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Leonardo DiCaprio Is Terrible In The Sack

Leonardo DiCaprio turned down the role of Anakin Skywalker in 'Star Wars'

Doesn’t sound like Leonardo DiCaprio is winning any Oscars for being a good lover.

A while back, Star Magazine did a cover story on celebrities’ secret sex lives, and Leo’s was particularly juicy. The piece was from Bobbie Brown, a model and music video actress from the 1980s and early ‘90s that Leo boned once. Brown said Leo was awful in bed, and that he is… um, selfish and quick to the finish line? Yikes. Well, Star Magazine has another exclusive about Leo’s sex life which sounds even worse:

Leonardo DiCaprio “is selfish, lazy and downright rude,” says a source whose BFF bedded the 41-year-old Oscar winner. “She told me that during the act, Leo put on headphones and even started vaping! Then he signaled her to keep going while he just laid back and zoned out.”

The woman was so confused by the situation that she just carried on, embarrassed and hoping for things to change. But Leo continues to lie there, listening to MGMT, while his “date” was left wondering what was in this for her.

“Leo knows women are mesmerized by his stardom, so he obviously doesn’t care at all whether they’re satisfied or not,” says another insider. “He can sleep with almost any woman he wants without even trying, so it’s no surprise he doesn’t try in bed either.”

(Via Star Magazine, print edition)

As if headphones weren’t enough, of COURSE he was VAPING. What a douche. I mean, can’t two people listen to music? And can’t the vaping wait the 2 minutes till you’ve “crossed the finish line,” Leo? UGH.

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Nick Jonas Is Into Some Weird Bedroom Stuff

Nick Jonas Delivered Alcohol To Fans In L.A. On Friday Night

Disney alums, AM I RIGHT?!

Nick Jonas admitted last month during an interview with Entertainment Weekly that he wouldn’t get all shy if someone wanted to know what his fetishes were. So Andy Cohen decided to test that theory and basically just went through a laundry list of fetishes with a game called “Let Us Fetish” on Watch What Happens Live. People LOVE to open up to Andy, so hey, seems like an appropriate context for Nick to let his freak flag fly.

One of Nick’s known fetishes includes playing coy while winking at the gays, so Andy left that one alone. BUT, seems like Nick is VERY into spanking AND BUT ALSO boning somebody who’s inside of a giant animal costume. YEAH. Here’s what Nick Jonas is and isn’t into:

Watching porn in the bedroom with someone: “No, not into it.”
Furries: (Nick doesn’t answer, but he seems somewhat receptive to the idea. Andy takes this as a possibly)
Getting spanked: “Yeah, absolutely. I’ve got a firm ass.”
Getting tied to a bedpost: “Not into it. It did happen one time, and it didn’t end well.
Feet: “No, I’ve never understood that.”
Voyeurism: “Maybe.”
Getting his hair pulled: “If you can figure that out, you deserve it.”
Fucking in public: “No.”

So, again, lots of stuff he’s NOT into, but definitely into spankings and probably voyeruism and MAYBE furries.  Sounds like this Halloween could get INTERESTING.

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Justin Bieber Got Into A HUGE Fist Fight Last Night

Shaggy Haired Justin Bieber Stops By Starbucks

Justin Bieber, Cleveland dudes are MUCH bigger than you- you gotta watch OUT.

But hey, one warning too late. Ya see, Biebs got into an all-out street brawl with a guy much bigger than him Wednesday night in Cleveland, after some kind of exchange post-NBA finals.

Nobody knows how it exactly started, but Bieber was in Cleveland in the first place to watch fgame 3 of the NBA Finals, and was wearing a Cleveland Cavaliers shirt. So, it could be some post-game hate. Witnesses say Bieber was getting peppered with requests for photos, and we all know how much he’s not into that.

TMZ is circulating this video of Bieber, shot shortly after 11 PM, outside his hotel in downtown Cleveland. If you check it out, it shows Biebs face-to-face with the guy, who punched Justin’s head. Then Justin unleashed his own pop star fury by throwing another right into the guy’s face. And was ON.

A couple bystanders tried to jump in, but the fight ends up spilling to the ground.

All’s fair in love and basketball, I guess?

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Tom Cruise Hasn’t Seen Suri In 3 Years

Tom Takes Suri To Chelsea Piers

Tom Cruise is basically a weirdo workaholic recluse these days, spending his time getting closer and closer to his favorite science fiction religion.

All the tabloids are obsessed with pointing out that Tom has not seen his daughter in a long, long time- be it because of work, Scientology, Katie Holmes, or whatever.  According to In Touch Weekly, it’s been 1000 days (or thereabouts) since Tom has even seen Suri Cruise in person. YIKES. Page Six’s sources say the same thing, and they also say that Tom doesn’t want to see Suri because she’s a “nonbeliever” according to the Church of Scientology. DOUBLE YIKES.

Tom Cruise hasn’t seen his daughter Suri, 10, in nearly three years because the Church of Scientology forbids its members from associating with nonbelievers, sources say. Since his ex-wife Katie Holmes is not a Scientologist, and neither is Suri, Cruise has reportedly not seen his daughter since she was 7.

“If he wanted to see her, he could see her,” one source said. “Even people in prison have a right to see their children.”

Holmes spokeswoman Leslie Sloane had no comment, and Cruise’s publicists didn’t get back to me. Suri, who lives and goes to school in Manhattan, is said to be a smart, well-behaved girl.

“She’s thriving. She’s got lots of friends and a nice, normal life. This is his loss, his issue, his problem,” said my source. “He must be really brain-washed.”

In Touch first reported it’s been 1,000 days since Cruise saw his daughter, even though Cruise sued the magazine’s parent company, Bauer Publishing, in 2012 for reporting that Cruise had “abandoned” Suri. The $50 million defamation suit was settled the following year on undisclosed terms with each side paying its own legal fees. Tony Ortega, who writes about Scientology on his Web site,, told me Holmes qualifies as an SP, suppressive person, by the cult-like group, and Suri would be deemed a PTS, potential trouble source.

“But the thing about Scientology is, celebrities get to break all the rules,” says Ortega. “That’s why I find this so mysterious.”

(Via Page Six)

I believe that if Tom wanted to spend time with Suri, Katie Holmes would probably allow that. I dunno. Katie has never seemed malicious about custody or access to their daughter, but it feels like a lot of info about Tom not making seeing his kid a priority. Not sure why, and I’m not sure how long it’s actually been, but I feel like all these reports are coming from somewhere.

But maybe he comes out of his Scientology cave to facetime Suri on her birthday? Who knows.

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