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Lindsay Lohan: ‘It’s 5:00 Somewhere’ (Photo)

Lindsay Lohan: 'It's 5:00 Somewhere' (Photo)

Lindsay Lohan has had her own share of problems with booze, but apparently she has no issue with publicizing her use of alcohol. Just take this latest Instagram picture for instance. She’s giving a nod to happy hour – in which drink specials lure in people to bars. It’s not the wisest choice in clothing for the troubled actress – is it?

She captioned the picture: “Elizabeth Taylor used to say this “its 5 o’clock somewhere” – sorry for it being backwards like Karen in #MeanGirlsMovie #wildfoxcouture”

She has already encountered some trouble with completing her community service from a 2012 reckless driving conviction and has had numerous issues with alcohol. It makes me wonder if she actually had a problem with Chikungunya or if she made that up in order to try and use it for her court case.

What do you think of the picture? Should she stay away from happy hour completely?

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Whatchoo Talkin’ Bout, Fox News?! -And Other LINKS!!!

Lindsay Lohan and mom Dina Lohan arrive to Le Bain to host a fashion party for Lovecat in New York City.

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Lindsay Lohan and Dina Lohan Suing Fox News

Lindsay Lohan Leaves The Court

Lindsay and Dina Lohan are coming after Fox News!

The two are going after the Fox News Channel and specifically Sean Hannity, claiming they were slandered on the network when someone on the show claimed the mother and daughter snorted coke together.

TMZ reports that there was a discussion about recently deceased celebs, and as you can imagine, it got tasteless REALLY fast.  The discussion included Philip Seymour Hoffman and also a talk on who might die next. Michelle Fields said, “Lindsay Lohan’s mom is doing cocaine with her,” insinuating Lindsay would be the next to be involved in a drug-related death. Lindsay calls it “malicious innuendo.”

Classy, FOX news.

Okay, so Lilo has admitted to using the drug and Lindsay’s also claimed her mom was on coke in a hysterical call she made to her dad in 2012. That being said…I kinda agree that the Lohans should go after Fox news- after all, they are making some pretty serious and tasteless claims.

What do you think- does Lindsay and Dina have a good case?

Photo: FameFlynet

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And…Lindsay Still Might Be Going To Jail.

Lindsay Lohan seen leaving the theatre after performing in 'Speed-The-Plow'

I told you I’d keep you updated on this whole community service debacle, and I’m a woman of my word…

TMZ reports that prosecutor Terry White is seriously indignant over Lindsay doing ridiculous things and calling them “community service,” e.g. Lindsay getting 18 hours credit for meeting and greeting fans after her London play AND 70 hours credit for allowing young people to follow her around for “work shadowing experience,” which has got to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

TMZ says White believes Lindsay had an obligation to inform the court the types of community service she was doing. White objected to allowing Lindsay to do her community service in London in the first place, because he suspected something like this might go down. For this very reason, and now he thinks she should go to jail for her shenanigans.

Lindsay’s lawyer, Shawn Holley, told the judge her client merely did what she was told to do by the community service organization.

What do you think? Should Lilo hit the slammer?

Photo: FameFlynet

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