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Courtney Stodden’s Mom Resigns As Her Manager

Courtney Stodden Is Enjoying The Single Life

Well, this is the best news I’ve heard from Courtney Stodden‘s camp, like, ever.

Stodden’s mom, Krista Keller decided to say goodbye to Courtney professionally, I hope because she’s disgusted with everything she’s done to and with her poor little girl. But hey, who knows.

In a statement to US Weekly, Keller said, “on May 22 I resigned as Courtney’s manager/momager. I love my daughter very much, but I decided to step down due to serious creative differences.”

LIKE WHAT?! I’m dying to know, though I don’t think I’ll be happy with ANY answer I get. Keller went on to note that she hasn’t quit being a manager entirely…in fact, she’s in the market for some new clients.

“I will also be on the lookout for people that I would like to manage to help them reach their goals in the entertainment industry,” she continues. “I plan to use my time now to help my husband, Reggie, with his Christian website called, which is a ministry to uplift and inspire others to follow their dreams through faith.”

Oh cool, she’s managing her husband’s Christian ministry? Seems like a career stretch.

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Blac Chyna Is Dating An Abstinent Boxer?

Celebrities Dine Out At Craig's Restaurant

Blac Chyna is over Tyga…and moving into a kinda sexless dating sitch (at least for now).

The celebrity (I’m at a loss as to what to call her- model? Instagram star? No freaking clue) is dating boxing rising star J’Leon Love, but here’s the thing…they can’t seal the deal until a big fight he has on June 20th!

Here’s how their epic love story begins: Blac Chyna met Love around 3 weeks ago when she made him her Man Crush Monday. They started flirting on instagram and the rest was history.

But the no sex thing is particularly hilarious. Love (who is the WBA International Super Middleweight Champion) is training for a big fight in Vegas on June 20th and he has a very strict “no banging” policy in the weeks before a fight.

Apparently, Chyna is totally cool with a temporary celibacy rule. She’s told friends “I feel like it’s a good thing and I’ll deal with it with him!”  24 days, you crazy fool. You can do it! Just busy yourself with more instagram bikini shots and the days will FLY by.

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“Bad Blood” Has 13K Worth Of Sex Shop Clothes In It

2015 Billboard Music Awards

 Taylor Swift and the pursuit of sexy….SIGH.

Swift used 13 K of racy rubber clothing for her Bad Blood video, where latex outfits were specifically needed (you know, because latex is how spies fight villains).

Reportedly, Swift’s team  borrowed $13,000 worth of sexy rubber clothing from The Stockroom, a special erotica boutique located in Los Angeles. While they gave most back, apparently TayTay ended up keeping $5,000 worth of the stuff, you know, so she can get even more privately awkward with beau Calvin Harris! ZZZZZZZZZ.

Shawn Gentry, the store’s director of operations, says everything worn in the video will be available online, and he also noted that no sex toys or “pleasure items” were borrowed along with the clothing.

But like…why would they be?

Taylor is a beautiful woman, but I don’t find her particularly sexy, do you? I feel like she tries really hard, but it doesn’t quite land. What do you think of her expanding her erotic closet?

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Gwyneth Paltrow “Believes In Sex.”


Gwyneth Paltrow and her abs are the face (and abs) of Women’s Health magazine this month, and Goopy wants to give you some straight up TRUTH about sex. She believes in it.

Yeah, I know, SHOCKER.  Here’s a snippet from her GROUNDBREAKING interview:

On how she keeps in shape: “I believe, as cheesy as it sounds, in exercise, laughing, having sex, being yourself.”

Then she gave us something we can ACTUALLY use. Like, with specifics.: “My routine is the same every weekday. I drop my kids at school. I do an hour of dance cardio, then I go to work. For lunch I usually have a big salad with grilled chicken, and then for dinner I’ll have whatever I want. Most nights I eat with the kids, like, a stir-fry of chicken and broccoli or pasta or roast chicken and potatoes.”

She said nothing else about sex (except her staunch belief in its existence) but I assume her rumored boyfriend Brad Falchuk may do that kind of thing with her, every so often.

Check out more of the interview HERE (and get ready to have your mind BLOWN…not).

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