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Scott Disick Lives In The Kardashian’s Backyard

Scott Disick Hosting Las Vegas Nightclub Party Right After Rehab

That is to say, Scott Disick just can’t QUIT K-town….

The dude bought a  $6 million dollar house near the Kardashian kompounds in Hidden Hills, because he wants their influence to reach him and to help him stay sober. Which is kinda admirable, but also, ew, who wants Scott Disick at your community picnic?

According to TMZ, his home is within miles of Kourtney’s and assorted other Kardashian homes, and wants his family all up in his face so he can stay outta the bottle.

Some more housing deets? Well, it’s a cool 8,000 square feet, 7 bedrooms pad with a sick pool and a wine cellar…you know, for NOT storing wines (Scott! Control!).  Overall, I think this is a good move for the guy but not for the neighborhood. But it may also mean Kourtney and him are doneso.

We can only hope…

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Scott Disick hosted a New Year’s Eve party at 1Oak

Scott Disick hosted a New Year's Eve party at 1Oak

Scott Disick hosted a New Year’s Eve bash at 1Oak last night, while his ex-girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian was tasked with staying home with their three children.

Scott was surrounded by scantily clad women and was presented with a cake for the festive event held at the club located inside The Mirage Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Kourtney shared a picture on Twitter of what her New Year’s Eve was like. At first, she wasn’t feeling all that well, but she did manage to get a special New Year’s Eve kiss. She tweeted: “A little sick on NYE… Quick nap before the pajama party begins…”

She shared the below picture:

Scott Disick hosted a New Year's Eve party at 1Oak

She captioned it: “My New Year’s kiss…”

Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet, Twitter

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The Kardashians Are Over Scott Disick

Scott Disick booked a party gig after rehab

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian are not getting back together, at least in the near future. And know what? That’s good enough for me.

Scott didn’t attend the Kardashian Kristmas party, but it sounds like the two are still in pretty close contact even though the are definitely not together at THIS MOMENT.  Page Six reports:

“It goes back and forth depending on the day of the week. She’s been letting him see the kids and they’ve been trying to work on [possibly getting back together], but nothing has been decided,” a source told us.

“They’re still his family,” said a source. But a Kardashian insider tells us that Disick is so far out of the picture, the fame-hungry family no longer utters his name.

“When he’s not there, no one’s thinking about Scott. They literally don’t talk about him. Everyone has their whole thing going on . . . I don’t think anyone cares if [Scott and Kourtney] are together or not.”

Meanwhile, Disick’s pissed about Beiber, but whatever- as if he hasn’t fondled like 50 blonde hairdressers since their split:

“The Bieber thing was definitely a bump in the road. He was super pissed about it . . . when that came out. Hearing she’s partying with this A-list superstar with way more money than you, whether [it’s romantic] or not, it’s embarrassing!”

Yep.  Know what could make this better? Chris Brown coming in as Disick’s sobriety rock. Oh wait, that already happened? Dang. Looks like 2016 could be a great year for Disick- he’s doing EVERYTHING right.

Do you think Kourt will take this D back back?

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Oh Good, Chris Brown And Scott Disick Are Keeping Each Other Sober


This seems like an AMAZING idea.

I dunno, I’m no behavioral scientists or substance abuse counselor, but Scott Disick and Chris Brown seem like, uh, bad “checks and balances” when struggling with sobriety. Still, they claim they’ve actually become each other’s support system. And you know how responsible and thoughtful these guys are, you gotta believe them!

TMZ reports that the two have become fast friends after clubbing together a few days back at 1OAK, and only drinking water. I mean, I’m not saying that the two don’t have anything in common: oh, they DO.  Both have patchy, douchey histories and have continually been out for drugs and/or booze by the mothers of their children. And they both have masters degrees! KIDDING.

And hey, they’re already collaborators. Just check out this horrific video from Chris Brown, featuring bad lyrics, rampant misogyny and SCOTT DISICK.

How many seconds do you give the two of them before their “sobriety train” derails?

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