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Just In Case You Forgot About Jenny McCarthy And Donnie Wahlberg For A Second

Jenny McCarthy And Donnie Wahlberg Step Out In NYC

Oh you know, in case you were really missing these gems of the entertainment industry.

Here’s Jenny McCarthy and husband Donnie Wahlberg walking around Times Square, you know, like REAL NEW YORKERS DO. Now, it’s been a minute since these two got hitched…well, technically about a year and a half…and honestly, I’m surprised they still even like each other enough to hold hands. so, win?

They look a little annoyed, but again, like they are tolerant of each other. Based on their plastic-y facial expressions, how happy do yo uthink this couple is? BE REAL WITH ME.

Photos: FameFlynet

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Amanda Seyfried’s New Boyfriend Might’ve Still Been Married When They Got Together

'Wild' Los Angeles Premiere

Just one pesky little detail…

As we reported, Amanda Seyfried is currently dating this dude (above)  an actor named Thomas Sadoski. The official story is that Thomas and Amanda “reconnected” on the set of their new movie, The Last Word, after first having met during a play they did together in April of 2015 when Thomas was married and Amanda was with Justin Long.

Well…Thomas filed for divorce from his wife around August of last year, the divorce got finalized a few months later and then he happened to work with Amanda again and that’s when they got romantic, just “during the last few weeks,” according to US Magazine. Only Radar calls BS, since Amanda split with Justin Long right around the time that Thomas split with his wife. BUSTED.

Seyfried, 30, and Sadoski, 39, met on the set of their off-Broadway show The Way We Get By in April 2015. At the time, he was married to his wife of eight years, Kimberly Hope, and Seyfried was in a relationship with movie star Justin Long.

Sadoski filed for divorce from Hope on August 14, 2015, and Seyfried announced her split with Long just a few weeks after that.

Hope did not answer Sadoski’s petition, nor hire a lawyer, and so the divorce went into default and was granted on December 14, 2015, court records state.

Sadoski and Seyfried then reconnected while filming The Last World in recent weeks, Us Weekly reported.

(Via Radar)

This seems a LITTLE sketch, doesn’t it? I like Amanda but I wonder what the REAL story is here. I know it’s not just what’s being reported- either these two were banging/flirting/promising bangtimez or they just “happened” to reconnect…

What do YOU think the story is with this new couple?

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Jerry Hall And Rupert Murdoch Are Married

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 10.25.40 AM

Hollywood’s newest “it” couple? More like Hollywood’s ONLY “it” couple, in my mind.

Rupert Murdoch had put a ring on Jerry Hall in January and now, a mere two months later, the two are officially hitched.

This is the fourth marriage for the 84-year-old and, oddly enough, the first for Jerry, even though she had four kids with Mick Jagger. The media mogul split from his last wife Wendi Deng in 2013 and obvi wasted no time- word on the street is that the News Corp. tycoon and Hall were set up by Murdoch’s family.

The two wed in a ceremony at the Spencer House and will hold a private celebration on Saturday at London’s St Bride’s Church, which (appropriately) calls itself the “spiritual home of the media.”

Favorite news of this week? Maybe.

Photo: Twitter

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OOPS Mariah Carey And James Packer Are Still Technically Married To Their Respective Exes

Mariah Carey & James Packer Walk Hand-In-Hand Through Portofino


Though Mariah Carey and James Packer just got engaged, there’s trouble in awkward billionaire butterfly paradise- they’re both married to other people.

TMZ says that Mariah is still not divorced from her ex Nick Cannon, as  their financial issues are still kinda up in the air despite a specific prenup. One good thing is that these two are finally civil and not screaming at each other over the telephone. Also, big issue: who’s going to get all the Disney couples costumes? (It’s a long, hard battle, y’all).

As for James? He’s still married to his ex, too (point of connection?) Erica Packer. They separated in 2013 and she’s dating Seal, so you know, she’s doing ok. But laws in Australia have slowed the divorce process way down, so that’s a thing, too.

Sounds like a long, romantic, yacht-y engagement to me!

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