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Now You Can Smell Like Sofia Vergara!

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Get on that fragrance train, lady.

On Tuesday, Sofia Vergara announced that she is partnering with Avon for a “fun, fruity and floral fragrance” launching this fall called “So Very Sofia.” Now I thought fragrances were reserved for reality stars and Diva musicians, but when I think of how Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey have like, a bunch of fragrances, Sofia kind of makes sense, no?

The perfume will be available for $36 through Avon representatives and has some super corny copy attached, kinda what you’d expect from Avon AKA “the fragrance is just as energetic and vivacious as the Modern Family actress herself.” And “So Very Sofia combines delicious notes of passion fruit and Flor de Maya Orchid for a scent that is unique, bold and intoxicating.”Apparently, the aroma is for “the woman who owns her femininity and strength. We’re strong, powerful and beautiful — and we should flaunt it!”

LOL, okay Avon.

But Vergara is all about Avon’s message, that is, making MONEY. “Avon’s mission is incredibly important to me. Since its founding, the brand has offered women a way to build themselves up and achieve financial security, and that’s something I strongly believe in,” she explained. “Making this fragrance available exclusively through Avon is my way of supporting that goal. I want to help empower each woman to take control of her life, and gain the confidence and ability to achieve her dreams.”

The actor,  who married Joe Manganiello in November,  is clearly super excited. And who knows- maybe it’ll smell awesome.

Would you buy Sofia Vergara’s fragrance?

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Joe Manganiello Does An AMAZING Sofia Vergara Impression

Sofia Vergara confirms November wedding to Joe Manganiello


I love Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara, if only because he seems like a normal Pittsburgh dude and she’s like, eccentric enough to love that. And this impression makes me love them (and him!) like 1000% more…

Joe stopped by The Late Late Show on Tuesday night to give James Corden an update on his romantic life, and ended up telling a very cute story about going on a fried chicken date in New Orleans in the beginning of their relationship. The Modern Family star’s accent clued the restaurant into their identities, and Joe does a SPOT ON impression of his wife.

Check it out below- it’s roughly at 1:15!

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Sofia Vergara’s Wedding Had An IV Station Where Guests Could Re-hydrate

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Sofia Vergara, I LOVE YOU.

During a Monday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres show, Sofie’s costar Julie Bowen talked about the more bonkers (less romantic, still cool) part of Vergara’s fairy-tale wedding to Joe Manganiello.  And let me tell you, as romantic as this wedding was, it also seems so freaking TAXING!

“If you’ve ever been to a Sofia event, it’s three days,” Bowen, 45, said of Vergara’s Nov. 22 nuptials in Palm Beach, Florida.

“It’s like a slow-moving trolley: You jump on, you drink and you dance and then you jump off. You can’t stay on the trolley for three days,” Bowen explained. “It’s a party train. It’s insanity. And it’s really fun.”

And yes, rumors about an IV truck were absolutely true.

“It was crazy. You had to hydrate,” the actress said. “They had a little ambulance truck, an IV station where you could go get IV hydration.”

“Like, literally a needle goes into your arm and they give you hydration? That’s how much people were drinking?” asked an incredulous-sounding DeGeneres.

“Yes, I thought somebody had had a heart attack or there was an event, ’cause there was this first aid truck set up outside of the pool area where all the bungalows are. And there are people, sipping espresso, getting IV rehydration,” Bowen said. “There is nothing, apparently, nothing you can do in three days that can’t be undone by some IV rehydration.”

(Via People)

Dang. Sounds like these people party HARD. Where was my invite, SOFIA?!!

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Note To Self, Don’t Use Sofia Vergara’s Unlicensed Likeness If You Don’t Wanna Get SUED.

Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb still battling it out over frozen embryos

Don’t mess with Sofia Vergara, people!

The actress just filed a $15 million lawsuit against Venus Concept for using her name and likeness in their advertising materials without her permission, after one visit and a weird selfie? Us Weekly reports:

Vergara, 43, was first linked to Venus Concept ahead of the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards in August 2014. The Colombian star used the Venus Legacy machine to get red carpet ready, and posted a WhoSay photo during the treatment.

In the selfie, Vergara rested on her stomach as a woman worked on her backside. “What is so funny Marilyn??” she wrote at the time. “Legacy massage at @drlancerrx.”

According to court documents, the company has allegedly been using blown-up photos of Vergara’s face and her name to promote its products at exhibition booths, trade shows and on the internet.

EW.  Not only is this probably pissing off her other endorsement deals(Cover Girl and Head & Shoulders, to name a few) but this seems totally freaking classless and sleazy and this needs to end. There might be no such thing as bad publicity, but I’ll tell you one thing- I’m probably not going to be using Venus Concept anytime soon.

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