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Is Stacey Dash The New Kirk Cameron? -And Other LINKS!!!


Stacey Dash might be terrible.  Judge for yourself.  Dlisted

Miley Cyrus is out of control. Fishwrapper

Well, Bai Ling‘s career is really taking off.  Celebslam

Miley Cyrus can’t spell her boyfriend’s last name.  ASL

Screech pleads not guilty to stabbing charges EvilBeetGossip

Will Angelina Jolie and jennifer Aniston always hate each other? Celebitchy

Hot, hot Halle Berry!  INO

Lindsay Lohan: the mosquito did it! Dlisted

Oh cool, Kylie Jenner is a high school dropout.  Celebslam

Emma Watson for president!  Fishwrapper

Wait- James Franco and Zachary Quinto had a sex scene?!?!  ASL

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Katy Perry Makes Dreams Come True. -And Other LINKS!!!

Katy Perry at the Aria awards

You’re welcome for Katy Perry‘s money, TLC.  Dlisted

Finally, a Hilary Swank nude photo shoot Celebslam

Things aren’t looking good for Bill Cosby Fishwrapper

Mortdechai premiere: who’s more swoon-worthy? ASL

This FKA twigs video is…bondagey.  Popbytes

Is Anne Hathaway preggers? Celebitchy

New Walking Dead trailer!  EvilBeetGossip

Whats a relationship deal breaker for Gwyneth Paltrow? INO

You’ve GOT to see Miss Canada’s Miss Universe costume.  Dlisted

Aw, I guess Dakota Johnson wants people to notice her what? Celebslam

Nick Jonas loves touching his junk Fishwrapper

Sam Smith is single again!  ASL

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Actor/Musician Johnny Depp Hating on Actor/Musicians! -And Other LINKS!!!


Johnny Depp can be an actor/musician, but hates on all those posers. Nice! Dlisted

Christina Milian‘s fearless dress slit Celebslam

90210 Feud? No way (definitely) Fishwrapper

Here’s a cute photo of Adam Lambert and Brian May ASL

Ali Larter gave birth, named her daughter something nice celebitchy

Russel Brand wants you to stop bullying Bruce Jenner EvilBeetGossip

Dakota Johnson dishes on 50 Shades of Grey INO

The secret to Bradley Cooper bulking up on American Sniper? Dlisted

Gwyneth Paltrow‘s amazing bikini bod Fishwrapper

Amber Rose tests the limits of what a bikini can do Celebslam

In case you missed some Male model hotness ASL

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These Two Are Still At It. -And Other LINKS!!!

Coldplay at the StolenSpace Gallery in East London

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin had a candlelit dinner Dlisted

Amber Rose wears neon string Celebslam

Demi Moore buzzed her kid’s head Fishwrapper

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling were actually spotted doing something together ASL

The Oscar Noms are HERE Popbytes

Betty White gets a flashmob 93rd birthday! Celebitchy

James Franco thinks Lana Del Rey is an ANGEL EvilBeetGossip

Kate Middleton does coffee with friends, just like normal humans INO

Lena Dunham hired someone to fix her life Dlisted

Sophia Bush has some cleav on her Celebslam

Tiger Woods‘ teeth look BUSTED UP Fishwrapper

Chris Brown DEMANDS your instagram love ASL

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