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BREAKING NEWS: Halle Berry is pregnant!

Halle Berry is pregnant!

According to TMZ, Halle and her fiance, Olivier Martinez, are expecting their first child together. Halle has a daughter, Nahla, who is 5, from a previous relationship.

Sources say Halle is about three months pregnant.

Sources connected with the actress and her fiance, Olivier Martinez, tell TMZ … Halle is around 3 months pregnant — based on the pics and some other facts we know … she may be a little further along.

What’s more … they know the sex. It’s a boy.

This could explain why Halle and Olivier were so upset when paparazzi got too close to her earlier this week at LAX while she was carrying soon-to-be big sister Nahla, who is 5.

It’s definitely worth noting … Halle is 46, and Olivier is 47.

Congrats to the couple!


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No… just no, no, no, no, no.

Kim Kardashian stopped by SweetHarts in Sherman Oaks, yesterday afternoon, with friends for some frozen yogurt. I’m not exactly sure WHAT she’s wearing, but I can guarantee it would be a whole lot prettier in BLACK. This color is just dreadful. It makes her boobs look gross, if I’m being honest.

Here are some more pictures for your enjoyment.

I really think it’s possible to celebrate your curves when you’re pregnant, and this is certainly not one of them. This dress makes your curves look downright painful.

Photos: FameFlynet

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Glee’s Heather Morris is Pregnant!

Beyonce backup dancer turned singer turned actress turned MOM- Heather Morris is doing it ALL!

The information, confirmed exclusively to Us Weekly, is both surprising and exciting for the 26-year old.

“She’s a little more than three months along and starting to show,” the source says of the Scottsdale, Ariz. native. The dad-to-be is the star’s longtime boyfriend Taylor Hubbell, whom she met in high school. “It was totally unexpected, but they are incredibly happy and excited,” the source continued.

Morris plays the loveable but ditzy cheerleader Brittany on the FOX smash Glee, and the actress has long been vocal wanting to create a future (family included) with her boyfriend.

“I want to marry Taylor and have kids with him,” the star told Fitness in 2011. “I love acting, but if it affects my relationship, then I won’t continue.”

Sounds like family is Morris’ top priority!   Though the pair have no official plans to wed just yet, I’d bet marriage bells aren’t far off for Morris and her man. Am I right?

Photo: FameFlynet

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Kim Kardashian has gained 65 pounds by scarfing down fried chicken and waffles.

Kim Kardashian, 32, and Kanye West, 35, were spotted this afternoon arriving at an airport in Paris, where they’ll catch a flight home to Los Angeles.

What did Kim do while she was in Paris? Well ATE, according to RadarOnline. They are reporting that Kim has already gained 65 pounds – and she’s doing so by binging on high calorie foods.

The reality star, who recently went on a media blitz slamming her pregnancy weight haters claiming that she hasn’t put on that many pounds and is eating a super healthy and wholesome diet, has actually gained 65 pounds, the new issue of In Touch claims, due to her eating her feelings and binging on fattening foods – and has the details.

“She’s eating her feelings,” an insider tells the magazine about Kim, who is upset that her boyfriend and baby daddy Kanye West is in Paris during her pregnancy, leaving her alone in Los Angeles. (Even though she’s obviously in Paris with him?)

“She’s hungry all the time and getting bigger and bigger,” a close friend adds. “She hasn’t just gained 20 pounds like she claims. She’d already gained 45 to 50 when she still had four months to go! This is a time when she needs Kanye the most, and he’s not there.”

“She’s lonely and feels fat,” says another family insider. “She’s terrified she’ll never get her body back.”

Where is all this weight coming from?

While in Atlanta, she was spotting “scarfing down” greasy chicken and waffles, smashed bliss potatoes and waffles, collard greens and mac and cheese. The chicken and waffles alone are estimated to contain 1,100 calories.

Kim has hit Beverly Hills Italian spot Il Pastaio on more than one occasion, indulging in loads of carbs.

“Kim ate the same dish both times – creamy mushroom risotto,” a spy told the magazine about the dish, which contains 1,300 calories. “She also ate bread with olive oil, and the second time she came in she also shared the arancini [fried rice balls] appetizers.”

Kim has also indulged at In-N-Out, even sharing a photo on Instagram, where a burger and cheese fries contain 1,055 calories and 40 grams of fat.

The more she eats, however, the worse she feels about her body.

“Kim is over being pregnant and hates her new curves,” a source concludes. “She feels like she can’t be herself and wear fabulous clothes and be sexy. Her very identity has been stripped away – and it’s driving her insane.”

Ah leave the girl alone. Who cares what she’s doing. I read somewhere that Kim was fattening up on purpose in order to secure a Weight Watchers deal – ala Jessica Simpson. I’m sure before baby is born she’ll have SOME deal signed regarding her weight loss. Mark my words…

Source, Photos: FameFlynet

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