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Jay-Z threatening to drop Rihanna from his label unless she enters rehab?

There’s a new report circulating that Rihanna’s friends and co-workers are so concerned with her drinking and partying that they’re urging her to get treatment.

New claims suggest Rihanna’s friends are urging her to enter rehab due to her ‘excessive partying’.

Rihanna’s manager and close friend Jay-Z reportedly has told the 24-year-old singer to seek help before it’s too late.

Things were heightened last week when Rihanna was forced to cancel a trip to the UK for work after allegedly missing her flight.

A source told Closer magazine: ‘Rihanna has been out of control for months.

‘She was supposed to catch a flight back to the UK last week, but she ended up missing it, which was the final straw for management.

Jay-Z hit the roof when he found out, and told Rihanna, “Go to rehab now or I’ll drop you from the label”. She’s not happy, but she now feels she has no choice.’

Meanwhile, other reports have suggested that Rihanna is suffering from a personality disorder.

A friend told Look magazine: ‘She’s reached breaking point. Ri says she’s physically and mentally exhausted and feeling lost.

‘I think she desperately needs help and some time off – not just from work but from all the other stresses in her life too.’

The magazine claim that Rihanna’s symptoms, which include her regular updating of fans by sharing pictures and news on Twitter, are indicative that the singer is suffering from Narcisstic Personality Disorder – ‘a constant need for attention and admiration’.

Rihanna first sparked concerns about her health last month when she was hospitalised for exhaustion and dehydration.
The singer tweeted a picture from inside the hospital, showing her hooked up to an intravenous drip, yet weeks later she was seen out partying again.

Here are some new pictures of Rihanna in New York, wearing a very revealing top!

Source, Photos: Fame/Flynet

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Chris Brown sends Rihanna a bottle of Champagne after they end up at the same club together this weekend.

he couple, who split in 2009, sat at different tables at New York’s SL on Saturday, but sources inside the club said they were “very aware” of each other.

The New York Post reports, “After Chris made his way into SL with a group of friends, Rihanna pulled up with her own group of friends. The infamous exes sat far enough from each other to not be able to talk, but close enough to keep an eye on one another.

Chris sent Rihanna two bottles of Ace of Spades Champagne. DJ Sinatra had both Rihanna and Chris dancing at their tables.”

This run-in between the exes comes just weeks after a much-less-friendly run in at Los Angeles club Greystone Manor. At the time, a source said “Chris and Rihanna sat a few tables away from each other and shot dirty looks at each other all night. No one saw them actually interact. Rihanna was escorted to the bathroom multiple times and walked by Chris’ table each time, not even batting an eyelash.”

What do you think – will Rihanna and Chris ever get back together? (Why do I feel like they will?)

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JUST IN: Rihanna & Chris Martin in the “Princess of China” Video!

We’re finally getting our first look at the highly-anticipated video for the Coldplay song “Princess of China” which features Rihanna.

The duo battle it out “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”-style in the 3-and-a-half minute long clip, with ninja kicks, flying and a good bit of sword-wielding.

The pair of star-crossed lovers also go head to head in the desert, literally, and Rihanna channels a geisha before showing off some serious leg in a strapless black dress.

Love the song…. the video, meh.


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Rihanna goes topless on Esquire UK’s July cover!

Rihanna lands the July cover of Esquire UK, and of course, is barely dressed. Don’t you just love how Rihanna claims to not like all the negative attention she gets for dressing a certain way – and then she does half-dressed photo shoots like this?

Is it just me, or is EVERY photo shoot with Rihanna half-naked?

Here’s a couple tidbits from the interview:

On fame: “The attention is something I’ve learned to ignore. This is what I do. I live my life and they document it. A lot of things I don’t care for people to know, but it just is. That’s what it’s become.”

On recording with Chris Brown: “I thought people were gonna be surprised that we finally did a record together, but I didn’t see how people could think it was a bad thing, you know? In my mind, it was just music.”

Five years from now: “Hopefully I’ll have a man by then. I’ve gotta start there, right? But how far I go [with my career] is God’s plan. I’m just following through my destiny. I don’t think it ever ends. It just evolves.”


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