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For Once I Agree With Khloe Kardashian

Tensions are running high!

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 12.16.18 AM

Wow, this feels NEW.

I guess I should start watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians because there’s some serious parallel thinking going on, in the form of…agreeing with Khloe Kardashian?

Let me explain. On Sunday’s episode of KUWTK, the Kardashian family trip to Vail was interrupted by the Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna engagement announcement. Remember that? Yeah. And the best part is this social media-dominating family learned about the engagement…on social media! AHH! the IRONY! It’s brings them together AND tears them apart!

On this week’s episode, everyone’s still pissed about Rob’s wedding plans, and are even thinking about excommunicating from the inner family circle.  During dinner, Khloé Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, and Kris Jenner discuss everything they know about the surprise proposal. Kris says:

“Did you see what she wrote about how we weren’t invited to the wedding?”

That’s when KoKo suggests the UNTHINKABLE:

“Rob’s the weak link in the bunch, and needs to be cut.”

Yeeeesh! I love it. Everyone’s on board now, but remember that radio silence after Rob announced the engagement? This was it. I gotta say, KUWTK got really good now that Rob’s misbehaving.

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Nick Jonas Is Into Some Weird Bedroom Stuff

Nick Jonas Delivered Alcohol To Fans In L.A. On Friday Night

Disney alums, AM I RIGHT?!

Nick Jonas admitted last month during an interview with Entertainment Weekly that he wouldn’t get all shy if someone wanted to know what his fetishes were. So Andy Cohen decided to test that theory and basically just went through a laundry list of fetishes with a game called “Let Us Fetish” on Watch What Happens Live. People LOVE to open up to Andy, so hey, seems like an appropriate context for Nick to let his freak flag fly.

One of Nick’s known fetishes includes playing coy while winking at the gays, so Andy left that one alone. BUT, seems like Nick is VERY into spanking AND BUT ALSO boning somebody who’s inside of a giant animal costume. YEAH. Here’s what Nick Jonas is and isn’t into:

Watching porn in the bedroom with someone: “No, not into it.”
Furries: (Nick doesn’t answer, but he seems somewhat receptive to the idea. Andy takes this as a possibly)
Getting spanked: “Yeah, absolutely. I’ve got a firm ass.”
Getting tied to a bedpost: “Not into it. It did happen one time, and it didn’t end well.
Feet: “No, I’ve never understood that.”
Voyeurism: “Maybe.”
Getting his hair pulled: “If you can figure that out, you deserve it.”
Fucking in public: “No.”

So, again, lots of stuff he’s NOT into, but definitely into spankings and probably voyeruism and MAYBE furries.  Sounds like this Halloween could get INTERESTING.

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Salma Hayek Doesn’t Believe In Having Sex Every Day


This is gonna upset some people!

I like Salma Hayek well enough, and I think her interviews are at least somewhat interesting and politically progressive- she’s all over immigration, women’s rights and women in Hollywood, even though her acting work hasn’t been a thing in a while. Now, though, Salma is covering the new issue of Red and she talks a lot about her marriage to Francois-Henri Pinault, a billionare. So you know, while she talks about the “challenges” of juggling a career, motherhood and her wifely-ness, it’s like, okay, pour enough money into things and they aren’t as stressful. Here are some highlights from Red:

Sex with her husband: “Sex is not the key to a happy marriage, but it’s a side effect. Although not every day! If it’s every day then it loses its charm. It’s so important to maintain your chemistry. You have to continue to laugh, continue to explore, continue to have fun with each other, continue to have romance.”

Her biggest accomplishment: “A good marriage, full of love, is my biggest accomplishment. Home is where my husband is. He is home. Everything outside of the family nucleus is an adventure that you’re living together.”

Feeling sexy even when you’re insecure: “Even though I struggle every moment with my own judgment of my body, I’m in touch with myself. I try to be really aware of every muscle. It is sexy. Sexuality, what other people see in you, is enjoying your body. Involve your senses in your life, and you will become sexy. Dance, and not to look good. If you dance terribly, still dance. It might in the moment not look sexy, but this interaction with life makes you sexy. And even if you’re on a diet, enjoy your food—please! It’s a very Latin point of view.”

Her miracle child: “I had a child late in life…I’ve had that yearning, that longing, and that pain…I always wanted to have a lot of children, and I was not able to. My body, as a miracle, had one. The huge blessing I’ve had is that my husband has three other children. So I have four. And they are all so different.”

Being engaged with 8-year-old Valentina: “I try to be with Valentina as much as possible, even when I’m working. She was with me on the cover shoot and she felt like a participant—she wasn’t just sitting there on the iPad. This is so important. You have to drag children into participating in life…It takes a lot of work and mummies are very tired because most of us work and life is exhausting, especially if you are an older mom like me, but you have to make the effort. And if you have a smart child, it’s harder. Now it’s so easy to just entertain them (with a screen), and you don’t have to go through the complaining for an hour about dragging them places. Drag them, and make them a part of your life. It’s about the human connection, and the things they can learn from participating in life. Otherwise, isolation starts to happen.”

(Red via E! News)

I love how she talks about the struggles of being an “older mom.” That feels really real to me. In general, it’s interesting to get an intimate view into her marriage and what she finds important…family and her very, very rich husband.

Photo: Red

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Blac Chyna Gets “Spoiled” By Rob Kardashian

Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian Out Shopping In Miami

Man, Blac Chyna has it MADE (except for the fact that she has to date Rob Kardashian).

Rob loves him some Blac, but ever since she got preggers, he’s been even more adoring (as in, jewelry, jewelry, jewelry). Which is to say, it’s all playing into Blac Chyna’s master plan to take over the Kardashians and become more famous than Amber Rose. I mean, it’s just a theory, but whatev.

“Rob absolutely goes above and beyond for Chyna, he spoils her!” a source close to the family tells PEOPLE. “He sends her weekly flowers and buys things for her all the time.”

And a sparkling 7-carat engagement ring probably isn’t the only bling Kardashian, 29, has gifted Chyna, 28: “Jewelry is a big thing he buys her,” says the source.

He’s also making sure his future wife feels extra special and comfortable during her pregnancy.

“He tells her nonstop how beautiful she looks, especially when she wakes up,” says the source. “He rubs her feet, massages her and supports anything she does. He says she is his queen.”

Meanwhile, Chyna has been a major supporter of Kardashian in return: “She has really encouraged Rob business wise, it has given him a new motivation,” adds the source.

(Via People)

Lol, encouraging of Rob’s sock business?! OH man, I hope she is. LOVE THOSE COUTURE SOCKS!

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