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Lindsay Lohan: “Oh Yeah, Community Service.”

Celebs Enjoy A Night Out At The Chiltern Firehouse In London

Our favorite trainwreck Lindsay Lohan is scrambling to finish her community service by Wednesday, because as we previously reported, it may be the difference between her going to jail or walking amongst the free…

TMZ reports that Lindsay went to the Community Service Volunteers in London Friday and Saturday, and her plan was to go Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. She’s been delinquent 15 days and MUST finish them by court Wednesday morning, which feels a lot like a college all-nighter, only with, you know, drugs and the law and probable jailtime…

Lilo’s judge did her a huge favor- after Lindsay was supposed to finish her 30 days community service by November 6 but did only half- The judge said she could complete her hours by Wednesday. Now, she’s struggling to get it done amidst a sea of excuses- the volunteer center being closed, having a weird virus…

She seems super confident that she’ll log in the necessary hours, WHO KNOWS.  As they say, orange is the new black…

Photo: FameFlynet

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Lindsay Lohan Might Go To Jail, Fails To Complete Community Service Hours.

Lindsay Lohan In Hot Water Over App Theft?

You know what “mandatory” means, right Lindsay Lohan?

Lindsay is due in court Wednesday to show she completed community service in connection with her 2012 reckless driving case (you know, where she slammed into an 18-wheeler on PCH? Yeah, that one). She was SUPPOSED to perform 240 hours of community service on Nov 6th, but her lawyer, Shawn Holley, told the judge she had only done half.  Mr, nice judge set a second date for Lilo to show proof of completion- next Wednesday- but TMZ has learned Lindsay is nowhere near finishing her hours.

Lindsay will use a mosquito defense when her lawyer goes to court next week to announce her client has failed A SECOND TIME to complete her community service…but this could land her in freaking JAIL.  The excuse? The community service center in London was closed for 2 weeks during the holidays and she ended up in the hospital with a mosquito virus.

The judge may not buy this- as she got the virus vacationing in Bora Bora, instead of trying to finish her community service.

As you now, Lindsay Lohan is very experienced in giving judges excuses- passport stolen, missing flights: do you think the judge will give her another chance on this one, or do you think Lilo is headed for a little jail time?

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Lindsay Lohan: Hospitalized For Rare Virus

PICS: Lindsay Lohan Leaving The Playhouse Theatre

Man, things went from bad to worse for Lindsay Lohan, but now back to bad again?

Remember when Lindsay contracted Chikungunya, a mosquito-transmitted virus that causes fever, joint pain and fatigue?  Well, she’s had the thing for a while, and after coming back to London from Bora Bora, she got so sick she couldn’t walk!

Lindsay was then admitted to King Edward VII’s Hospital for fever and joint pain. Lindsay was then released from the hospital because her fever broke sufficiently, but according to TMZ her joint pain is still intense and doctors referred her to a specialist who treats the virus.

Linday’s mom, Dina, is on her way to London to be with her. Not sure how much that will help, but whatev!

Get better, Lindsay!

Photo: FameFlynet

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