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Kim Kardashian Respects Her Haters

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Interesting, coherent interview with Kim Kardashian!

As everybody knows, girl caused a commotion when she published a nude selfie on her social media. She actually put black bars over her business, so you know, class. Though I’m pretty exhausted even thinking about this anymore, lots of people hated on her and Kim made the argument that she’s a feminist and she should be able to do whatever she wants as long as she doesn’t hurt anyone, saying she was empowered by her nude selfies and that’s that.

Well, Kim is still talking about it, and chatted with the Recode Decode podcast on Monday about her second breaking of the internet:

She still doesn’t get why that selfie was such a BFD: “When I posted this photo and I had blonde hair and I put the two censor bars, I truly was baffled when people still cared and the response that people gave. They have seen me naked 500 times!”

So why was it a BFD? “Some people were outraged because I am a mom, some people were so supportive […] I just think it looks good, I am really not trying to cause a reaction… My personality has never been, ‘I’m such a feminist and follow me and be naked!..’ If you are conservative and that’s how you are comfortable, more power to you. I respect you. You don’t have to look at what I do.”

She actually thinks she’s more discreet these days: “Pre-marriage, pre-babies, the answer would have been everything was shareable. After, I would say I keep a good 30 percent to myself.”

She doesn’t mind how she’s portrayed in the media: “I don’t have a problem with people reporting on things, except for when it’s not accurate. I’m so open. There are so many ways to get to me to find out if it’s accurate or not… Old journalism used to be so accurate, and it’s just not like that anymore […] that’s what I love about social media. Now the journalist doesn’t have the final say. If you want to, you can refute what’s being said about you that’s not true and clarify it.”

(Via People)

This is what I never understood: this behavior is NOT NEW FROM KIM. This is her STATUS QUO. So why’s everyone’s panties in a bunch about it? She’s never said that women should be more like her, or that people should post their own nude selfies. It’s everyone else that’s putting this kind of behavior on a pedestal/in the dumps/generally up for examination. And I dunno, I’m over it.

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Kim Kardashian Promises “Nude Selfies Till I Die.”

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It’s a rule that Webby Awards acceptance speeches can only be five words long, and Kim Kardashian made her five COUNT.

The reality star was honored with the first-ever Break the Internet award at Monday’s bash, hosted by Nick Offerman, and she said upon acceptance: “Nude selfies until I die.”APT, KIM. APT!

The selfie queen wore a black Vivienne Westwood and was pretty much the only noteworthy news of the event, and you gotta say- you KNOW her win upset Chloe Grace Moretz.  Kardashian also later revealed on Snapchat that she opted out of wearing no false lashes, hair extensions, lipstick or jewelry because her makeup artist,”Mario [Dedivanovic] was lazy.”

Hey, it’s the Webbies. You don’t have to put yourself out! Gotta prep for a lifetime of nude selfies…

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Usher Snapped A Nude Selfie Yesterday And The World Went WILD.

Usher Has A Sex Tape

Yep. Sorry, did I mention this was NSFW?

Usher needs to learn how to take a sexy naked selfie, but at least he’s practicing! The dude tried his best when he threw up a Snapchat Story this morning that included a tour of his house and a naked selfie with the caption, “Blowing off steam.”And no, this isn’t some euphemism for something dirty he does with the Biebs. Usher meant that he was in the steam shower, and made a big deal about a lot of steam….?

Pretty much everything about his snap was NOT sexy, even the one where he shows his jumblies (below). The angle is bad, the facial expression is bad, pretty much all of it begs pity, not lust. That being said, enjoy this hot “Tip,” and don’t trust any more of Usher’s snaps.


Photo: FameFlynet, Snapchat

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Ariel Winter Continues To Be “Team Kardashian Nude Pic”

Ariel Winter On The Set Of 'Modern Family'

Just when I forgot Kim Kardashian even had a nude photo up…

Ariel Winter, a young beacon of body positivity, talked to the Australian radio show Kyle and Jackie O and again praised Kim Kardashian for doing what she do.

“I think she’s promoting body positivity. You know, young girls being able to express that they don’t have a stick-thin body – they’re curvy,” Winter, 18, said.

Winter added, “Stick-thin bodies are amazing, you know, those girls are amazing too but I think that everybody’s body would be celebrated no matter what it is and I think that it’s great that she’s so comfortable with herself and that she’s able to post out there what she wants to and post and if she wants to post a nude selfie, she can.”

(Via People)

Really? Are stick-thin bodies just as amazing as actual, live, human bodies? I commend Ariel for bumbling through a statement about positivity but I feel like she’s a little confused. I don’t know if a sign of posting nude photos mean your are comfortable or uncomfortable with yourself…though I do think people should do whatever they want to do to feel good. It’s important, however, to examine WHY that makes us feel good, and if we’re okay with that.

Right, Kim?

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