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LeAnn Rimes: “I was fat”

Oh man, LeAnn Rimes REEEEEEEEEEEEALLY annoys me. This interview made me cringe. She is unbelievably annoying!!

She talks about how she used to be fat. And she’s skinny now because “I grew up!” She goes on to say “I’m almost 30, and I hear it’s all down hill after that!.” She talks about how she has set up photo shoots with the paparazzi so they’ll “leave her alone”. Uh huh. She talks about how her TMJ affects her ability to give her husband a beej (in a round about way). She is BEYOND repugnant.

Sidenote: The picture on the right is of LeAnn at the ‘Four Feathers’ premiere in 2002. As I was looking through the pictures, I saw pictures of Heath Ledger and Naomi Watts on the red carpet together (see below). Made me a little sad! He died way too young.

Anyway, LeAnn stopped by ‘Chelsea Lately’ last night to promote her new album, “Ladies and Gentlemen”, but instead talked a lot about herself.

Handler takes a swing by starting off the conversation fairly bluntly: “I know that you’ve seen me talking s—t about you.” Rimes concedes, saying that she watched the show for a laugh while going through a divorce with ex-husband Dean Sheremet, only to see Handler make fun of her.

Then Rimes strikes back moments later, when asked about being heavily photographed. “I am on the damn beach, for God’s sake … they follow us everywhere, it’s quite annoying. I’m annoyed with myself, to be honest,” Rimes says.

“Good,” Handler says.

And when asked further about the pictures, Rimes concedes to setting up some photographs — “to get people to leave me alone” — but denies any rumors swirling around her body type. “I was a baby. You’ve known me since I was 13. I was fat. Baby fat… and then, I grew up.”

“I’m getting fatter as I get older, so I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Handler says.

Rimes responds to the 36-year-old host: “I’m about to hit 30 this year. I heard it’s all downhill from there.”

UGH! Here are some new pictures of squinty LeAnn from last night’s Re: Generation Music Project world premire in Hollywood.

Photos: Fame/Flynet

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Kristin Cavallari shows off her itty bitty baby bump!

Kristin Cavallari attended the premiere of ‘This Means War’ last night in Hollywood. The ‘Dancing With the Stars’ starlet wore a small, red dress, that kinda-sorta showed off her baby bump. She Tweeted: “Here is a pic from last nights premiere and u can see a little baby bump :)”

Photos: Fame/Flynet

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Chelsea Handler’s dress has a tail…

Here’s Chelsea Handler at last night’s premiere of ‘This Means War’. I don’t like her dress at all. I’m not a huge fan of the mullet-dress. It’s just not a flattering look, in my opinion. Especially when it’s striped like this one. This dress is Elizabeth and James. It’s …. ok.  (What’s with the crazy eyes above! Yikes!)

Chelsea plays Reese’s best friend in ‘This Means War’ and she was absolutely hilarious in the part. I loved every time she was on the screen, she’s just hilarious. Was it believable that Reese and Chelsea would be best friends? Notsomuch. But it was freaking hilarious anyway.

Photos: Fame/Flynet

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Reese Witherspoon in Miu Miu at ‘This Means War’ premiere!

Last night was the Los Angeles premiere of ‘This Means’ War. Reese Witherspoon showed up in this odd fitting Miu Miu dress. I think it could be really beautiful, but the top is cut awkwardly low. Don’t you think? Besides the dress, I’m not a fan of Reese’s hair. It looks like she rolled out of bed – threw on a dress and left.  Maybe this is the week for beautiful women and really bad hair. Stylists on strike?

Anyway, I know a lot of you are thinking that ‘This Means War’ is terrible. I’ve seen it – and it’s GREAT! I went into it thinking I wouldn’t like it at all. The trailer doesn’t do the film any justice. It’s actually really cute. If you know me at all, you know what it takes for me to say I like a romantic comedy (I usually don’t)…so believe me! It’s a fun movie, with major hotness. Reese looks amazing, Chris Pine is super hot – and Tom Hardy… ugh, he’s perfection. Bottom line? Go see it! Trust me!

Photos: Fame/Flynet

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