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Ryan Lochte Is Officially Charged. -And Other LINKS!!!

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Ryan Lochte got CHARGED Dlisted

Lena Dunham has a lingerie line Fishwrapper

Charlie Sheen replaced his girlfriends with an expensive sex doll EW Celebslam

Bro hug it out, Anderson Cooper ASL

Woody Allen doesn’t like tabloids, OBVI Celebitchy

Beyonce and Missy Elliot share heartbreaking Aaliyah tributes TooFab

Britney Spears doesn’t want anything to do with Lifetime’s biopic about her Dlisted

Mara Wilson wrote a book about being a child actor Fishwrapper

It must feel good to win alllll the golds Celebslam

This was Dwayne Johnson‘s year ASL

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Taylor Swift Wants You To Know She’s Not Going To The VMAs This Year

Taylor Swift Doesn't Feel Cool

No Kanye West awkwardness for Taylor Swift!

The VMAs are on Sunday and Kanye racked up several VMA nominations for The Life of Pablo, and Taylor didn’t get nominated for anything. Taylor tried to play it like she’s didn’t submit her three eligible videos for nomination, but considering she was exposed as a little less than completely honest this year, that seems a little flimsy. Taylor wants you to believe that all of this is her choice, and that she’s not going to the VMAs this year of her own volition, thankyouverymuch.

Don’t expect any seat-dancing from Taylor Swift at this weekend’s MTV Video Music Awards – the pop star won’t be in attendance. Although the singer is currently spending time in New York City, Swift will not be in the crowd when the VMAs return to the Big Apple, a source close to the VMAs and Swift exclusively confirms to PEOPLE.

“Taylor was never scheduled to attend the VMAs,” says the insider. Swift, whose last album dropped in November 2014, was not nominated for any awards this time around.

(Via People)

Sounds like this is Kim Kardashian (who is scheduled to present) and Kanye’s year to hold court at MTV. And I think we’re all kind of happy about that.

Photo: FameFlynet

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U.S. Soccer Vs. Hope Solo. -And Other LINKS!!!

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U.S. Soccer isn’t having Hope Solo‘s antics Dlisted

LeAnn Rimes turns 34 this weekend and she’s a MESS Fishwrapper

Christina Milian in all black Celebslam

Dwayne Johnson is the highest paid actor ASL

Britney Spears is getting a biopic, for some reason Celebitchy

Why even wear a shirt, Kim Kardashian? TooFab

Johnny Depp is sending Amber Heard‘s checks out NOW Dlisted

Won’t somebody think of the Gosselin children?! Fishwrapper

Michael Bay is still doing Victoria’s Secret Commercials Celebslam

Courteney Cox has regrets. ASL




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The Baldy McMuscle Feuding Might Finally Be OVER. -And Other LINKS!!!

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Did The Rock and Vin Diesel make nice? Dlisted

Naya Rivera got pregnant on Glee Fishwrapper

Why does Dennis Quaid looks so damn happy? Celebslam

Ben Affleck took Violet to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Celebitchy

Amy Schumer opens up about her sex life TooFab

Tamar Braxton‘s marriage might not be over just yet Dlisted

Team Kate Upton alllllthe way Fishwrapper

Elton John has needs, too! Celebslam

What does life after Gawker look like? ASL


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