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Paris Hilton Was Pranked And It Sounds Horrible

Paris Hilton Is The 'Queen Of F---ing Everything!

AS YOU MIGHT GLEAN, I’m not a huge Paris Hilton fan, but I don’t think she deserves THIS.

The heiress was involved in a really scary prank that was shared on YouTube Friday, and I think the prank is not only not funny, but honestly I think it’s also in poor taste and manipulative. Essentially, Hilton is on board a flight and made to believe the plane is crashing. GossipCop reports:

The clip is from the Arab show “Ramez in Control,” also known as “Ramez Wakel el-Gaw,” which is hosted by Egyptian TV personality Ramez Galal. It was filmed in Dubai, where Hilton often travels for a business and pleasure. The socialite is initially seen arriving at a red carpet event, supposedly for a hotel’s grand opening, where she is apparently unaware that her handler is wearing an ear piece in which Galal is giving instructions for what Hilton should be goaded into doing.

She is eventually invited onto a jet, believing she and other guests are going on a 15-minute aerial tour of the city. After takeoff, the pilot begins doing stunts in the air that make it seem like the plane is plummeting, and alarms inside the cabin start going off. As one might expect in that situation, Hilton begins freaking out.

The star cries and screams as chaos erupts, and she’s made to think her only option is to jump out of the plane, and then led to believe they’ll land in water. After a number of terrifying minutes, the flight safely comes to a stop on the runway. It’s only after Hilton gets off, still crying, that she’s told it was all a prank.

Understandably, Hilton is not only stunned, she’s also quite pissed. And Galal is actually happy at her reaction, exclaiming that they “succeeded.” Hilton has never made mention of the stunt on social media, but the footage was reportedly able to air because she had signed a consent form before the charade began.

(Gossip Cop)

UGH.  “Ramez in Control” premiered earlier this month, and apparently it does this trick pretty much every episode. If you hate yourself, you can watch Hilton’s episode HERE- Hilton first appears around 6:45.

Do you think this prank is too cruel, or funny? WEIGH IN BELOW!

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Conrad Hilton Was Out Of Control During His Arrest

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 7.05.41 AM

Uh, I think this kid is going to need more than just his dad, bro.

As we reported, Conrad Hilton was arrested on Monday for breaking into his ex girlfriend’s house,  but apparently there was a bit more insanity to this story than anyone thought.

Last week, the heir showed up at his ex Hunter Salomon‘s family home and that alone was creepy- but apparently he was also having a huge freak out.  Paris Hilton‘s lil bro allegedly followed Hunter’s mother, E.G. Daily, around the compound and yelling out for his ex-girl. It was so bad that the cops called his dad, Rick Hilton, to ask for assistance to calm Conrad down!

After the Hilton patriarch showed up, he went inside and got his son to chill out enough so the police could finally handcuff him.

According to PerezHilton, the  L.A. City Attorney won’t be charging him for a violation of a restraining order since there was no proof that he was actually served. Regardless though, he has been charged with trespassing and could be looking at up to 6 months in jail!

Sounds like he deserves it.

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Conrad Hilton Broke Into His Ex-Girlfriends House

Paris, Nicky And Conrad Hilton Hit The SHops In Aspen

Another chapter in the life of CRAZY.

Just coming off of his crazy plane settlement, Paris Hilton‘s brother Conrad Hilton got arrested for breaking into the home of his ex-girlfriend, Hunter Salomon.

And if that sounds weird to you, it totally IS.  Hunter is daughter of Rick Salomon, Paris’ sex partner in the epic “1 Night in Paris.” Which is super gross (there are LOTS of people to date out there, Hiltons).

Hunter claims that after they broke up, Conrad became obsessive and scary (REALLY, the guy who threatened a bunch of innocent people on a plane?). Apparently, he showed up at her house at all hours and even threatening to kill himself.

Hunter got a restraining order but OF COURSE Conrad Hilton doesn’t recognize the formal law in his interactions, and he broke into her family home in the Hollywood Hills. An army of cops, along with helicopters, swarmed the house and arrested him.

Conrad is currently in custody.

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Conrad Hilton Isn’t Getting Much Punishment For Freaking Out On That Plane

Conrad Hilton Was In A Car Accident After Found To Be Speeding

Everything’s fixable when you’re filthy, filthy rich.

Remember when we reported that Paris Hilton‘s youngest brother, Conrad, went insane on a flight from London to LA and made it his mission to make everyone on the plane live out a Hilton-style rung of hell? Well, it happened. And now, Conrad is getting away with like, not much punishment for it.

The heir has been sentenced to 750 hours of community service and a $5,000 fine plus mental health and substance abuse treatment. He pleaded guilty in March to misdemeanor assault, and basically all he got was a slap on the wrist and an order to spend more time with common folk and docs. Dailymail recaps the news for ya: 

Authorities say Hilton was on a British Airways flight in July when he called other passengers “peasants” and threatened to kill crew members. Flight attendants handcuffed him.

In court, the hotel fortune heir apologized and promised it wouldn’t happen again.

Yep, he apologizes and all he has to do is some community service and pay 5,00?! That’s like pennies to a Hilton. That’s like 1/32 of a purebred pet to a Hilton.

OH BTW, Hilton still faces Riverside County charges of reckless driving and evading police for an August chase that ended with him breaking a hand when his BMW hit a car and a big rig.

Paris and Nicky must be SO proud!

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