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It’s A #1 Singles War And Taylor Likes To WIN. -And Other LINKS!!!


Taylor Swift has made it her mission to beat Katy Perry in the #1 singles game. Dlisted

Here are some class-less Duggar wedding photos Fishwrapper

There is a nude pic of Taylor Swift somewhere in the world ASL

Angelina Jolie makes all kinds of diplomats doe-eyed Celebitchy

Kris Jenner is the worst mom INO

Guess who inspires Caitlyn Jenner’s style? EvilBeetGossip

The Queen has a reign that just won’t QUIT! Dlisted

Yes, Katy Perry IS up for a bit of competition (and cleavage) Fishwrapper

Kendra Wilkinson has SKILLZ Celebslam

Matt Damon is rocking some MAGNIFICENT abs.  Just sayin’ ASL


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Move Over, Kim Kardashian.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 8.39.57 AM

In the world of cat photos vs. Selfies, cat photos WIN.

What makes me say that? Well…Taylor Swift is the most followed person on Instagram!

The top spot had belonged to Kim Kardashian West, but as of early today, she’s listed with 45.4 million followers on the social network. Swift has 45.5 million, representing the first time she’s been able to take the top spot on IG! DANG. Everything’s coming up SWIFT, isn’t it?

So why’d she come out on top- surely her 1989 world tour has something to do with it but maybe everyone’s getting sick of those dummmmbbbbb bikini selfies. Who knows. But FYI- Beyoncé is third, with just over 45 million followers of her own.

So where do you fall on the instagram allegiance?  #TeamTaylor or #TeamKim?!

Photo: Instagram

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Taylor Swift Is INSANELY Image-Conscious.

51837024 Celebrities arriving at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles, California on August 30, 2015. Celebrities arriving at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles, California on August 30, 2015. Pictured: Taylor Swift FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (818) 307-4813 RESTRICTIONS APPLY: NO FRANCE

Taylor Swift sure seems likeable, and sometime, she seems INSANE.

Apparently, someone was trolling MTV’s backstage live-feed of the VMAs and they caught Taylor and her people acting slightly odd, and they jumped to the conclusion of “Maybe Taylor Swift Snorted Cocaine Backstage at the VMAs?” You can see the video here at Gawker. And you know what? I’m pretty sure she was blowing her nose.

The point is, Taylor is literally so image-conscious that she was hyper-aware of the fact that she was being recorded backstage and she had people form a circle around her so her BLOWING HER OWN NOSE wouldn’t be caught on camera. Yeah. That’s some next-level image control.

Again, I don’t think Taylor’s hiding some strange secrets, but I do think she seems too type A for her own sanity.  Here’s the video. WEIGH IN.

Photo: FameFlynet

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Hey Anne Hathaway, You Forgot Your Shirt.

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 8.01.39 AM

Anne- you remembered your big, wool coat. Was it that hard to find a shirt?

OF COURSE I KID. This is fashion- ridiculous choices, makeup and photoshop. Glamour’s October cover girl is Anne Hathaway, and she rocks it in her own brooding, holier than thou way. Here are snippets from her interview, too:

On roles going to younger actresses: I can’t complain about it because I benefitted from it. When I was in my early twenties, parts would be written for women in their fifties and I would get them. And now I’m in my early thirties and I’m like, ‘Why did that 24 year old get that part?’ I was that 24 year old once, I can’t be upset about it, it’s the way things are. All I can do right now is think that thankfully you have built up perhaps a little bit of cachet and can tell stories that interest you and if people go to see them you’ll be allowed to make more.

On her pals Emily Blunt and Jessica Chastain: I’m trying right now to start a book club with Em and Jessica, because they’re working on a movie together. I said, ‘Let’s all read this book!’ But I’m not working and they are, so it’s not going very well.

On Taylor Swift: She just seems to be following her heart. I met her – I hope it’s OK to say this – when she and Jake [Gyllenhaal] were together. She was 20 at the time, and we hung out one night. I was like, ‘You are a magnificent creature.’ She was on fire and I’ve watched her become this force of nature.

(Via Glamour)

Yes, see SHE IS A REAL PERSON AS EVIDENCED BY HER DESIRE TO BE IN A BOOK CLUB, YOU GUYS!!!  But still, if y’all famous white women do get together…maybe make sure the dress code is strict.  You don’t want Anne showing up topless. OR DO YOU?

Photos: Glamour

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