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Newsroom Star Alison Pill Shows Off Her Engagement Ring

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Congrats, Alison Pill!

The 29-year-old Newsroom star kicked off 2015 with quite the event- announcing her engagement to fellow thespian Joshua Leonard, 39, on Saturday via instagram!

Pill made the announcement on Instagram, posting a picture of the happy couple and her new ring, along with the caption, “Let’s do this, 2015!!!! @thejoshualeonard.”

The actress was previously set to wed “This Is the End” star Jay Baruchel, but they broke up back in 2013. According to Us Weekly, she started dating Leonard, who starred in 2014’s “If I Stay,” following her split.

I’m a huge fan of this actress, so happy to see her so happy!

Photo: Instagram

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Chad Kroeger Slams Deryck Whibley For Avril Costume

Looks like Chad Kroeger, Nickleback singer and fiance of Avril Lavigne, doesn’t have the greatest sense of humor. 

The Nickelback singer, 37, didn’t like the fact that his fiance’s ex Deryck Whimbley dressed up as the “Complicated” singer for Halloween. But that was only half of the costume…Whimbley’s current girlfriend, Ari Cooper, made up the other half of the couples costume, dressing up as Kroeger with a stringy blond wig, and facial hair.

Ohh, snap! A bold choice, and I kind of like it.

Of course, Kroeger  was unamused, taking his attitude to twitter.  Said Kroeger: “Hey Deryck loved the costumes!” Kroeger tweeted. “We were going to dress up as you guys this year but all the parties had celebrity themes haha!”Ohh, snappier! As you may or may not know, Whibley, 32, and Lavigne, 28, split in 2009 after three years of marriage, and the drama never ends, does it?

What do you think of Deryck’s costume? Check it out HERE.

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Courtney Robertson Is Returning Her Engagement Ring

Courtney Robertson split form fiance Ben Flajnik…so she’s giving back the ring!

The Bachelor winner scored a stunning $80,000 Neil Lane engagement ring from Ben on The Bachelor season finale back in 2011.  After attempts to take it slow, make it work, and…I don’t know…every slow-down synonym in the book, the two are calling it quits.  Court is returning the ring this week, after the two formally announced last week that they’re calling their relationship quits.

“She still has the engagement ring, but she is returning it to the jewelers this week,” a source close to Robertson tells exclusively about the 3-carat custom cushion cut diamond ring. “It’s still in her possession, but she isn’t wearing it anymore.”

Ouch. Even sadder?

The fact that the contestants need to stay together for a certain amount of time after the show is over in order to keep the ring. Until then, the ring is technically considered the property of ABC.  If (and when)  the couple splits, the ring must be returned as soon as possible to ABC.

So, who gets the ring? Does it go to some blinged out prop house, with the rest of ‘em?

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Avril Levigne Engagement Ring Deets!

We know about Avril Levigne and Chad Kroeger‘s engagement…but now let’s get some sweet ring deets!

Levigne, 27, is glowing…but it’s not just new bride-to-be excitement…it’s also that giganto ring she’s now toting.  Designer Caryn Alpert tells us all about Kroeger’s custom engagement ring:

“We helped Chad custom create Avril’s dream ring: a platinum-set pear-shape diamond with half moons totaling 14 carats from XIVKARATS in Beverly Hills,”Alpert tells People. “What a perfect pair/pear!”

Aw, nice use of homophones, Alpert!

14 carats? Geez.  According to the couple, it will be a long engagement…seeing how both have had longer relationships that fell flat in the past.  I kind of believe them, but I also kind of don’t.  With all this press, I’m sure the couple will get a lot of pressure to tie the knot soon, and publicly!

Photo: FameFlynet

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