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Lindsay Lohan's Credit Card Declined At 1Oak After Running Up $2,500 Bar Tab

I know, Lindsay Lohan– I’m speechless, too.

This just in- girl just did what nobody thought possible…meaning, she completed her community service! Sure, it was literally JUST in the nick of time but it’s done.  In fact, we reported a story earlier today recounting the fact that she had a lot to do before her court appointment tomorrow…and wondered if she’d get it done.

Well, she pulled through!

TMZ reports that the prosecutor, Chief Deputy Terry White, confirmed Lindsay put in nearly 8 hours a day for several weeks without a break to get all her hours in because her lawyer, Shawn Holley, will be in court literally in less than a day to show the court proof that the 125 hours were completed.

Tomorrow is a new day for Lindsay…it will be the first time in ALMOST SEVEN YEARS that she isn’t on probation.

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Lindsay Lohan Might Actually Complete All Of Her Community Service

Lindsay Lohan Out Shopping In Milan

Lindsay Lohan is about to do what seemed like, completely impossible...she’s going to do what the court ordered her to do!

Can you imagine?!  Lindsay? Completing anything other than a line of the odd drug or shopping excursion? I can’t. But…she will.  Apparently she will complete all of her community service by Thursday’s deadline…but just barely.

As we reported, Lindsay went to Brooklyn earlier this month to complete 115 hours of community service at a Brooklyn daycare. That means…wait for it… 8 hours a day, EVERY DAY. LIKE A REAL WORK WEEK!

Going into Memorial Day weekend, TMZ reports that Lilo only had 26 hours left to complete, so she spent the weekend working at a New York LGBT Youth Center and was back on to daycare on Tuesday. Which means after tomorrow, she’ll have the hours she needs.

After being threatened jail, I suppose it’s good she’s taking this seriously.  Still, she’s not going to stick around for the appearance- Lindsay plans on hightailing it out of the country Thursday morning for London before her court hearing. Her lawyer, Shawn Holley, will give the judge the good news.

Good going, Lindsay. It only took you years and lots of threats!

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Lindsay Lohan Was 2 Hours Late To Community Service (Of Course)

Lindsay Lohan Out Shopping In Milan

With the threat of jail imminent, it makes sense that Lindsay Lohan should take her community service obligation seriously.

Of course, she didn’t. Though the star DID clock in (sneaking in the back entrance to the children’s daycare facility to dodge the paparazzi) in CLASSIC Lilo fashion she showed up about 2 hours after she was expected, or roughly 90 minutes after most of the kids got there.

Lindsay Lohan, keeping it real.

On a side note, Lindsay ran into 5-year-old Donovan who she previously connected with during her docuseries with Oprah Winfrey. I hope Donovan gave her a good talking to…somebody freaking has to.
What do you think- will she complete her community service? Or will something else get in her way landing her close to (if not IN) jail?

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Lindsay Lohan Has Community Service Fans

INF - Lindsay Lohan Shops With Friends In Milan

Lindsay Lohan’s latest attempt to complete her community service hours just got…more fabulous!

The swoll patrol (aka a couple of fit as hell LiLo fans) rolled out the welcome mat, gathering to pose down outside Duffield Children’s Center in Brooklyn in anticipation of her arrival to begin logging her required hours. Which…might be a while, given her terrible track record of not doing anything for community service, ever.

Sorry, dudes. Maybe get back to the gym? This might take a while. Also- let’s try not to scare the kids too much, mmmkay?

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