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Is Calvin Harris Jealous Of Harry Styles?

Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Have Split!***FILE PHOTOS****

Remember this?! Calvin Harris does.

Word on the street is that Calvin Harris is worried girlfriend Taylor Swift still has feelings for her ex, Harry Styles. I know this sounds like a teenage soap opera- and believe me, it is. But with very, very rich teenagers who are (somewhat) musically inclined).

According to Hollywood Life, even the mere mention of Harry’s name gets Calvin PISSED:

“Calvin has separated himself from his playboy ways and is all in with his relationship with Taylor. He doesn’t like when she mentions her exes. He wants her to not talk about them, even if it’s her throwing shade at them. He wants her to be totally devoted to him. He gets jealous thinking that she still may have feelings for people like Harry or others she has dated — it’s upsetting to him,” a source admits.

This comes after Taylor seemingly threw shade at her ex by liking a Tumblr post, which slammed the One Direction singer for being “immature” when they dated. Obviously, Taylor was dissing him, but the way Calvin sees it, anything having to do with Harry, or any one of Taylor’s exes, makes him extremely jealous. It’s been three years since Taylor and Harry broke up, so we doubt she still has any feelings for him, but we can totally understand where Calvin is coming from. Talking or hearing about your significant other’s exes is never easy. Especially when fans are still rooting for that couple to get back together.

Wow. Is Harry the one being immature or is Calvin? Taylor, I say kick ’em all to the curb. You have baking and cat-ladying to do, and I want more HIT SONGS PLZ. xox

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Taylor Swift Loves Her Some Seattle Symphony

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 12.38.07 AM

And by that I mean she donated 50,000 to the Pacific Northwest institution. I hope she got a tote!

Taylor Swift loves helping out a fan with a medical bill, tuition bill or christmas prezzie- in fact, she was deemed “one of the most charitable celebrities” last year. BUT- she’s also very giving when it comes to other musicians.

Early Thursday moring, Tay donated $50,000 to her favorite orchestra, the Seattle Symphony, who is currently  commissioning Grammy-winning composer John Luther Adams‘ Become Ocean. Though the symphony is getting a lot of the dough, some of the money will go directly to music education funding throughout Washington!

Take a listen to some of Become Ocean to decide for yourself if it’s worth a little extra Swiftian cash BUMP.

Photo: Instagram

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Tay Tay Took Her Crew on Vay Cay

Taylor Swift covers 'GQ'; Talks 'Bad Blood'

Taylor Swift just wants to have a quiet birthday, everybody…right after she takes 125 of her employees on a crazy vacation.

Swifty’s turning 26 soon and everyone wants to know what kind of crafty extravaganza’s going on (myself included), but she shut all the questions down with an Instagram post of her band and crew post-lavish vacation to Hamilton Island on the Great Barrier Reef. That’s right, she took team 1989 to the GREAT BARRIER REEF.

“So stoked to be able to take my band and crew on a vacation at the end of a long and wonderful tour,” Swift wrote. “For all their hard work this year, they really deserve it. Thank you to Hamilton Island for taking such great care of 125 of the people who work tirelessly to make sure the 1989 World Tour stage gets built, the lights are on, the costumes are made, the guitars are tuned, and the show goes on. Aussie press, I love your enthusiasm but my birthday isn’t for 2 weeks and it’ll be a quiet one this year. Let’s take it down a notch:)”

When I do a good job my boss doesn’t chide me for taking free Diet Cokes. Taylor, any openings on your next tour?

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 8.12.21 AM

Photo: FameFlynet, Instagram

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Everybody Stop Everything, TAYLOR SWIFT PHOTO OP! -And Other LINKS!!!

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 2.34.09 AM

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