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Sofia Vergara’s Son Graduated College This Weekend

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Does this make you feel old or WHAT?

Though Sofia Vergara has had PLENTY to do, what with being all over the news for her new film, marriage, and egg freezing fiasco- first and foremost she’s a MOM!

The star headed to Boston over the weekend to cheer on her son Manolo Vergara as he received his diploma from Emerson College. And who else was there? Why Sofia’s ever supportive new fiancé Joe Manganiello! How adorable is that?

Vergara was spotted Sunday evening strolling down Newbury Street, Boston’s shopping mecca, with her son and Manganiello.  Clad in jeans and a black leather jacket, Vergara held on to her man closely as she chatted in Spanish with her son and a friend.  “They had locked arms,” said an eyewitness via People. “They were super close to each other.”

Just a fun weekend celebrating a milestone and doing some SHOPPING! Love it. And how CUTE is Manolo?!

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Sofia and Joe Aren’t Making Kids A Priority

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Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello just started cohabitation, but don’t expect any BABY NEWS anytime soon!

The Modern Family actress opened up about maybe procreatin’ with the hunky star in the May 2015 issue of Cosmo For Latinas:

“When you’re with somebody that hasn’t had kids, and you want to start a relationship, of course there’s always that question,” Vergara, 42, told the mag. “And if it happens, it will be something that will make us very happy, but it’s not a priority in our lives.”

The Hot Pursuit star is already a mom, though it feels like she rarely talks about it- her kid’s named is Manolo, and he’s 22, and she had him at 20 with her ex-husband Joe Gonzalez.  She said she’s very happy with the way her first son turned out…

“I think it’s so hard to raise kids nowadays and he has grown up to be so respectful and responsible.”

So why NOT have more? And i don’t mean with the embryos you froze with ex Nick Loeb (shutter).

Photos: Cosmo For Latinas

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Sofia Vergara Was Wary Of Going On A Date With Joe Manganiello

PICS: Sofia Vergara & Joe Manganiello Stop By An Art Gallery In Malibu

After the nightmare that was Nick Loeb, Sofia Vergara‘s ex fiance,  we get why she wasn’t chomping at the bit go to out with another dude (especially a dude like  Joe Manganiello) right away.

The Hot Pursuit actress, 42, said Manganiello had to use some MILES to get a first date with her.  People reports:

“I’m so lucky I couldn’t believe it. At the beginning I didn’t want to go out with him,” the Modern Family actress told Ellen DeGeneres on Friday during a visit to her show to promote her new comedy. (She also got a stripper-filled bachelorette party on the show, in true Ellen fashion.)

So why didn’t Vergara wanna date Hunky mcHunkerson?

“I had just finished a relationship … he seemed like a lot of work because [he’s] so handsome and younger than me and so sexy and best bachelor or whatever he was,” she explained. “And I’m like, ‘Ugh.’ Just too much!”

But after a  flight to Louisiana, PEOPLE’s Hottest Bachelor convinced her otherwise.

“He flew to New Orleans and forced me on a date. And then … I’m like, ‘He’s a great guy, super fun, super normal and … we click.’ It’s super easy to hang out with him.”

But by December 2014, Manganiello had popped the question in Hawaii and are now…looks like ‘ol JOE is just hunky enough!

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Sofia Vergara Isn’t Happy With Nick Loeb (OBVI)

The 64th Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles

Though Sofia Vegara should be celebrating her new film Hot Pursuit, she’s stressing about her INSANE EX.

Nick Loeb has already proven himself to be a creepy dude who can’t let go under ANY circumstance, and Page Six’s “sources” basically say that Loeb planned out his op-ed just in time to hijack Sofia’s big starring role, which is a huge douche move:

Sofía Vergara’s ex-fiancé Nick Loeb’s bombshell op-ed column outlining his argument that their frozen embryos have a right to live was timed for maximum embarrassment for the actress as she debuted her new film. Vergara, who has stayed silent on the contentious subject, walked the red carpet on Thursday for the LA premiere of her movie “Hot Pursuit,” with Reese Witherspoon, hours after the New York Times published his piece.

A source told us: “Wednesday is the most important day of Sofía’s career. She is opening her first movie [as a leading actress], co-starring an Oscar-winner — a movie that she executive produced — and Nick is trying to ruin it.”

While Loeb insists the issue is “a parent’s right to protect the life of his or her unborn child,” the source said, “This comes from his anger over the end of their relationship and her subsequent engagement to Joe Manganiello. He is using his anger to emotionally extort her.”

Despite Loeb’s war over the frozen embryos, which are stored in a California clinic, Vergara is focusing on her movie and her upcoming wedding to Manganiello, which Page Six can reveal will be in November.

Our source added, “Sofía does not want to destroy the embryos, she wishes them to remain stored at the clinic. She is focused on her film, moving into her new home, and the most important day of her life — her wedding.”

[From Page Six]

I’m sure Nick loves all the good stuff happening in Sofia’s life and is secretly totally hoping she makes a big stink about the egs and the Op ed and the shattered dreams of non-existent kids that aren’t even kids but just freaking embryos. But alas, sounds like Sofia is a better person than her ex.  Don’t you think?

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