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Lindsay Lohan Is Spouting Nonsense Again

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Lindsay Lohan, maybe run your weirdo captions by somebody before you post?

LiLo posted a typical “sexy but yet pondering world issues while pointing my toes” picture on Instagram and asked her followers to DEEPLY THINK about Nice and Turkey. She also added a very confused quote that reads like my weed dealer from high school wrote it:

If history were to be folded … Where would we put the crease? Pray for the ones we lose everyday and appreciate every breathe you 🙏🏻 we🙏🏻 all 🙏🏻 take #nice #turkey #turnup and do something (goodnight and sleep with an idea for the future)


Deep and meaningful words spouted from the botoxy lips of the patron saint of famemongering. Take the weekend to think about what they REALLY mean for our future. LOL.

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Lindsay Lohan And Her Russian Fiance Are On The Rocks

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UH OH TROUBLE IN Russian millionaire PARADISE!

Lindsay Lohan and her fiance Egor Tarabasov had a bit of, um, a TIFF which ended up with the dude’s cell phone in the sea. You know, because that’s how newly engaged people should be acting, Right? Right. From The Sun:

Lindsay reached boiling point when she read a suspicious text on Egor’s phone at a beach club and she didn’t let him get away with it lightly.

She angrily lobbed his mobile into the water in front of shocked friends and family at the exclusive venue. In a fit of rage, Egor then chucked his drink over Lindsay, sparking a furious fight between the pair which prompted security to step in.

An onlooker revealed: “Everything was fine between them before something on Egor’s phone upset Lindsay. They then started shouting and screaming at each other. Lindsay threw his phone in the sea, she looked absolutely furious. The security at the beach club had to pull them apart and Lindsay left in her car while Egor went back to the party.”

Yep, sounds like a great start to a lifetime together. Good luck, you crazy kids (and I do mean KIDS).

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On The Eve Of her 30th Birthday, Lindsay Lohan Reflects On Life, Love And REGRET.

Lindsay Lohan At The 'Uno de 50' Jewelry Line Event

She’s come a long way, baby.

Lindsay Lohan answered some questions via email with Vanity Fair this week, basically reflecting back on her (almost) 30 years on the planet. Yes, Lilo’s big 3-0 is coming up! As we ALL KNOW, she’s packed a lot of action into those years.  In the interview, the actress reflects on her life thus far, and what she hopes the next decade will hold…which include kids! And, a book! Here are the highlights:

Vanity Fair: How do you feel about turning 30?

Lindsay Lohan: I feel great! Age is only a number, right? I have learned a lot over time. I am in a wonderful place in life and look forward to the near and far future and projects that I am working on.

Are you having any of those turning-30, “I should run a marathon” moments?

I have run a lot of marathons over the years, so to speak. I am in the process of writing a book, and I am very excited to share my personal experiences in life and how to overcome obstacles. I hope that my words will connect with those who need some guidance when [or] if they are in a tough place. I am grateful that I have a voice, which I can now feel comfortable using as a platform to let people know that we all have ups and downs in life, and we can all come up from the downs if we get in touch with our inner self and spiritual side.

What excites you most about the next decade of your life?

Making more films, writing my book, starting my charity, working with children a lot. Maybe having some of my own soon—after I get some movies done, first.

Do you have any regrets?

I wouldn’t call things regrets, per se. I can’t turn back time. But if I could, I would have listened more to my mother and gone back home to N.Y.C. earlier in life and chosen my friends more wisely.

What would your 30-year-old self tell your younger self when she started filming The Parent Trap?

I can’t say that I would have listened then, haha. My mother taught me to always be humble, and that is something I live by still today, so I would say that. I would also probably say don’t go too fast. Pay attention to the people you surround yourself with and make sure they have honest intentions. Put yourself first, and just breathe. Be happy and always be grateful for the moment you have in front of you. Be here, now.

(Via Vanity Fair)

I’m not sure what I’m more excited for- Lilo’s book or her wedding to her 22-year-old Russian dude. Also, what’s all this about “listening to her mother?” Dina Lohan, or is she talking about a handler? Dina is crazy so that doesn’t make sense to me. LOL.

Happy almost birthday, Lindsay! You’ve made it out ALIVE.

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Lindsay Lohan Fancies Herself The New Voice Of Great Britain. -And Other LINKS!!!

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Lindsay Lohan lives in London for a couple years and suddenly she’s a political pundit Dlisted

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