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Lindsay Lohan Instagrams About Domestic Abuse.

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It feels like Lindsay Lohan is back to her crazy ways…

Girl posted a photo (and deleted it) suggesting she was domestically abused. And if it doesn’t? It reads like a weird PSA. This is only part of it, so let me ‘splain the rest…

The pic depicts a bloody wound to the 29-year-old actress’s leg along with an eerie message: “Don’t stay with the wrong guy,” she wrote. “There goes something that I thought was good. Be true to yourself and NEVER let a man hit you.”

So what’s this whole thing about? Well, Lindsay was last known to be dating Italian businessman Mathia Milani, however they haven’t been photographed together since June 2015 so who knows if the dude is involved. Hopefully, Lindsay hasn’t ever been abused herself because this seems a little cry-for-helpy. Or, you know, she’s unraveling.

As we last reported, Lindsay and her sister Ali were involved in an incident just weeks ago where she got super racist with an African bartender.

Do you think Lindsay’s okay?!

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Lindsay Lohan is working on a new movie called The Shadow Within

Lindsay Lohan is working on a new movie called The Shadow Within

Lindsay Lohan is trying to make the move back into doing movies and is now working on a new flick called The Shadow Within. She hasn’t worked on a movie since The Canyons and Liz & Dick, but she is definitely trying to work on a comeback.

She shared the above picture on her official Instagram account on Monday. She captioned the picture: “My first day on my new film!!!! Will be sending a sneak peak of my character this week.”

She also shared another selfie just four hours ago showing off her red puffy lips. She captioned the new pic: “First day on set of my new film “The Shadow Within”.

Hopefully she will be able to rise like she has done in the past. She definitely has acting talent and I can’t help but to think that she should try working on a comedy this time around. Here’s hoping for the best for her!

Will you see The Shadow Within?

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Michael and Lindsay Lohan win round in $60 million shopping app lawsuit

Michael and Lindsay Lohan win victory in $60 million shopping app lawsuit

Lindsay Lohan and her brother Michael Lohan Jr. were the subjects of a lawsuit over an app brought on by a guy named Fima Potik. The guy sued the Lohan siblings and another partner for $60 million. He alleged that they stole his idea for a fashion app called Spotted Friend to launch their own app, Vigme. The Lohan’s attorney, Ravi Batra, claims that Fima kept them from working on their business for a year.

Batra said, “Fima has disobeyed three court orders to produce proof that he had a working app by June 2013, something he was never able to prove,” adding that Fima is a “celebrity leech” and “spoiled little wannabe trust-fund baby who wants to hang out with Lindsay and who got himself a lot of ink by suing.”

Batra also said that he’s moving to get Fima to pay the legal fees for the Lohans and their partner.

On a side note, doesn’t Lindsay look good these days?

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Lindsay Lohan dressed up for Halloween, too

Lindsay Lohan dressed up for Halloween, too

Lindsay Lohan must need some attention from all of the way in London, because she wore a lacy getup with some cat ears across the pond for a party. She has living in London for quite some time now, but she still likes to keep in touch so that we all know that she hasn’t yet fallen off of the face of the planet.

We’ve heard that she was some sort of “zombie sex kitten” for the party, but that has yet to be verified. She was seen with a pale face, red lipstick, a cat mask of sorts, and a mostly sheer, lacy bodysuit. Also of note is the blood that is dripping from her lip, topping off the look.

She was said to have been invited to an asylum-themed Halloween party hosted by the Cuckoo Club and Fran Cutler. Lindsay shared the above photo on her Instagram account with the caption: “@merTala #badboygoodlips #happyPREhAlloween can’t wait for Switzerland with @hublot #swissarmy #CHANELoween #theORIGINALMEANGIRL”.

Do you like her outfit?

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