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Ariel Winter Continues To Be “Team Kardashian Nude Pic”

Ariel Winter On The Set Of 'Modern Family'

Just when I forgot Kim Kardashian even had a nude photo up…

Ariel Winter, a young beacon of body positivity, talked to the Australian radio show Kyle and Jackie O and again praised Kim Kardashian for doing what she do.

“I think she’s promoting body positivity. You know, young girls being able to express that they don’t have a stick-thin body – they’re curvy,” Winter, 18, said.

Winter added, “Stick-thin bodies are amazing, you know, those girls are amazing too but I think that everybody’s body would be celebrated no matter what it is and I think that it’s great that she’s so comfortable with herself and that she’s able to post out there what she wants to and post and if she wants to post a nude selfie, she can.”

(Via People)

Really? Are stick-thin bodies just as amazing as actual, live, human bodies? I commend Ariel for bumbling through a statement about positivity but I feel like she’s a little confused. I don’t know if a sign of posting nude photos mean your are comfortable or uncomfortable with yourself…though I do think people should do whatever they want to do to feel good. It’s important, however, to examine WHY that makes us feel good, and if we’re okay with that.

Right, Kim?

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Pink Says Her Peace In The Kim Kardashian’s Nude Selfie Controversy!

Gwyneth Paltrow at THANKS FOR SHARING Premiere in LA

Pink has something to say about Kim Kardashian‘s bare ass, too!

The Try singer is chiming in on what proves to be the most controversial news story of the week- the infamous Kim Kardashian nudes. While Kim does have her supporters, the mother-of-one isn’t one of them. The singer took to Twitter to celebrate International Women’s Day and posted something about the pics, though she didn’t name names…

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 9.39.30 AM

Very eloquent and true. I think Kim’s actions are not exactly role-model worthy…and while I’m sure she wouldn’t consider herself a role model she’s one of the most public celebs in the world.

What do YOU think of Pink’s thoughts?

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This Star Copied Kim Kardashian’s Nude Selfie!

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 9.43.01 AM


And by multiplying, I mean shameless, fame-whoring reality stars.

Another high profile reality star posted a nude photo of herself via Instagram on Tuesday, March 8, in an attempt to emulate Kim Kardashian‘s naked selfie from monday.

So who is it? Oh, you’re gonna love this. Find out who and check out her selfie after the jump!


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Ariel Winter Defends Kim Kardashian’s Nude Selfies

More Celebs Arriving at The The 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards in LA

Kim Kardashian West has a friend and it kinda makes sense.

As we reported, Kim Kardashian went Kanye West on her twitter haters A-holes yesterday after she got flack for posting two nude selfies (one of which was taken a year ago). However, one A-lister has Kim’s back…18 year old Ariel Winter.

On Tuesday, Modern Family star wrote on Twitter that she believed the 35-year-old did nothing wrong. She even mentioned the time Justin Bieber tweeted a naked pic, and didn’t receive nearly the same backlash. It’s a pretty good point.

She wrote :

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 12.13.12 AM

Which brought on the wrath of the Beliebers…augh! Can’t win em all.

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