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Lindsay Lohan blows off her brother Cody’s graduation

Lindsay Lohan blows off her brother Cody's graduation

It appears that Lindsay Lohan has plenty of time to fall out of bars at any given time in the morning, but has no time to watch her younger brother Cody walk the stage at his graduation. TMZ reports:

Lindsay Lohan is going full Brit — committing so fully to life across the pond that she blew off her little brother Cody’s high school graduation … TMZ has learned.

17-year-old Cody celebrated graduation with Dina, Ali, Michael Jr., and his grandma over the weekend in Long Island — but 2 people were noticeably missing … LiLo and good ole daddy dearest, Michael Sr.

While her bro was doing the cap and gown thing — Linds was exactly where she’s been for weeks now … chilling in London. She’s been posting selfies all over the town, and spotted clubbing and shopping.

Yes, drinking until you’re stupid in London is way more important than seeing your little brother graduate from high school. For what it’s worth, Michael Lohan had a better excuse as to why he wasn’t present. His son with Kate Major was hospitalized with a high fever, so he was unable to make it.

It’s pretty sad that partying away your time is more precious to you than family. SAD.

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Lindsay Lohan blew off an AIDS fundraiser

Lindsay Lohan blew off an AIDS fundraiser

Lindsay Lohan hasn’t really become known for being a professional — or even a decent person, for that matter — so this news will come as a surprise to absolutely no one. According to a new report, LiLo actually skipped out on an AIDS fundraiser in Austria. Shocking, we know.

Radar Online reports:

Lindsay Lohan’s professionalism, or lack thereof, has been called into account by fellow actors, filmmakers, bigwigs — even Charlie Sheen— but the Mean Girls star’s latest act of insolence comes at the expense of an AIDS charity.

The infamously flaky 27-year-old actually no-showed the Life Ball, a charity event in Austria, despite efforts by event organizers to set her up with accommodations, having shelled out for hotel and travel for the starlet.

“At the beginning of the day, they handed out a list of the dressing rooms, Lohan had the biggest one blocked off for her,” an insider told the NY Post. “ But by the end of the day, when they handed out updates, she was off the list.

“She never showed up.”

The event went on without LiLo with Bill Clinton, Courtney Love, and Ke$ha among those who did show up to lend their star power to the cause.

The paper did not receive a response from Lilo’s rep when asked for comment.

We still can’t figure out why anyone still tries to depend on her to do the right thing at all.

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Lindsay Lohan will never tire of this pose

Lindsay Lohan will never tire of this pose

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan is still hanging out and rubbing elbows with those in London who feel that she is “in demand”. One thing we’ve noticed about LiLo is that she will never get tired of blowing kisses at the cameras. Ugh. Seriously. It’s either that, the peace sign or she’s got one finger in her mouth.

It’s almost as if someone told her early on to have a signature look that she would be known for and she just never stopped doing all three. She’s courting the cameras way too much to continue to be “in demand” anywhere, don’t you think?

Perhaps she should really consider moving to London?

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Lindsay Lohan may move to London where she’s more ‘in demand’

Lindsay Lohan may move to London where she's more 'in demand'

Have you heard that saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? Well, apparently that’s what’s happening with Lindsay Lohan in London. She is overrated and tired here in the States and we’ve had just about as much of her BS as we could possibly stand. Despite that, in London, apparently the people there are just eating her up!

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan is set to swap her wild New York nights for a potentially more lucrative life in London.

Lindsay, 27, has been searching for the perfect property on a trip to the capital, during which she has split her time between The Dorchester hotel and a private residence in North London.

‘Lindsay prefers the way people in London treat her,’ a friend said. ‘Here she is a big star as opposed to a trashy party girl, which is how people in the US see her. She also knows that she could make more money here from personal appearances. She’s more in demand in London than she is in the US.’

Don’t you just love how they define “big star”? Ugh. Perhaps she could stay in London and maybe take Kim Kardashian with her?

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