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Sofia Vergara will tell you if you’re wearing bad makeup

Sofia Vergara will tell you if you're wearing bad makeup

Sofia Vergara makes no bones about telling people when they’re wearing bad makeup. On the set of her show Modern Family, she says that she gives out beauty advice.

She revealed, “I’m usually teaching everybody. Always – I’m super bad with that. I can’t hold my tongue. I’m looking at the person and even if I just met them, all I can think is, ‘Why the f**k is she wearing that lipstick? She would look so much prettier if she was wearing something else.'”

She even doles out advice to her makeup artist Kayleen McAdams. McAdams shared, “Even for my own wedding day she was like, ‘Wear this lip, don’t wear that, do this.’

Vergara went on to say, “What I have learned through my whole life doing my makeup and working in this business, is that what is important is what looks good on you and you should stick to it. You see Sophia Loren, she is 81-years-old, and she’s still doing the same makeup for a reason. She looks amazing. You tweak it, because you’re aging, you don’t stay exactly the same , but you know what works for you. The colors that work for you are going to work for you always. You should just learn about yourself – the shape of your eye. I’ve read a lot of magazines when I was young and they all work. You learn a lot.”

Still, she says that when Kayleen is nowhere to be found, she doesn’t mind creating her own look. She added, “When Kayleenn is not available, I have no problem. I can’t do my own hair though – if I have to do my hair then I’ll do it, but it’s super simple like straight because my hair’s straight or it I want it curly it takes me forever, but I’ll do it. But the makeup is like nothing.”

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Sofia Vergara confirms November wedding to Joe Manganiello

Sofia Vergara confirms November wedding to Joe Manganiello

“Modern Family” actress Sofia Vergara has confirmed her wedding to “Magic Mike” stud Joe Manganiello is in November and also talked about her new fragrance.

She told Ryan Seacrest that she is so in love with Joe that she was inspired to create her own fragrance. She even said that she planned to wear it when they take the plunge together in November.

The scent is called “Love” and she offered up a sniff of her wrist to Ryan during an interview at the 67th Annual Emmy Awards on Sunday.

She told Seacrest, “I got inspired on my wedding that is in November so we did a fragrance that is romantic and sexy at the end of the night.”

Are you interested in what her fragrance smells like?

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Sofia Vergara And Joe Manganiello Are Having A BIG Wedding.

The 21st Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, Arrivals in LA

Just a small, low key- NOT. NOT AT ALL!

Sofia Vergara and her fiancé, Joe Manganiello, will have plenty of loved ones in attendance when they get married in November…and by plenty I mean, 400?! The Modern Family actress revealed the guest number during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday:

“We’re very excited. We’ll kind of keep it a little private, but it’s been kind of impossible because people have been very excited in my family. It’s like 400,” Vergara, 43, told host Jimmy Kimmel. “It was very hard [to cut down]. We said, ‘200 for you, 200 for me,’ but my 200 is like family, so I couldn’t invite many of my friends.”

As Us Weekly exclusively revealed, Vergara and the Magic Mike XXL hunk, 38, will say “I do” at Florida’s Breakers Palm Beach resort on Nov. 22.

“The truth is that he gave me some of his [invites] because I was in trouble,” Vergara added. “There were people from work that I needed to bring.”

Indeed, Vergara’s Modern Family castmates were given invites to the lavish affair. Her TV husband, Ed O’Neill, was particularly elated to make the cut. “Ed is already ready,” Vergara told Kimmel. “He’s very excited.”

(Via Us Weekly)

Of COURSE Ed O’Neill has to come, Sofia. What are you- a bad co-worker? Oh man, this wedding is going to be insane, and I can’t WAIT.

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Sofia Vergara Smells Like…Wedding?

Sofia Vergara wants to get breast implants

In that Sofia Vergara has been busy concocting a delectable perfume potion for when she ties the knot with Joe Manganiello!

The perfume is going to be called Love and is the Modern Family star’s second fragrance, coming after Sofia, which she released early last year.

This particular fragrance has notes of mandarin, green apple, and orange blossom, with a special note of Colombian coffee flower, which holds meaning for the actress:

“I’m addicted to coffee, and I’d love to promote something that’s so important to my country.”

In fact, her country is big on perfumes in general, so it makes sense that she’s making one of her own, for the occasion:

“In Colombia, we put cologne on babies. We’re very into that, and grow up with perfumes and colognes being part of your daily routine. For a long time, I started liking men’s colognes and perfumes — I thought they were more interesting.”

Do not get her twisted, the 43-year-old is SERIOUS about smells:

“The people who buy my stuff, they’re intelligent and I don’t want to put my name on a product that I’m not involved with. I’m involved [with all of these items] from the start. I pick colors, designs, have to approve everything.”

(Via PerezHilton)

Girl gets married in November, and that shiz is right around the CORNER! Congrats on smelling…committed!

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