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Who Wore it Best?

FOX's 2014 Teen Choice Award - Arrivals

Turns out that a bare midriff is all the rage these days.  This isn’t good news for me and my recent addiction to donuts.  Luckily – I’m not hitting the red carpet any time soon.  So…. as we all know- last night was FOX’s 2014 Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles- and all the young, beautiful, rich and famous were in attendance.  As were their belly buttons.  So… who do you think wore it best from these beautiful femme fatales?  Taylor Swift opted for a retro mint-green ensemble, with the unexpected pairing of yellow shoes.  I like.  Swifty may or may not be announcing a new album on a Yahoo livestream August 18th.

If I Stay star, Chloe Grace Moretz, opted for a black bandeau top with a busy red and black patterned shorts and jacket.  I think the bandeau is a little aggressive but I like the shorts.  She’s so cute though she can get away with anything.  Brooklyn Beckham, her rumored boyfriend, was there as well…

FOX's 2014 Teen Choice Award - Arrivals

Let’s Be Cops star, the stunning Nina Dobrev, really is a looker isn’t she?  I don’t care for her colorful ensemble at all- and yet she manages to look absolutely flawless in it.  So… good for her!  Dobrev presented an award with Kellan Lutz during the ceremony- and he kept his distance from her, cracking that he didn’t want rumors to start about any alleged romance- referring to the slew of men she’s been paired with in the tabloids recently.

FOX's 2014 Teen Choice Award - Arrivals


Who wore your favorite look of the night?

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Taylor Swift Gives Fan $90 For Birthday Chipotle

Taylor Swift Gives Fan $90 For Birthday Chipotle

Country singer Taylor Swift sure does love her fans! When doing an interview for “Rolling Stone” in Central Park in New York City, Taylor and her security people helped a fan off of a boat in order to take a pic with the singer. It gets better, too.

When Taylor learned that it was also the fan’s birthday and she and some friends were heading to Chipotle, she dug into her purse and pulled out $90.00 for the occasion. Fun, right?

Of course, Taylor also posed with the fan and the picture has since gone viral. So not only does she splurge on outfits to head to the gym, but she also gives up the cash for her fans’ birthdays. Sweet!

Photo Credit: Twitter

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John Mayer Is Doing A Broadway Musical About His Many Conquests

John Mayer Is Doing A Broadway Musical About His Many Conquests

Here’s something that won’t delight the likes of Taylor Swift, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Aniston or Katy Perry… According to Mike Walker over at the “National Enquirer”, John is working on a Broadway musical based on his many conquests. God, I hope this is true!

My top-secret John Mayer bombshell’s already triggering Hollywood warning sirens … rupturing the eardrums — and God knows what else — of Sexy Boy’s numerous blast-from-the-past/humped-and-dumped star hotties, who are suddenly terrified they’ll be immortalized/scandalized in a new Broadway play he’s writing!

Mayer’s nervous brigade of bangee’s include: Katy Perry, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica “Sexual Napalm” Simpson; Taylor Swift; sex-plosive Jennifer Love Hewitt (who reportedly inspired his hit ditty, “Your Body is a Wonderland”); plus Renee Zellweger, Minka Kelly, Rhona Mitra, blah, blah, blah!

“John’s kept this project heavily under wraps,” says a source close to the star, “but word’s starting to leak now that the formal casting call’s gone out. It describes main character, “JOHN, early to mid-twenties/artistic musician. Handsome (ideally can play both guitar and piano)…!’

Justifiably nervous are exes Taylor Swift, who wrote mercilessly about her failed love affair with John; Jessica Simpson — who raged when he called her “sexual napalm” — and Jennifer Aniston, who famously followed him around the world like a love-struck puppy.

These famous flings, knowing John’s kiss-and-tell history, are now worried he’lll stage scenes from their sex lives ont he Broadway stage!” Mayer’s show-and-tell debuts this fall in a small California town, where producers will iron out the kinks — until it’s kinky enough for Broadway!

Can you even imagine?!?

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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PICS: Taylor Swift Leaves The Gym In NYC

PICS: Taylor Swift Leaves The Gym In NYC

Country singer Taylor Swift is spotted heading home after a workout on July 30, 2014 in New York City, New York. Taylor was recently listed by Forbes as the second highest paid artist in country music, just behind Toby Keith.

PICS: Taylor Swift Leaves The Gym In NYC

I still have a hard time believing that she leaves the gym after working out looking this good. Some have said that she goes in there for an hour to primp — just for the photo opp, but others have said that she really works out hard. It’s hard to know who to believe. What do you think?

Photo Credit : Fame/Flynet

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