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Snoop Dogg got high at the White House?!?

Snoop Dogg got high at the White House?!?

Snoop Dogg claims that he got high at the White House in one of the many bathrooms there. Surely the Secret Service wouldn’t have allowed that to happen — would they?

In the latest episode of Snoop Dogg’s GGN News, guest Jimmy Kimmel asked the rapper what frankly we’ve all been wondering: If Snoop has ever gotten high at the White House.

“In the bathroom. Not in the White House, but in the bathroom,” Snoop told Kimmel.

“I said, ‘May I use the bathroom for a second?’ And they said, ‘What are you gonna do, Number 1 or Number 2?’ I said, ‘Number 2,'” he told Kimmel, adding that it was the “the CIA or the FBI” inquiring about his bathroom needs.

“So I said, ‘Look, when I do the Number 2, I usually, you know, have a cigarette or light something to get the aroma right.’ And they said, ‘Well you know what? You can light a piece of napkin.’ I said, ‘I’ll do that.’ And the napkin was this,” he said, as he took a puff of a blunt.

Did this actually happen? Snoop said it happened, but as Kimmel went on to say, “This is some story.”

Are you buying it?

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Snoop Dogg/Lion Wants To Judge American Idol

Snoop Dogg, er, Snoop LION, wants to put his hat in the ring for that coveted American Idol judges seat!

During an interview this week, newly crowned Snoop Lion (and he’s also a reggae artist now? Okay, whatever) said that he’d definitely be interested in judging on the hit reality show.

TMZ broke the story of Jennifer Lopez‘ judging spot being filled by Mariah Carey, who is getting paid a record $18 million bucks for her first season on the singing competition. So far, Steven Tyler’s spot is still vacant.  A country star or another pop idol (probably a dude) may fill it, but hey, maybe they’d consider Mr. Lion.

According to TMZ, “Idol” spokesman Neil Schubert had no commenton whether Snoop was being considered to fill the empty seat.

Thoughts on Snoop being an Idol Judge???

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Tupac Hologram To Go On Tour?

If you’ve heard anything about Coachella this year, you’ve heard that Tupac Shakur  performed alongside Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg on Sunday evening.  As expected, video of the performance became an instant sensation.

Of course, it wasn’t the real Tupac, but a hologram. The hologram was created by  Digital Domain Media Group Inc., the same guys who were behind special effects for 2008’s “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.”  Though the rapper died more than 15 years ago,  new technologies have created a world of possibilities for bringing the deceased star to the masses.

The image of Tupac isn’t archival footage, or digital imaging.  According to The Wall Street Journal,  “the image was created on a computer, using physical characteristics and movements captured from recorded performances.” So, kind of a little of both, but neither. The Coachella performance had been in the works fro about four months prior, and Dr. Dre is said to have a vision for tours featuring the hologram.  This is just the beginning,”  Digital Domain’s chief creative officer, Ed Ulbrich says. “Dre has a massive vision for this.”

Exciting!  I would pay money to see this tour. Would you?


Photo: Fame/Flynet

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Paris Hilton: “I can’t stand black guys”

Well, in case you didn’t hear, Paris Hilton just “can’t stand black guys”…

Did she say this to the press recently? Nope.

Words that Paris said back in 1999 have come back to haunt her.

So what’s the deal?

American journalist, author, and ghost writer Neil Strauss has a new book that’s releasing this week called Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead. Los Angeles’ local alternative paper, LA Weekly, gives a great summary of the book:

The tome reveals shocking things about -and intimate moments with- the author’s vast array of interview subjects over the years: Lady Gaga bawling over an ex-boyfriend, Courtney Love considering snorting Kurt Cobain‘s ashes ala Keith Richards (this one’s already making the gossip site rounds) , Dave Navarro‘s penchant for $2000 hookers, Marilyn Manson‘s grave gigging jollies (Strauss co-wrote MM’s autobio, “Long Hard Road Outta Hell”), Julian Casablancas‘ dickishness, Snoop Dogg blunt bonanzas (okay the last three aren’t so shocking) and various rock stars’ beefs, fetishes (peeing, toes), and penchants for drugs and booze… which, by the way, no one chose to hide while they were being recorded and observed for press!

One thing that Strauss decided to leave out was a hate letter from Phil Collins.

One thing that Strauss decided to publish was a run-in with Paris he had back in 1999, during which Paris decided to take a hit of ecstasy, brag about her boob job that she got when she was 14 (and how her mom made her remove them), explain how she wanted to pose for Playboy (and tell her dad about it, so he would pay her twice as much NOT to pose), and… point out which guy she made out with (but stopped when he saw him in the light and noticed he was black).

Here’s an excerpt from Strauss’ book:

In 1999, shortly after moving to Los Angeles to cover pop culture for the New York Times, I ended up in a room with someone I’d never heard of before. She seemed to embody young Hollywood. She didn’t want to be an actress, a singer, or a star – though she would soon become all three. The art form she’d chosen to embrace was partying.  She was with a model friend of hers and talking about performing a sex show together for someone named Artie the previous night, then taking dirty photographs afterward. In the background as we spoke, the movie Saving Private Ryan was playing. After this conversation, she proceeded to get drunk on Midori sours (each with six cherries in the glass), make out with David Faustino of Married… with Children, take a hit of ecstasy, play Britney Spears songs practically nonstop, and have a threesome. Maybe she said what follows for provocation and shock value. Maybe she didn’t. You decide…

PARIS HILTON: I had a breast job when I was fourteen, but my mother made me take them out.

How old are you now?

HILTON: I’m eighteen.

Are you working?

HILTON: I’m thinking about posing for Playboy. They love famous people’s kids.

Like who?

HILTON: I don’t know. And the only reason I’d do it is because when my dad finds out, he’ll pay me double the money not to do it.


HILTON: I went out with that guy last night.

Which guy?

HILTON (points to an actor in Saving Private Ryan): We were making out, but then we went somewhere where it was bright and saw that he was black and made an excuse and left. I can’t stand black guys. I would never touch one. It’s gross (pauses) . Does that guy look black to you?

How black does a guy have to be?

HILTON: One percent is enough for me.

And there it is. This is how words from the past are slapping Miss Hilton in the face.

Party like it’s 1999.


Source Image via Fame

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