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Lindsay Lohan Still Has Service Hours To Complete?!

Elle Style Awards 2015

How is she not in JAIL YET?!

According to TMZ, Lindsay Lohan has a new set of excuses to justify her lackluster community service performance, because now we’ve learned she’s completed less than 10 of the 125 required hours. FOR REAL.

Shawn Holley deserves a key to the city for keeping this wreck outta jail- the attorney was in court Thursday along with prosecutor Melanie Skehar, laying out Lindsay’s progress at the London-based community service facility. TMZ reports:

Pretty shocking, and predictable … Lindsay has completed 9 hours and 45 minutes. It’s especially maddening because more than 2 months ago the judge threw out a chunk of sketchy hours … including the credit she got for appearing onstage for her play.

Lindsay’s excuse du jour … the community services center has changed locations and now it takes her an hour-and-a-half to get there. She has to hire a car service for the 3 hour round trip.

Holley said she’d like Lindsay to do the remaining community service in Brooklyn, so it sounds like LiLo may be moving stateside again.

The prosecutor did not ask for an arrest warrant, but the judge said, “If Lindsay does not get this done by May 28th there will be consequences.”


Seriously, at this rate she’ll be done with her community service by the time she’s 45.  What do you think- should she be put behind bars?

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Shocker: Lindsay Lohan Doesn’t Know Arabic Well Enough To Not Insult Fans

Lindsay Lohan Has New Community Service Rules

Oh Lindsay Lohan, your adorable ignorance never stops, nor should it, because I need it for my own mental health. ANYHOW…

On Tuesday evening, Lindsay Lohan had the best intentions when posting a very inspirational message written in Arabic. Unfortunately, instead of it actually reading”You’re Beautiful,” it translated into something completely different…

Check out the image and its REAL- and OFFENSIVE- meaning, after the jump!


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Mean Girls Musical In The WORKS!


Hey Mean Girls fans…you won’t have to wait much longer for the MUSICAL VERSION!

The Mean Girls musical from Tina Fey; her composer husband, Jeff Richmond; and lyricist Nell Benjamin is expected to be finished by late summer, Billboard reports. And then…they start to workshop it!

“We definitely want to see some kind of shape by the end of the summer,” says Richmond of the adaptation of the 2004 film about a treacherous clique of high-school girls that starred Lindsay Lohan, Lizzy Caplan, Rachel McAdams and Amy Poehler. (Fey wrote the screenplay and also appeared in the movie.) “With that in mind, we know that 60 or 70 percent of that will go away when we start bringing in real singers and actors. We’ll do a lot of rewriting.” He adds that “the most difficult part of the process is determining, ‘What are your best song ideas, and what do you leave alone as dialogue?’ “

(Via Billboard)

Well, we’re all super excited to find out!

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