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Sorry, Greece, Lindsay Lohan Is All Up In Ya

Lindsay Lohan Parties With Friends In Greece

I guess when you finally finish all that community service, you get a six month trans-European party to celebrate?

At least that’s how it is in Lindsay Lohan‘s world.  The actress is taking a long vacation across Europe and stopped in Mykonos, Greece today for you know, a particular brand of Greek fanfare.  Sorry, Greece, your political structure and economy might be crumbling, and now you have Lilo to deal with.


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Posted Monday, July 20th, 2015 at 11:11am
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Lindsay Lohan Turned Down A Burger King Commercial

Lindsay Lohan Turned Down A Burger King Commercial

Lindsay Lohan has actually turned down a commercial for Burger King! I thought she could use the work, no?

She was approached by the fast food giant to create a commercial that would see her smoking a chicken french fry as if it were a cigarette. According to reports, she turned down the job because it would poke fun at her troubled past.

A snitch said, “We were gob-smacked. It was making fun of her issues.”

Another source said that Burger King rejected Lohan because she and her managers wanted full creative control over the commercial. The spy said, “She wanted creative control. They said forget about it.”

Still, Lohan is in London where she’s said to be writing a book and working on her new fashion line, Lavish Alice. A spy said, “She’s broke, sleeping at different guys’ apartments, but she thinks she’s Elizabeth Taylor.”

That sounds about right.

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Lindsay Lohan's Credit Card Declined At 1Oak After Running Up $2,500 Bar Tab

I know, Lindsay Lohan– I’m speechless, too.

This just in- girl just did what nobody thought possible…meaning, she completed her community service! Sure, it was literally JUST in the nick of time but it’s done.  In fact, we reported a story earlier today recounting the fact that she had a lot to do before her court appointment tomorrow…and wondered if she’d get it done.

Well, she pulled through!

TMZ reports that the prosecutor, Chief Deputy Terry White, confirmed Lindsay put in nearly 8 hours a day for several weeks without a break to get all her hours in because her lawyer, Shawn Holley, will be in court literally in less than a day to show the court proof that the 125 hours were completed.

Tomorrow is a new day for Lindsay…it will be the first time in ALMOST SEVEN YEARS that she isn’t on probation.

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Lindsay Lohan Might Actually Complete All Of Her Community Service

Lindsay Lohan Out Shopping In Milan

Lindsay Lohan is about to do what seemed like, completely impossible...she’s going to do what the court ordered her to do!

Can you imagine?!  Lindsay? Completing anything other than a line of the odd drug or shopping excursion? I can’t. But…she will.  Apparently she will complete all of her community service by Thursday’s deadline…but just barely.

As we reported, Lindsay went to Brooklyn earlier this month to complete 115 hours of community service at a Brooklyn daycare. That means…wait for it… 8 hours a day, EVERY DAY. LIKE A REAL WORK WEEK!

Going into Memorial Day weekend, TMZ reports that Lilo only had 26 hours left to complete, so she spent the weekend working at a New York LGBT Youth Center and was back on to daycare on Tuesday. Which means after tomorrow, she’ll have the hours she needs.

After being threatened jail, I suppose it’s good she’s taking this seriously.  Still, she’s not going to stick around for the appearance- Lindsay plans on hightailing it out of the country Thursday morning for London before her court hearing. Her lawyer, Shawn Holley, will give the judge the good news.

Good going, Lindsay. It only took you years and lots of threats!

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