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Lindsay Lohan on Samantha Ronson

Seems like with all this Liz & Dick buzz, Miss Lindsay Lohan is getting nostalgic for her own past loves…specifically, one Samantha Ronson!

Recently, the actress talked about her relationship with the DJ. Said Lohan, via PerezHilton:

“I was bold enough to say, ‘Yeah, I like a girl. And?’ That put her in a situation where she was being attacked every day. That’s not fair. And what am I left with? Heartbreak. That was three years ago. It was my last serious relationship.”

Hmm. Attacked? Maybe. But it’s not really about gay or straight is it? These two were seriously volatile, and Lilo agrees!

“I needed to love myself first before I could be with anyone. And I was going through a lot. Two toxic people cannot be together. End of story. We’re friends now. That’s how it started, so I think that’s what’s meant to be.”

Kinda sad, but probably true.  What are your thoughts?

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Posted Monday, November 26th, 2012 at 5:17pm
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Lindsay, Sam Ronson and Paris Party All Night

Samantha Ronson, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton did it UP last night!

Lindsay started her night out at an exclusive Hollywood club, X17 exclusively reports.  Then, she met up with Paris and her ex, DJ Sam Ronson.  The three ladies joined Paris’ younger brother Barron Hilton and Brandon Davis at a Hollywood Hills mega-mansion for some after hours partying that lasted until 7am in the morning!

Paris and Brandon walked out of the house through the garage, while Lindsay and Sam took a more direct route. Sounds like a rough night, but they don’t have to work in the morning.  ANY of them.  Oh, Hollywood!

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Lindsay Lohan is either back with Samantha Ronson or Vikram Chatwal

Lindsay Lohan and ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson may be back on, according to reports. Sources say the former lovers were spotted “holding hands” and flirting at a New York club.

Sources tell that on Tuesday night, Lohan headed to Le Baron in Chinatown with Ronson.

“Lindsay and Sam were whispering and laughing, and they left the club holding hands,” the source tells the site. “They didn’t care who saw them, and they definitely seem to be back on. It was just like the old days — they couldn’t get enough of each other!”

Lindsay and Samantha dated on-and-off for two years, right before things started going wrong for Lindsay. The couple split after several public fights in 2009.

Oooooor maybe Lindsay’s back with her ex-boyfriend Vikram Chatwal? She was spotted with him yesterday, when she exited his hotel in NYC. The two apparently went on a shopping spree. (Photos below)

In other Lindsay news, she’s almost done with that whole hit-and-run incident.

E! News can confirm that LAPD detectives have completed their investigation in this matter and will send the case to the D.A.’s office Friday.

Detectives looked at videos and conducted interviews since the alleged March 14 run-in and say that if anything new comes from this case, it will be from the D.A.’s office.

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TMZ reports that the case against LiLo has “lots of holes” and there “isn’t enough to prove a crime.” A rep for the D.A.’s office tells E! News, however, that they currently do not have the case, so they can’t comment on it.

Thankfully, no one was injured during the alleged fender-bender earlier this year, and despite Lohan’s legal troubles of the past few years, she finally completed probation (for her 2007 DUI case) in March.

“I’m not going to give you a lecture,” Judge Stephanie Sautner told her. “Live your life in a more mature way, stop the nightclubbing and focus on your work, OK?”

I can totally see her getting back together with Samantha. She seems to be slightly back-on-track. Sammy didn’t appreciate Lindsay’s antics.

Source, Source, Photos: Fame/Flynet

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Samantha Ronson and new girlfriend Erin Foster

Lindsay Lohan‘s former flame, Samantha Ronson was spotted with her new girlfriend, actress Erin Foster enjoying a picnic with a mystery baby at Coldwater Park in Beverly Hills, California.

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