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Chris Martin And Jennifer Lawrence Are Done, Again. -And Other LINKS!!!


Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence are like meh, let’s call it Dlisted

Farrah Abraham is so grossly desparate that it’s beyond desparate Fishwrapper

Just what you wanted to see: Mariah Carey in a bikini Celebslam

Which Magic Mike XXL star in a suit would you wanna bone? ASL

Does Amy Schumer not care enough about race? Celebitchy

I guess Sean Penn really liked Friday Night Lights EvilBeetGossip

Kim Kardashian talks Rob Kardashian in the newest Rolling Stone INO

Jamie Dornan is rocking a mustache and it makes me tingly Dlisted

I am begging you, Bristol Palin, stop blogging Fishwrapper

Caitlyn Jenner is still athletic as all hellllll Celebslam

Throw in some Ricky Martin, just for the hell of it ASL

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Hey Egyptian Prank Show, Get Ready To Be Sued. -And Other LINKS!!!


Paris Hilton did not enjoy your prank, Egyptian tv show.  Dlisted

Shia LaBeouf suuuucks  Fishwrapper

Rita Ora visited some school in London Celebslam

Caitlyn Jenner makes NYC her own personal runway ASL

E.L. James did a twitter Q&A and it went way wrong Celebitchy

In case you care, Avril Lavigne just did an interview EvilBeetGossip

Princess Charlotte be getting CHRISTENED, YO  INO

NeNe Leakes quits real housewives, but what about that WIG? Dlisted

Yeah, Kate Gosselin is chill until the next time she flips the eff out Fishwrapper

Kylie Jenner might be engaged. Celebslam

Jamie Dornan with a mustache is freaking creepy delicious ASL


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Rihanna’s Best Look Yet. -And Other LINKS!!!


Rihanna had a “B*tch give me my money” look and it ruled Dlisted

Rebecca Gayhart still looks good!  Fishwrapper

P Diddy ate it at the BET awards Celebslam

First look at the X files revival! ASL

Cara Delevingne hates superhero movies Celebitchy

Kate Hudson‘s dad is not a happy man EvilBeetGossip

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris had a cute double date with another couple…INO

Elizabeth Berkeley is finally embracing her Showgirls notoriety Dlisted

Bobbi Kristina‘s situation is way sadder than you thought Fishwrapper

This 90’s supermodel still looks incredible! Celebslam

A$AP Rocky‘s instagram is the BEST ASL

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Sir Ian McKellen And Sir Derek Jacobi Know How To PARTY. -And Other LINKS!!!


These two love a good SCOTUS party! Dlisted

Rob Schneider‘s daughter is rad as hell Fishwrapper

Eva Mendes is not too good at the whole “driving” thing Celebslam

Caitlyn Jenner got an apology. ASL

Jennifer Lawrence loves acting like a drunk walrus Celebitchy

Elizabeth Banks talks ageism in hollywoood Evilbeetgossip

Selena Gomez strips down for her new vid INO

Protesters are begging Sofia Vergara to unfreeze her embryos Dlisted

Wow do I wish Bristol Palin would stop talking Fishwrapper

Lilo‘s future’s so bright, she’s gotta wear shades (or, she’s drunk) Celebslam

Friday has some MAJOR celeb sightings ASL

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