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Mia Isabella Finally Speaks Out About Tyga Texting Scandal

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Mia Isabella has a couple words about the controversy surrounding her alleged sexting affair with Tyga. And, they’re pretty good words.

As you know, Tyga admitted that the d*ck pics in question were INDEED his, but he claims that he did NOT send them to Mia.  Mia, on the other hand, says she’s more than happy to help the FBI in their investigation to find out who hacked the rapper’s phone, if that was uh, even a thing.

If Tyga did or didn’t send the pics, Mia has a surprisingly articulate statement about the whole matter (surprising because her instagram is mostly lame modeling photos and pics of soup). ANYHOW, here’s the statement:

“It’s very sad that the idea of a man loving a trans person has to be considered a scandal when all people are equal—love always wins doesn’t it? I live in a world in my mind where everything is a fairy tale of love. Saddening to see small-minded thoughts travel so quickly like wildfire not knowing if it’s true or not. It’s like wave crashing over me washing over me to see masses of humanity rise with pitch forks blindly following.”

Good point- the scandal should be what people are talking about, not her orientation.

“Are we not all equal? Am I not an American with the right to love and live as I choose with whoever I choose? If a celebrated man loves a transgender woman or possibly did that’s news? It shouldn’t be news it should be normal for anyone and everyone to be allowed to love who they choose.”

(Via PerezHilton)

Yes, but…can’t you pick someone to love other than gross Tyga…if the pics WERE intended for her?


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Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett Get Real About His Sex Scandal

Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett Back Together?

And the story is…pretty cray.

As you know, for the Baskett/Wilkinson family, last year was all about the birth of their baby Alijah and…Hank Baskett having an affair with a transgender model while his wife Kendra Wilkinson was eight months pregnant. You know, 2014 stuff.

Now, one year later, the two are finally coming clean about what really happened on that fateful day, and it’s up to us whether this story is insane or somewhat believable. People reports:

Last April, Baskett says he encountered a couple in a grocery store parking lot smoking marijuana. The former football player, 32, says he approached the couple to buy some pot; they gave him a phone number to call and, when he did, he was provided an address. Once he showed up at the home, Baskett says he used the restroom and when he emerged, “I saw something I thought I would never see in my life.”

Baskett says the person who answered the door, a transgender woman, was nude and making out with another transgender woman. “I froze,” says Baskett, visibly shaking as he recalls the memory. Then, the woman who answered the door approached Baskett and fondled him through his basketball shorts.

“I didn’t engage in anything,” he says. “It was like a bank robbery. You never know when you’ll freeze. I don’t know if it was a couple of seconds or 15 seconds, because all I was saying was get out, get out, get out.”

Baskett says he was so humiliated and distraught by the incident that he initially couldn’t open up about the truth to his family or friends, even when news of the encounter broke two months later. “I was this big former football player,” he says. “I was the alpha male. I could do anything to protect my family but I couldn’t protect myself.”

After the initial media onslaught, just five weeks after Alijah’s birth, a blindsided Wilkinson “went ballistic,” she says. The Kendra on Top, 30, star kicked Baskett out, flushed her wedding rings down the toilet and threatened divorce. “I couldn’t control my emotions.”

But when Baskett finally worked up the courage to be honest, Wilkinson was understanding, even sympathetic. “Hank was very naïve and gullible,” she says. “He thinks everybody is his friend. That led him to the hell that we’ve lived.”

Something about this doesn’t add up- watching a transgender couple “make out” doesn’t count as a scandal, or an affair. And why would Hank use some creepy random bathroom of a place he was trying to buy pot at? I dunno but it seems, a little too “Hank the innocent” for me.

Do you believe this story?

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Courtney Stodden’s Mom Resigns As Her Manager

Courtney Stodden Is Enjoying The Single Life

Well, this is the best news I’ve heard from Courtney Stodden‘s camp, like, ever.

Stodden’s mom, Krista Keller decided to say goodbye to Courtney professionally, I hope because she’s disgusted with everything she’s done to and with her poor little girl. But hey, who knows.

In a statement to US Weekly, Keller said, “on May 22 I resigned as Courtney’s manager/momager. I love my daughter very much, but I decided to step down due to serious creative differences.”

LIKE WHAT?! I’m dying to know, though I don’t think I’ll be happy with ANY answer I get. Keller went on to note that she hasn’t quit being a manager entirely…in fact, she’s in the market for some new clients.

“I will also be on the lookout for people that I would like to manage to help them reach their goals in the entertainment industry,” she continues. “I plan to use my time now to help my husband, Reggie, with his Christian website called, which is a ministry to uplift and inspire others to follow their dreams through faith.”

Oh cool, she’s managing her husband’s Christian ministry? Seems like a career stretch.

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Everybody On “The Voice” Wants Christina Aguilera Fired

Christina Aguilera's Fiance Issues Marriage Ultimatum?

Christina Aguilera just made peace with Mickey Mouse, but now she’s got new beef with “The Voice?!” Get it together, girl.

As one of the original judge’s on one of NBC’s masthead programs, The Voice, Christina obvi has a lot of clout on the show. In fact, every time she peaces out to pursue other projects, they let her back on. And… the staff isn’t all that happy about it and want her OUT! Radar reports:

No one wants Christina to come back as a judge on season nine of The Voice,” the network insider tells Radar exclusively.

As Radar previously reported, the 34-year-old “Fighter” singer angered production staff in the beginning of the season with her antics, which included being late to set and constantly fighting with the other judges, particularly Adam Levine.

Now that Season Eight is wrapped and a winner has been declared, the source says that Aguilera’s behavior did not improve over the weeks of competition.

“She was really difficult to work with this season. Tensions between her and Adam were consistent, but she also just had a really bad attitude,” says the source.

“She showed up late a lot, took forever for hair and makeup and was just very demanding.”

Apparently the crew REALLY wants Gwen Stefani or Shakira back because they were “a lot easier to work with”, which doesn’t surprise me at ALL.  Christina seems like a pain in the A, and one who isn’t super thankful about her success in life.

Who would YOU replace Xtina with on The Voice?!

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