think that it’s important to continue to live your life, and not be guarded or standoffish or keep people at a distance.”

On her changing values: “When I was in my late teens and early twenties, I was just fascinated by romance. I think now the most important thing to me is the opinions of the sisterhood of friends that I have now … I think that my girlfriends have been what has shaped me more in the past year and a half than any other factor.”

On girlfriends versus sycophants: “Celebrities surround themselves with people who don’t know what they want and only have you to validate their lives—that’s not interesting to me. You should not be threatened by women who are pretty and charismatic and good at what they do…my girlfriends have shaped me more in the past year and a half than any other factor. I’ve never had more friends who I trust and can rely on, but there’s always a bit of your self-perception that’s frozen in junior high, when you trained yourself to not feel cool. You’ll never really feel like you’re part of the ‘in’ crowd, but growing up means that matters to you less and less every day.”

Why she sings blind-item songs: “You have to give emotion in order to evoke emotion in people. What I see cutting through are singers who give details and insights about their lives, because people feel appreciative that you’ve trusted them with that information. Being revealing can present itself in different ways—I’ve chosen to do it emotionally because that feels more natural to me.”

I like her new song “Shake It Off” and I’m kind of glad that she’s stepping away from her roots as a country singer. What I don’t get is why she says part of her self-perception is frozen in junior high…she’s 24-years-old and shouldn’t have to struggle with her level of coolness. She’s grown, rich and has talent. It’s time to grow with that label and leave the junior high comments out of your life, Tay-Tay.

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Taylor Swift Sued By Chauffeur Service

Taylor Swift Sued By Chauffeur Service

Country turned pop singer Taylor Swift is being sued by a chauffeur service after her people made some demands with regard to the drivers and the vehicles being used. Apparently, her company said that the drivers couldn’t always talk to Taylor and they wanted the place to get some more vehicles to haul her around the city of New York. TMZ has the scoop:

Taylor Swift apparently needed a motorcade normally reserved for heads of state … and she wanted to be treated like one … this according to a new lawsuit.

Taylor’s company made a deal this past June with a chauffeur service to whisk her around NYC. The company made all sorts of demands, including guidelines on when the driver was allowed to talk to Taylor.

But it didn’t stop there. Taylor’s director of security told the chauffeur service to get 2 additional whips. The service obliged, by leasing 2, brand spanking new Chevy Suburban SUVs.

So imagine the chauffeur’s dismay when 3 weeks after making the various demands Taylor’s people pulled the plug, leaving the limo company holding the bag on the lease.

The chauffeurs are now suing Taylor’s company for all sorts of losses.

Are you buying this? Do you think Taylor would have a problem with talking with a driver who’s taking her places around the city? She always seems so nice when she’s out in the public. What do you think?

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