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Kristen Stewart Talks RPatz Split (Spoiler: It Was Painful)

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart at The The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Premiere

Remember the good old days?

Kristen Stewart does…but she doesn’t necessary classify it as “good,” just kinda…painful.

The actress opened up about her high-profile romance with ex Robert Pattinson while promoting her new film, Equals, at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sunday.

“It was incredibly painful,” Stewart, 25, told The Daily Beast on Sunday. “Ugh, f—king kill me.”

She also could relate to her Equals costar Nicholas Hoult, who split from Jennifer Lawrence while filming the project in Japan in August 2014.

“It was a really good time for both of us to make this movie,” Stewart explained. “Not all of my friends have been through what I’ve been through, or what some people have tasted at a relatively speaking young age, and we were not expected to do anything. Everything that we did was explorative, and a meditation on what we already knew.”

Their emotional state also helped them get into character.

“We all felt akin by how much we’ve been through, and to utilize that is so scary. And to acknowledge it, reassess, and jump back into it? Usually you want to move on. But at least we could use some of that for some good,” she continued. “This movie was a meditation on firsts, and a meditation on maintaining, and a meditation on the ebbs and flows of what it’s like to love someone—your feelings versus your ideals, the bursting of bubbles, the shattering of dreams you thought were possible, and what you have to contend with as things get more realistic.”

She added: “Relationships — you just never f—king know.”

(Via Us Weekly)

Hear, hear.

Kristen can speak pretty eloquently about relationships when she wants to. Hopefully this movie- which looks like complete garbage- is half as good as this block text about heartache.

Will you see it?

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FKA Twigs and Robert Pattinson Are Still Together…For Now.

Robert Pattinson & FKA Twigs Leaving Her Concert

Sure you guys are still together.

We reported some stress on the relationship between Robert Pattinson and FKA twigs last week, but they INSIST they are incredibly happy. Sure, you two. Suuure.

An insider says the cute couple is “excited to be married,” and that just because they might have pushed back their wedding date, that their relationship isn’t slowly and painfully crashing and burning into the night, with no hope of rescue.

“Twigs is still enormously happy with Rob and they aren’t rushing to have the wedding. Things couldn’t be better.”

Rumors have been swirling that their relationship is done because RPatz is overseas filming a movie. But, they say NO! They aren’t slowly descending into a pit of heartache. No way!

“They text and talk nonstop when she’s on the road and they are away for work. They are always talking when they can’t be together.”

(via PerezHilton)

Good luck, you two. Do YOU think they’re gonna make it to the altar?

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Robert Pattinson And FKA twigs Are Probably Breaking Up

FKA Twigs Talks 'Amazing Relationship' With Robert Pattinson

Trouble in PARADISE, Robert Pattinson and FKA twigs?!

Haven’t heard a lot from this couple as of late, and I didn’t think to be worried but I guess…maybe I should be as it looks like these two have hit a weird rough patch. A source close to R Patz tells People that the actor and FKA twigs’ “wedding is “off the agenda,” but “they haven’t called off the engagement.”
Uh oh…

The two got engaged earlier this year but apparently have been distanced by work. I know it’s lame to think being TOO successful is a bad thing, but it appears to be putting a strain on their relationship. Pattinson is currently filming The Lost City of Z for Brad Pitt‘s production company in Ireland, while twigs (whos born name is Tahliah Barnett) has remained in LA. People reports:

“They’ve definitely drifted and have barely spoken while he’s in Belfast and she’s been in the States,” the source says.
The singer has been spotted staying at the actor’s house in Los Angeles and spending more time with her “Team twigs.” According to the source, “Rob has never been at ease with twigs’ entourage.”

As things stand now, the couple will continue to be apart with Pattinson heading to Colombia in October for more filming in the jungle. The filming “is bound to create further distance between them,” the source says.

This seems stressful. What do you guys think- will they break up? Or ponder it during your long weekend and get back to me, mmmkay? Byeeeeee

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