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Sandra Bullock Rocks A High School Commencement Speech

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Ah… Sandra Bullock may be one of the cooler stars out there.  Bullock adopted her son Louis, 4, from New Orleans back in 2010.  She returned to the city recently, as a surprise commencement speaker at the Warren Easton Charter High School.  She used her son Louis, as a source of inspiration for her speech.

Some of her best pieces of advice include:

  • “Eat something green every day with every meal.”
  • “Do not pick your nose in public.”
  • “If someone doesn’t want to play with you, it’s okay. It’s okay. Not everyone is going to love us; go find someone who does want to play with you and who appreciates what you have to offer.”

You can see the video of the speech here.

Bullock’s next project is an animated film, ‘The Minions,’ due out in 2015.  There is also a rumor of a sequel to ‘The Heat,’ with Melissa McCarthy- which would be amazing since the first one was HILARIOUS.  I was literally dying during that movie.  Bullock has mentioned her lack of interest in sequels since they are often terrible- but if anyone could do it- she and McCarthy could.  That movie was seriously too funny.

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Sandra Bullock Dating Troy Aikman Again?

Sandra Bullock Dating Troy Aikman Again?

Is Sandra Bullock dating her former boyfriend Troy Aikman again? In case you didn’t know, the duo dated back in 1995, but split because of the distance between them. Now, it’s being reported that they have found love with one another once again.

Right before Christmas, Sandra and Troy got back in touch with each other with the help of a mutual friend. A source said, “Sandra and Troy have always got on well, but she doesn’t want to publicly date him until she’s one hundred percent ready for a relationship.”

The source went on to say, “She’s also worried about getting her heart broken, so a no-strings fling is fine, but she’s not committing to anything yet.”

She also has to take into account her son’s best interests, as well. The spy added, “Sandra hasn’t introduced Troy to Louis as anything other than mommy’s friend.”

I hope they do get back together….she definitely deserves happiness after what that jerk Jesse James did to her! What do you think?

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Harry Connick, Jr. Infatuated With Sandra Bullock

Harry Connick, Jr. Infatuated With Sandra Bullock

American Idol judge Harry Connick, Jr. has a bit of an infatuation with Hollywood actress Sandra Bullock. Even worse, his wife Jill Goodacre is less than amused by his attraction to the actress. Who would be?!?

Since they starred in Hope Floats in 1998, Harry has fancied Sandra. Jill apparently couldn’t care less about his crush — until they moved to California. They are currently holed up in Los Angeles while he films Idol and that isn’t sitting too well with his wife.

A source revealed, “Jill feels threatened by Harry’s years-long attraction to Sandy. After what Sandy went through with her ex-husband cheating on her, she’d never dream of having an affair with a married man. She adores Harry, but as far as Sandy is concerned, they’re friends, nothing more.”

The source said, “Still, that’s little consolation for Jill, who has been stewing ever since Harry called Sandy and suggested they reconnect while he’s in L.A. Jill isn’t worried about Sandy. It’s her husband who she’s keeping an eagle eye on.”

Sandra isn’t the type of person that would allow any cheating nonsense to happen. After all of what Jesse James put her through, we would be surprised to see her dating anytime soon…Yes, he was that much of a douche. She does seem happy being a mother and having that as her main priority, though, don’t you think?

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy together at CinemaCon, promoting their new movie ‘The Heat’

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy made an appearance last night at CinemaCon, where they are promoting their new movie, ‘The Heat.’

I have mixed feelings about this movie. It could be really funny, and it could certainly be really un-funny. I hope it’s good! I love Sandra Bullock, and I think she does really well in these types of comedies (ala ‘Miss Congeniality’).

Also at CinemaCon were Kristen Wiig (wth is she wearing?) and Ben Stiller.

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