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Kim Kardashian Worries Scott Disick Will Cheat on Kourtney

Kourtney Kardashian is getting a little sisterly worry from Kim Kardashian!

In the March 3rd episode of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, Kim warns her older sister that if she doesn’t show her boyfriend and father of her two children Scott Disick more affection, the notorious party boy may stray.

Pretty brutal, Kim!

After failing to find Disick in their new home, Kourtney asks her sister, “Do you know where Scott is?”

“He took the boat out,” the 32-year-old replies while lounging on her bed and surfing the internet. “I think he’s just kinda trying to, like, do his own thing. . . He just feels like you only care about the kids.”

Kourtney, 33, argues that Mason and Penelope “are my first priority,” and implies that Disick shouldn’t take that personally. “You don’t want even alone time with Scott,” Kim counters. “It’s weird.”

Then Kim chimes in that if Scott strays, it’s Kourtney’s fault, because she needs to show her boyfriend some LOVE! Which I get, but dang.  Pretty brutal thing to say to your sister, no?

In a confessional, Kourtney takes her sister’s warning more seriously. “Just hearing Kim say those words really just freaks me out,” she says. “Not that Scott would ever cheat on me, but I just really don’t want this for my relationship.”

Who does?

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Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Go Shoe Shopping

Wondering what Kim Kardashian and Kanye West did last night? Well, while I was eating pizza and watching Netflix, the pregnant couple were shoe shopping at Balenciaga in Paris.

Listen, we’re different like that.

In any case, the two looked very serious as they were perusing the very pricy shoe store.  After all, with a baby on the way, Kim Kardashian is dressing for TWO!  No word on what the couple purchased, but by the looks of those shoes, I’d say the two probably made a dent in their credit card accounts. So cute!

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Kris Jenner Defends Kim Against “Slut” Comments

Kris Jenner‘s getting some heat for a social media update that she didn’t write! Ulp!

After a storm of nasty tweets following Kim Kardashian‘s Las Vegas nightclub appearance (and we do mean appearance- she was wearing a LOT of lace and showing a LOT of skin) and partying it up on New Years, momager Kris  is coming to her defense!

A message was  retweeted on her Facebook account said:

“Kim Kardashian is 32 & she’s pregnant, but y’all hoes be 16 with 4 kids and no baby daddy… & y’all calling her a slut? PLEASE, have a seat.”

Though the message got thousands of positive comments, Jenner is saying that she would NEVER say that or use language like that (baby daddy, and hoes, to be precise). The matriarch says she’s really happy for Kim and boyfriend Kanye West:
“I just wanna say that I didn’t write the status about Kim K pregnant, u hoes be 16… blah blah!” she wrote, adding, “Ugh! I’m not like that… and… Never thought I would do such a big impact with it! I’M SO HAPPY FOR KIM AND KANYE, and everybody’s free to say whatever they want :)

Sing it, Kris!
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