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This Is Why Kim Kardashian Wore A Lot Of Chokers During Her Pregnancy…

Kim Kardashian reveals 52 pound weight gain in second pregnancy

And the reason is pretty neurotic.

Kim Kardashian apparently thought she got so big during her pregnancy that she had, um, NECK FAT, and she wanted to hide it with the use of some tight pieces of neck jewelery.

Yep, you heard right.

That’s the reason Kim gave for wearing so many chokers while she was still pregnant with Saint West. I guess she was self-conscious about her, uh, NECK FAT? Yeah, I’m gonna say NECK FAT again because this whole thing is so lame. But don’t believe me? Check her tweets.

On Sunday, she tweeted:

HUGE. FAT. NECK. C’mon, girl. It’s called being pregnant. Get real.

Kim Kardashian shares photos from her birthday party

Photos: FameFlynet, Instagram

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Cleavage: The Real Star Of The Critic’s Choice Awards

The 21st Annual Critics' Choice Awards in LA

Check it

Last night, the Critic’s Choice Awards happened and most of it was boring. So, to combat the crippling boredom of most of this show, a couple brave actresses banned together to create something- anything. A diversion. A plan.

Basically what I’m saying is that a bunch of actresses including Carrie Keagan, January Jones, Bryce Dallas Howard and Hayden Panettiere created a cleavage-y alliance to ward sleepyness away from their beloved town and industry.

All I’m trying to say is that The Critic’s Choice Awards got pretty cleavage-y in the best, classiest way possible.

What do YOU think of these bold, exposed decolletages? WEIGH IN BELOW.

Photos: FameFlynet

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Mandy Moore’s Divorce Is Getting CATTY

Grumpy Mandy Moore Arriving On A Flight At LAX

But not in the way you might think…

Mandy Moore filed to divorce singer Ryan Adams back in January, and she just filed new docs saying they’ve been unable to agree on a settlement because Ryan is not into paying spousal support, beyond splitting their mortgage. Which is a problem for Mandy, as she says he makes $151k per month and she makes less than a quarter of that. Another issue, according to TMZ, is that she’s stuck caring for their EIGHT PETS!

Yes, the two had 6 cats and 2 dogs together, and Mandy says that she says she’s been taking care of on her own since they separated. Mandy says Ryan promised to take at least 2 of the cats, but didn’t. DUDE!

Now Mandy wants Ryan to pay her $37k per month until they sort out the divorce terms and she’s insisting he take 4 of the pets immediately. And you know what, that seems like a PURRFECT arrangement (see what I did there?)

That some of your animals, dude! You’re a pet daddy. Act like one!

Photo: FameFlynet
Posted Wednesday, December 9th, 2015 at 1:13pm
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Rob Kardashian Doesn’t Like Taking Holiday Pics.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 9.58.06 AM

Despite what this pic might suggest, the Kardashian-Jenner (and sometimes Tyga) clan came together for Thanksgiving this year, even the reclusive Rob Kardashian. Though he wasn’t in the big Kardashi-Pik shared like EVERYWHERE  on social media, mom Kris Jenner revealed during SiriusXM’s Conversations with Maria Menounos that her son was indeed there for the family celebration, which was hosted by Khloé Kardashian.
“He lives with Khloé. So he was around, and then went over to a buddy’s house,” Kris, 60, told Menounos, 37, of her only son. “He’s doing alright. You know, he’s doing his best,” Kris said. “He’s not as into being on camera as much as the rest of us. But he’s working on himself. He’s going to be okay.”Though he hasn’t stepped out publicly, Kardashian has sporadically shared pictures of himself on Instagram.”I know, [it’s like], ‘Come back, where are you?’ ” Kris said of her son’s social media snaps. “He’s so cute.”

(Via People)
Gee, I don’t know, if I was Rob Kardashian I probably woudn’t be so happy showing my face around this debacle of a family, either. Get the to a friend’s house, Rob Kardashian! Safe, away from the cameras…

Photo: Instagram

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