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Lindsay Lohan Owes Former Assistant 40K!

The list of people that Lindsay Lohan owes money to keeps growing and growing…

Apparently, Lilo owes one of her assistants upwards of 40,000 in unpaid wages for work that she had done for the actress.

“Lindsay owes one of her former assistant’s, Jessica, over $40k in unpaid wages. Lindsay actually also borrowed money from the assistant for her own living expenses,” a source told Radar. “Jessica no longer works for Lindsay, and she recognizes that she is probably never going to see the money. Lindsay has a very long history of not paying people for services/work done for her,” the insider added.

And if you don’t remember, Lindsay 26, owes her recently fired, long-standing criminal defense attorney, Shawn Holley, a bunch of money, too:  $300,000 plus unpaid legal fees! Lilo hasn’t made a payment to the lawyer in more than half a year.

Maybe this entertaining royalty thing will become more consistent, because at this rate, her acting jobs are nil.  I’m not going to lie, I feel bad for Lindsay, but the choices she’s made have gotten her into this mess. Gotta be smart, people! Pay your assistants!

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Lindsay Lohan Locked Herself In A Closet.

Director Paul Schrader knew he had his hands full when he cast Lindsay Lohan as the lead in The Canyons…but just how full?

In a very telling New York Times magazine piece on the film, veteran profile writer Stephen Rodrick details the 26-year-old starlet’s many breakdowns on the set of The Canyons…including one particularly bizarre incident when she locked herself in a walk-in closet with her friend and refused to come out prior to shooting a four-way sex scene with three porn stars.

Ah, Hollywood.

Director Schrader at first tried first to coax her out, and then resorted to threatening her through the locked closet door.  After an hour of failing to get Lohan out of the closet, the 65-year-old director finally had the idea to strip down himself to make Lohan feel more comfortable, and… it worked.  Lohan filmed one take of a 14-minute sex scene, even though she was contractually obligated to do the scene, and knew about it months and months beforehand.

Very professional, Lilo.

Oh, and that’s not all. Lindsay would arrive on set “sick,” leave slightly drunk and broke all kinds of ridiculous “firing” and “hiring” records. Rodrick, who was involved during the entire development of the film, describes how Lohan failed to show up for two consecutive days of work right off the bat because she took a sleeping pill and couldn’t wake up (for two days!).  Midway through shooting, however, Lohan apparently had a revelation. Says the star:

“I needed time to figure out all the crap in my life that I’d created for myself, essentially, and I kind of realized, What am I doing? I like doing this. I like being here,” she tells Rodrick. “This makes me happy. There was a line in the ‘Elizabeth’ movie where she says, ‘I’m so bored, I’ve never been taught what to do when I’m not working,’ and I’m kind of figuring that out now.”

Okay. So…no more crazy antics? You promise?

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Lindsay Lohan Accused Of Stealing One Of Elizabeth Taylor’s Bracelets!

Lindsay Lohan is in trouble, again.  (Surprise surprise).

The actress has been accused of stealing a pricey bracelet that once belonged to Elizabeth Taylor, during filming of the Lifetime bomb Liz & Dick, reports. Here’s the scoop from Radar:

“Lindsay became very good friends with Elizabeth Taylor’s longtime nurse while shooting Liz & Dick,” a source close to the situation tells Radar.  “Elizabeth had given the nurse an expensive bracelet that was very meaningful to her and the nurse absolutely cherished it. Lindsay immediately fell in love with the bracelet the minute she saw it and was very vocal about how much she admired it. A short time later, the bracelet disappeared from the nurse’s house … on the very same day Lindsay had been to visit.

“The nurse initially gave Lindsay the benefit of the doubt, thinking that she had just accidentally forgotten to take the bracelet off after trying it on. However, that theory was soon shot down after she called Lindsay and she swore she did not take the bracelet and categorically denied having it in her possession. The nurse knew that was a blatant lie as the bracelet disappeared after Lindsay was at the house and she knew that it had to have been Lindsay who took it. In the end, it took over a week to get the bracelet back from Lindsay and it was only returned after the nurse threatened to call the cops. One of Lindsay’s people eventually returned the bracelet to the nurse, who was extremely upset about what had transpired,” the source says.

During the time the nurse was battling to get her bracelet back, the source says Lindsay sent her a text message that read: “Elizabeth would be very upset with how you are behaving.”

Oh, Linz.  Not only do you put out a REALLY bad Elizabeth Taylor biopic, but now you gotta go stealing her things? C’mon, girl.  Let’s get it together.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Face Looks…Different.

Here’s our pal Lindsay Lohan outside of the Nozomi Restaurant in London yesterday.  She’s looking surprisingly fresh-faced, don’t you think?

Lilo was paid 100,000 dollars for a NYE date with Brunei’s Prince Haji Abdul Azim, which may or may not have a bearing on her newly “refereshed” face.

Via TheBlemish:

“Prince Azim not only flew her out; he put her up in a beautiful suite in the Dorchester for the weekend and following the party. Her mom, Dina, is also in London with her at the hotel and attended the party,” says the source.

The insider tells us the 30-year-old, celebrity-obsessed prince also paid Lionel Ritchie a whopping $250,000 to come sing for him and Pamela Anderson, a favorite, to come show herself off for $75,000 at the crazy bash, which he holds annually in the 10,300-square-foot ballroom at the five-star Dorchester in Mayfair. Azim’s sister, the gorgeous Princess Fadzilah, also buddied up to Lohan at the party.

“He rents the ballroom and does this for his amusement,” says our source. “He rents the ballroom and pays stars to show up. Lindsay went because she’s that desperate for a paycheck.”

Everyone has their price, don’t they?

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Lindsay Lohan “Too Broke” To See A Shrink

Lindsay Lohan is having a rough time right now, but says she doesn’t have the resources to see a shrink and try to talk her problems out.

As y’all know,  Lilo is facing significant jail time and debt. She wants to see a psychiatrist about her problems,  but the troubled actress is telling her close friends she doesn’t have enough money to do so!

“Lindsay is overwhelmed at the prospect of going back to jail and believes that a psychiatrist can help her through this trying time of her life. However, Lindsay has a huge problem, she can’t afford to pay a good shrink because she literally has no money,” a source close to the situation tells exclusively. “Her health insurance would only pay about 20 percent of the mental health bills, and the docs that she wants to see charge $250-$300 an hour,” the insider added.

Yikes!  That’s an arm and a leg, but I think it’s money well spent, in Lindsay’s case. And everyone wants to weigh in on her status- Michael Lohan, the Los Angeles Attorney’s office, even her managers and representation have something to say!

Lindsay’s agents and managers “just wish she would have taken these steps to take accountability for her life before her back was against the wall. Lindsay is her own worst enemy and needs intensive therapy for at least a year,” the insider said.

Well, duh.  I hope she gets the help she needs…there are so many resources in place for people who can’t afford mental health counseling, even people like Miss Lohan!

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