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Lindsay Lohan’s Friends Think She’s Lying About Her Miscarriage

Lindsay Lohan's Friends Think She's Lying About Her Miscarriage

It’s pretty bad when you’ve come clean about something about yourself and your closest friends think that you’re a lying liar out of your liar hole. This is exactly what happened to Lindsay Lohan when she revealed that she had a miscarriage. From “Radar Online”:

Two separate sources, both of whom are close to the actress, told that they believe the Mean Girls star, 27, was never pregnant and concocted the tale to garner sympathy and as a means to explain her unprofessional behavior repeatedly documented on the eight-part series.
“She absolutely made it up,” said one source.

“Lindsay was never pregnant during filming the reality show for OWN, or in the months after. Lindsay knew she was being perceived as a total slacker, not showing up on time for photo shoots, call times and refusing to shoot. So this is what Lindsay does. She lies! Her family and friends had no clue about her ‘pregnancy’ and subsequent miscarriage. Lindsay is once again her own worst enemy.”

Revealed a second Lohan insider: “Lindsay has continued to smoke through-out this entire series and has admitted to relapsing and drinking alcohol. Don’t forget there have been multiple media reports that she fell off the wagon months ago. Quite simply, Lindsay never acted like someone who was pregnant. It’s just sad that anything that comes out of her mouth is considered to be a lie.”


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Lindsay Lohan’s Baby Daddy Is Married With Kids?

Lindsay Lohan Is All Smiles In NYC

Girl- you’re in trouble.  As reported earlier today, Lindsay Lohan dropped the bomb that she had miscarried during the taping of her OWN docu-series.  Now she’s admitting to dating a married WITH kids.  Classy.

In an alleged vodka-fuelled interview with KODE Magazine, the 27-year-old actress, who has insisted she has only had one glass of wine since leaving rehab for the sixth time last year, revealed she has been seeing a married father but did not give his name.

Speaking of her rich lover, the magazine claims she said: ‘Oh this guy I’m seeing sent me a jet because he wants to see me…but he’s married with kids.’

Furthermore, the interviewer, who KODE Magazine insisted to MailOnline is a ‘trusted source’ of theirs, identified only as The Kurator, claims she was high on party drug Ecstasy on the first night of Coachella.

The writer of the article was under the impression that Lohan’s family is fully aware of her drinking and overall behavior.  All of these new developments sound awful.  I mean… not really the news you hope to hear following a supposed successful stint in rehab.  If she is drinking and doing drugs again- I certainly hope she’ll at least make some attempts to avoid getting pregnant.  Don’t mess with an innocent life just because you want to destroy your own.  And a married man with kids?  Thoughtful.

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Lindsay Lohan Reveals Miscarriage!

Lindsay Lohan Reveals Miscarriage!

Lindsay Lohan ended her OWN docuseries by revealing that she couldn’t film the show for two weeks because she was pregnant and had suffered a miscarriage. Sad!

Many have wondered as to the legitimacy of Lindsay’s statement, considering that this is the very first time we’ve heard anything about any pregnancy. Surely, she has been an alcoholic, addicted to drugs and has had sex with every man under the sun — but a pregnancy? That is just something that we had not envisioned for the troubled actress.

On the series finale of “Lindsay” on OWN, she revealed the horrific tale of how she was knocked up but lost the baby. She said, “It’s a very long story but that’s why on the show when it says, ‘She doesn’t want to come down, she doesn’t want to come down.’ I couldn’t move. I was sick. And mentally that messes with you. Watching this series, I just know how I felt at that moment and I can relate to that girl, which sounds kind of crazy. I’m like, ‘Oh my God, this is really sad. Who’s helping her?’ No one knows what’s going on in my head at every second because I’m constantly thinking. My mind does not shut off.”

Do you believe her? Either way, it’s a sad, sad situation. Hit the comments and let us know what you think!

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Lindsay Lohan Defends Mother Dina After ‘Party Girl’ Reports

Lindsay Lohan Defends Mother Dina After 'Party Girl' Reports

During her interview on “Watch What Happens Live”, Lindsay Lohan opened up about recent reports that her mother Dina is somewhat of a party girl.

She said, “My mom doesn’t drink. That’s never been true. It’s really interesting how people perceive it and what gets told, because if anything, she’s gone out with me because I’ve forced her to come out with me.”

She added, “It’s just a security blanket. The trust is there. I have a cool mom. And she had me at a very young age. Thank God for that though because she’s my best friend.”

If her mother “doesn’t drink”, then how could she possibly explain the DUI that she got?!

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Lindsay Lohan won’t comment on that sex list


Remember how there was that “sex list” that came out a couple of months ago that included the names of 30 men that Lindsay Lohan had supposedly slept with? Well, guess what: it was probably true – at least she wishes it was, although she won’t confirm either way.

Lindsay Lohan would neither confirm nor deny to Andy Cohen the accuracy of the list of guys rumored to be among her sexual conquests.

LiLo taped her appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” on Wednesday night (it airs on Thursday). We’re told Lindsay showed up a little late … or “right on time,” in Lindsayspeak.

Our audience sources say while the crowd enjoyed alcohol as they always do … Andy stuck to his vow and didn’t drink during the taping.

As for the so-called conquest list … all Lindsay would say is that she made lists during her latest rehab stint.

And get this … we’re told Lindsay and Andy did the handshake from “The Parent Trap.”

Ha. Considering what a mess Lindsay has been lately (have you been watching Lindsay on OWN?), I’m not surprised at how this interview went – but I think Andy is a true hero for humoring her.

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