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Does Kate Hudson Have Beef With Scarlett Johansson?

Kate Hudson‘s career went from promising to floundering, but instead of blaming her film choices or acting work on herself or her crew, she seems to be taking it out on rising star Scarlett Johansson!

Star reports via Celebitchy:

“Nothing can decimate a star’s ego like watching a rival’s stunning career success. Ever since Scarlett Johansson’s movie The Avengers exploded at the box office — rewarding ScarJo with a $20 million paycheck for the sequel — longtime frenemy Kate Hudson has been seething with jealousy.

Scarlett and Kate’s rivalry began years ago, when they were competing for Justin Timberlake. Now that Scarlett’s career has skyrocketed while Kate’s has stalled, the Something Borrowed actress has been plotting a jealousy-fueled comeback that she hopes will dethrone ScarJo as the queen of Hollywood.

Says a source: “It’s incredibly petty, but she still bitches about Scarlett to this day. Every time Kate gets an endorsement deal she Googles to see Scarlett’s deal so she can compare. Kate hasn’t had a major hit in ages, but she’s letting it be known that she’s ready to break out of her mold and become the It Girl in Hollywood again.” We’ll see…

[From Star, print edition, August 8, 2012]

Ugh.  Kate Hudson is a grown woman, and I sincerely hope this little piece of celebrity gossip is untrue.  Speaking personally, I actually thinking Kate and Scarlett aren’t very similar actresses- Kate’s more bubbly and likeable, while Scarlett’s much more sexy and irreverent-seeming.  And everyone knows how totally unhealthy it is to compare one’s personal work to another.  Cut it out, Kate!

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Scarlett Johansson offered a record-breaking $20 million to star in ‘The Avengers’ sequel!

Scarlett Johnasson will soon break the record for highest paid actress, as it was revealed today that she has been offered $20 million to star in ‘The Avengers’ sequel!

According to The New York Post, Scarlett’s $20 million deal will break the record for highest paid actress in a movie. That will put her over Kristen Stewart, who Forbes named 2011′s highest paid actress (for earning $12.5 million per film).

The makers of ‘The Avengers’ certainly have money to throw around. ‘The Avengers’ is now the third-biggest box office draw in history, having brought in $1.4 BILLION in worldwide sales. And that’s not even including DVD sales – that alone should bring it up a couple spots.

What do you think – is Scarlett worth $20 mil?

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Scarlett Johansson and Bradley Cooper Went On A Date

Looks like Scarlett Johansson had a GREAT time on her date with Bradley Cooper last week!

The two worked together on He’s Just Not That Into You in 2011, but who knew the two were friends or interested in each other?  (Scarlett was, after all, fresh off of her divorce and rumored to be seeing Sean Penn).  Radar Online exclusively reports that the two actors were seen last Monday at Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant at the Bel Air Hotel. Scarlett had wine and the two were laughing, enjoying each others’ company.

Said an onlooker,

“The chemistry between them VERY evident and they looked totally wrapped up in each other — very cute! They were definitely having more than a “friends” dinner, it seemed pretty obvious they totally have the hots for each other.”

Woah!  Radar Online also adds that the onlooker witnessed Bradley standing up when Scarlett excused herself to use the ladies’ room, and when she returned! I know he’s dated a lot of Hollywood actress, but Bradley Cooper seems pretty chivalrous to me.


Photo: Fame/Flynet

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Don’t call Scarlett Johansson the sexiest woman alive, she doesn’t like it!

Scarlett Johansson is not a fan of being tapped the sexiest woman alive!

The 27-year-old Avengers actress tells Grazia Italia, “There are so many wonderful women out there. I don’t like being labelled as ‘the sexiest woman alive.’ As an actress I prefer to maintain the anonymity.”

These days, the resolutely private actress — whose exes include former husband Ryan Reynolds and Sean Penn – is enjoying a quiet romance with NYC ad exec (and Hollywood outsider) Nate Naylor.

One thing she’s happy to share? She hearts her job! “I can’t imagine having a job that makes me happier than acting,” she says. “I adore my job, especially when you hear the director shouting, ‘OK! We have the scene!’ This is so satisfying!”

I’m sure there are worse things you can be called than sexiest woman alive.

Source, Photos: Fame/Flynet

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