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What Celebrity Kid Donned A Lemonade-Inspired DRESS?

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The littlest Beyonce fan?

On Wednesday, Bey kicked off her Formation World Tour in Miami where the Crazy In Love songstress performed in front of thousands of fans.But, she may not’ve known that this instagram was taken of her littlest fan, wearing a dress in Lemonade-inspired solidarity.

So what lil girl celebeated Bey’s newest visual album? Find out, after the jump!


Posted Friday, April 29th, 2016 at 9:09am
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All Publicity Is Good Publicity. Right, Rita Ora?


Rita Ora may have denied that she’s “Becky with the good hair,” but she’s probably loving these rumors, what with her new Tezenis ads coming out.

If you don’t know, Tezenis is this kinda hipster skimpy bikini brand from Italy, and man, I bet they’re glad their photos are getting shown off in light of all this Lemonade controversy. And I’m sure Rita’s happy about it, too.

The model and singer is focusing on her fashion collaborations instead of all that “music” mumbo jumbo. I think it’s kinda annoying that she so aggressively marketed herself as a musician way back when and now she’s all like, peace, music, hello fashion. But that’s lots of artists, I guess. Anyhow, her body looks sick in these, but aside from that, please notice the showcasing of that infamous lower-case “r” necklace that everyone thought was a “J” for Jay Z earlier in the week.

All publicity is good publicity. HAH!

Photo: Tezenis

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Now Everyone Thinks Rita Ora Is “Becky With The Good Hair”

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Rachel Roy‘s out of the hot seat…because now people think Rita Ora‘s “Becky with the good hair.” WITCH HUNT BACK ON.

The British singer has also been accused of being the woman whom Beyoncé references on album’s fourth track, “Sorry,” who cheated with her husband Jay Z. So why’s everyone thinking this? Well…

On the same night as Queen Bey’s Lemonade release, Ora took to Snapchat that showed herself in a lemon embroidered bralet (yes, a bralet) along with a “J” necklace. Beyoncé fans immediately spread the selfie on social media, because admittedly, that shizz does look SUSPICIOUS.

Ora’s in hot water as it is, as she just filed a lawsuit against Jay Z’s label Roc Nation. The “I Will Never Let You Down” singer claimed her “relationship with Roc Nation is irrevocably damaged” due to the label’s lack of support in her music career, whom she’s been affiliated with since she signed with them back in 2008.

What do YOU think? Is RITA our BECKY?

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Tori Spelling Can Get Past A Little Infidelity Here And There


Tori Spelling, you are either very enlightened or very insane. Who’s to say which? I’m inclined to say the latter, but we’ll see how this all plays out…

It’s been over two years since Dean McDermott‘s alleged affair with Emily Goodhand, but now Tori’s saying NBD, it’s behind her, and she got this.  She opened up to E! News about her willingness to forgive her longtime love, admitting:

“I can 100 percent move past the infidelity. The stuff that I cannot move past is the behaviors in the relationship—the things that weren’t being communicated, the anger in the relationship—things that really had nothing to do with infidelity itself.”

But, in spite of those bad behaviors, the actress made the decision to stay by her man — mostly for the sake of her kids — and work on fixing their almost-ruined relationship.

And, she is NOT here for haters who say she should have left him, adding:

“I believe that women have the power and it was a choice and people can judge me and say, ‘Well she stayed with him.’ But I think it’s more powerful to make the choice to try to heal the relationship and work on it and work through it if you truly love someone.”

Hey, pretty articulate, for someone who got half her body charred at Benihana on an Easter Sunday. What do YOU think of her commitment to her dude?

Photo: FameFlynet

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