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Is Chris Brown Single Again?

Chris Brown may be single again, according to PerezHilton‘s sources!

Insiders say Brown was majorly dumped last night after he decided to leave his girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, and his shirt at home before going to party all night at LA club The Roxbury!  Wow. Well, you know, they probably make really good drinks there, right? Right? Bueller?

After being ditched, Karrueche posted “The end” on her Twitter account, and later, “G’night.”

We don’t blame Karrueche- all the beating stuff, and then with Brown publicly kissing ex Rihanna…and now this. Brown just seems incredibly immature, violent and inconsistent. Of course, with those abs and that career, I doubt Brown will be single for long….but what self-respecting lady would date a dude like Chris Brown? Ugh.

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Posted Friday, September 21st, 2012 at 3:15pm
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Chris Brown: My Tat’s NOT Rihanna!

Chris Brown‘s new neck tattoo is NOT Rihanna‘s face! So calm yer jets, folks!

In fact, Chris’ new tattoo isn’t even a battered woman (thank goodness, because that’s an INSANE idea for a tatt00).  According to the singer’s rep,  it’s actually a Mexican-themed skull in commemoration of Dia de los Muertos.

You know, because Chris Brown is SO into Mexican holidays.

Chris’ rep tells TMZ, “His tattoo is a sugar skull (associated with the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead) and a MAC cosmetics design he saw.  It is not Rihanna or an abused woman as erroneously reported.”

According to the tattoo artist who did the new skin oeuvre, Brown brought him the “sugar skull” design from a MAC ad the singer had seen.

You know, because Chris Brown is SO into MAC Ads.

Check out the Ad HERE.  What are YOUR thoughts on this excuse-er, I mean- justification for Brown’s media attention?

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Posted Tuesday, September 11th, 2012 at 3:15pm
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Rihanna And Chris Brown Kiss And Hug At VMA’S

The biggest moment of the VMA’s wasn’t anything captured by the television cameras, but by the “Seating cam!”

The seating cam, a camera that caught all the celebs as they made their way to their seats, filmed Rihanna approached Chris Brown on her way to her seat and gave him a hug and a kiss!

Ahh! I HATE this.

According to TMZ,  Rihanna made a beeline for Brown as she saw him go to his seat. When she got close, Brown saw her and stood up to approach her…though he he didn’t have to go too far, as Rihanna was already there and willing to say hello.  Then, Rihanna kissed him on the cheek and the two shared a hug. Rihanna then went to where she was supposed to sit, and the show went on as planned.

This is  the first time we’ve seen the two touching each other since Brown brutally beat Rihanna the night before the Grammys in  2009.  Since, Rihanna has dated but she publicly told Oprah that Brown was “the love of her life.”

Okay, NO man is the love of your life if he ever, ever lays a hand on you.  Secondly (and way less importantly, but still of note), Rihanna is only 24! Most people I know don’t meet the “love of their lives” until they’re older than that. Riri- you’re so talented! Don’t let your confused heart get in the way of your success, girl!

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Rihanna Arrives at Heathrow in…Style?

Rihanna arrived at Heathrow airport from Los Angeles today in this ensemble!

Now I know we all shouldn’t be held accountable for the fashion choices we make while traveling (comfort over style, right?), but RiRi is looking especially cray cray in her sweatshirt, long skirt and Chuck Taylor ensemble.  Notice her sweatshirt showcasing one of her favorite recreational activities…

Do you think her outfit is fashion forward, or reminiscent of an 8th grader’s?

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