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Johnny Depp Isn’t Giving Amber Heard Any Of His Finances!

Johnny Depp sells yacht named after Vanessa Paradis

Oh yeah, this is still happening.

Johnny Depp does NOT want to give any of his financial info to ex Amber Heard unless she can be 100% confidential. Can she? Is she obligated to? That kind of remains to be seen

TMZ reports that Johnny just filed legal docs in which he concedes Amber is entitled to know something about his financial situation in order to get her cut in their divorce, but he says she has refused to sign a confidentiality agreement. So, they’re at an impasse.

In the docs Johnny’s lawyer Laura Wasser claims Amber and her team have been interacting too much with media, and that they just can’t have that kind of behavior if they’re to reveal the all-powerful secrets of Disney and Burton money.

Johnny is also having a major problem with the scope of Amber’s demands for financial docs. She’s asking for records from Johnny’s Hollywood Vampire bandmates: Joe Perry, Alice Cooper, Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum, which actually does seem a little…much.

Amber- get that money and GTFO.

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Teresa Giudice Might Be Fined 1,000 A Day For Contempt Of Court!

Prison hasn’t changed Teresa Giudice! has learned that the Real Housewives of New Jersey star is still not complying with the law, and is facing contempt of court charges in her bankruptcy case!

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Uh oh, more legal troubs for Teresa Giudice!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star is STILL not complying with the law, despite multiple subpoenas and jail time! So…she’s most likely going to be held in contempt of court! Rough break, Ter. Gotta get those docs in!

 The reality star, who was served with multiple subpoenas pertaining to the case in June, did not produce the necessary documents needed by the July 13 deadline. A trustee in the case appeared before a judge later that day to ask that Giudice be found in contempt of court, as she failed again and again to turn in copies of her and Joe’s federal and state tax returns for the past three years, as well as all of their joint bank account statements since January 2015.

As a result, the trustee asked the judge to fine Giudice $1,000 per day that the documents are missing, and that she probably won’t show to her examination on July 20. They ask that for each day she does not appear she is fined another $1,000.

So will she show? Will she not? We’ll keep you posted but this is probs gonna getg EXPENSIVE!

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Suge Knight Is Getting In On The Suing Chris Brown Party

Exclusive... Suge Knight Loves His Stogies!

Chris Brown, the law’s coming for YA.

Former rap music mogul Marion “Suge” Knight is suing Chris Brown and the owners of a popular nightclub on Monday after he was shot seven times at a 2014 party hosted by the R&B singer. OUCH.

Now bear in mind- this is SUGE KNIGHT, one of the shadiest dudes in music, like EVER. Which means Chris’ reputation is getting um, less and less, admirable (no matter how many pics of Royalty he posts to Insta). At least, I hope. Anyhow, Knight’s accusing Brown and nightclub 1OAK of failing to have adequate security and allowing at least one armed person into the venue during the party. Hey, point taken.

Knight survived gunshot wounds to the abdomen, chest and left forearm. The Death Row Records co-founder has cited complications from those injuries, including a blood clot, in court appearances on an unrelated murder charge.

His attorneys say Knight’s fear months after the shooting led him to flee when he was attacked in his car, running down two men and killing one. Knight, who is a two-time convicted felon, is in jail awaiting trial.

The lawsuit does not state how much money Knight is seeking but asks for a judgment ordering the defendants to pay past and future medical expenses for his injuries.

Emails sent to Brown’s attorney, Mark Geragos, and the owners of 1OAK were not immediately returned Monday.

The lawsuit contends 1OAK should have taken special security precautions because events hosted by Brown have a history of violence. It accuses Brown of gang ties and a “well-documented track record of hosting events and/or parties in which violence frequently erupted.”

(Via Billboard)

Brown completed probation in a 2009 felony assault case with Rihanna, and while he’s had a slew of shady s*it happen to him, he hasn’t been arrested since then or really taken to court. But just last week Mike G sued the dude, and now this.

Chris, maybe find yourself a good lawyer and an even better therapist.

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SHOCKER: Chris Brown Is Getting Sued For Violent Behavior

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 9.18.12 AM

Surprise surprise, Chris Brown‘s being a Dbag, AGAIN.

The controversial singer has more legal woes/violence allegations, and ironically enough, it’s with the dude that he hired to rehabilitate his image after the Rihanna beating.

Mike G claims he was hired in 2012 not only to change Brown’s image, but to get him out of debt and off drugs, and that it worked because Chris had  a resurgence in popularity (ugh). THEN, cut to last month: Mike G claims without provocation, Brown took him in a room, brutally attacked him with repeated punches to the face and neck, which landed him in the ER. TMZ reports:

The lawsuit claims Brown, rather than being remorseful, began mocking Mike G on social media and bragging to friends about the beating. Mike G says Brown had the audacity to tell people working on his tour, if they got out of line he’d beat them just like he beat Mike G.

Mike G says Brown’s rage was drug-fueled and the suit mention concern for retaliation from Brown’s “gang member friends.”

Mike G’s attorney, Patty Glaser, tells TMZ, “We did everything we could to resolve this in a non-public way to avoid damage to Chris Brown. Regrettably, as outlined in our complaint, Chris Brown has proven to be his own worst enemy.”

To add a little less class to the whole situation (if that’s possible), Chris just responded to the lawsuit in an Instagram video, claiming he fired Mike G for stealing money from him. Mike G’s lawyer shot back saying that they will be adding a defamation claim to the lawsuit. DANG.

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