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Teresa Giudice Accused of MORE Fraud…

Celebrity Apprentices Reveal Their Favorite NY Hot Spots!

Teresa Giudice, get thee to a WRITING CLINIC.

Now, a source insists that the Real Houswives of New Jersey star used a ghost writer for blogging and cookbooks. The insider went on the say that convicted felon must use writer because she can’t “form cohesive sentences!”

He/she continued:

“Teresa has never written her Bravo blog. There is no way she could form such cohesive sentences, or convey her thoughts in such concise terms! Not only does Teresa have someone else write it for her, but also, the ghost writer has to watch the show to understand what is going on! Teresa will give her some notes about things she wants to be included. Teresa always has the final approval and always says how much smarter she sounds after the ghost writer is finished!”

(via PerezHilton)

Okay, so the only evidence against her is that her writing is bad? C’mon, people.  Let’s at least get some info on said ghost writer, and you know, see if they got addicted to RHONJ like I did…

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Jon’s Off The Hook: Kate Gosselin Drops Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit

Kate Gosselin Out In New York City (NO FRANCE, NO GERMANY, NO OZ/NZ)

Here’s a vintage 2009 photo of Kate Gosselin, to remind us of the golden years…

Interestingly (but maybe not surprisingly), the reality star has dropped her multi-million dollar lawsuit against ex Jon Gosselin for writing a very “defamatory” book about their relationship. If you’ve already forgotten, the lawsuit included cases against the two wiretapping, computer hacking, and faking her identity.  Apparently, she dismissed the suit “with prejudice,” which means she can never sue him for this particular thing ever again!

Maybe more pertinent is the fact that she did NOT drop the case against the other defendant Robert Hoffman, the actual author of Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World. That one’s still hot, people!

According to PerezHilton, The lawsuit was initially brought to court after Mr. Hoffman released his scandalous book that had VERY intimate knowledge of Kate Gosselin. Kate accused Mr. Hoffman and her ex husband of partnering up and illegally wiretapping her phone and email. She also claimed Jon stole a hard drive from her home!

Here was what motion filed in the United States District Court of Pennsylvania on Tuesday said:

“Plaintiff Kate Gosselin agrees to dismiss with prejudice all claims and potential claims that she has or may have against Defendant Jonathan K. Gosselin that were or could have been asserted in this case. By this motion, Plaintiff Kate Gosselin is not dismissing her claims against any Defendant other than Defendant Jonathan K. Gosselin. Defendant Jonathan K. Gosselin agrees to dismiss with prejudice all counterclaims or potential counterclaims that he has or may have against Plaintiff Kate Gosselin that were or could have been asserted in this case.”

Of course, we can all speculate about why Kate dropped the case against her ex…the prime reason being that the dude’s BROKE! Thoughts?

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Kelly Osbourne Sues Her Landlord!

Celebrities attend BeautyCon at Siren Studios in Hollywood

Kelly Osbourne wants to set the record straight: she’s NOT a bad tenant…she promises!

According to a recent lawsuit put forth by Ozzie’s spawn, she’s not a slob and she’s suing for a hefty security deposit she believes she should get back!

TMZ says that Kelly put down $18,700 as a security deposit before moving in to her posh Weho pad, but when she moved out, she claims the landlord never bothered to stop by to check the unit for damages. Soon after, Kelly got some bad news…in an email.  The landlord sent her a message notifying her of an estimate of damages, which ate up her entire 18,700 deposit!

Well THAT’S convenient.

Kelly says she rented the fancy apartment in West Hollywood (which, by the way, has been home to many celebs including Lindsay Lohan, Adam Lambert and Brody Jenner) and cleaned it up like a good tenant when she left.  Kelly is suing for her deposit back plus punitive damages to show her landlord that she’s being ridiculous (and greedy).

See? Even celebrities have to deal with crazy landlords and getting their deposit back! Still, I’d be a tad more concerned with getting a celeb-sized deposit than my meager one…

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Jennifer Lawrence Stalker Arrested

Well, it was only time before Jennifer Lawrence had to deal with this ugly side of success, wasn’t it?

A deranged Canadian man is facing charges that he stalked the The Hunger Games actress’ brother, repeatedly asking brother Blaine Lawrence to put him in touch with the Oscar-winning actress so he could “protect her,” according to police investigations.

The dude’s name is Zhao Han Cong, and he’s a Chinese-born, 23-year-old Canadian who was ordered Friday to remain held until he could undergo a psychiatric examination to determine if the case against him can proceed.  On Monday, FBI agents in Louisville charged Cong with interstate stalking and repeated harassing phone communications.

New York Daily News Reports:

Blaine Lawrence received numerous phone calls and text messages from “Ted” on his work cell phone at 2 a.m., FBI Special Agent Richard Boswell III wrote. Boswell said “Ted” was later identified as Cong. The phone calls and text messages came from numbers with area codes in California and Colorado but were later traced to Cong.

Cong initially asked Lawrence to put him in contact with the actress so he could “protect” her and made references to the Boston Marathon bombings, Boswell said. Cong then blamed Blaine Lawrence for putting his sister in danger because she was in Boston before the attack, Boswell said.

Cong made comments about “bad things” happening to Lawrence and his family and eventually gave up his real name and phone number in Canada, Boswell wrote.

Two weeks later, Cong sent three email messages to Blaine Lawrence, making references to the Bible and their relation to Jennifer Lawrence. Cong told his life story and said he was Jennifer Lawrence’s “husband for life,” Boswell wrote.

Cong told Blaine Lawrence he “wouldn’t kill anyone for sure,” but would scare people with real things happening in their lives and would get angry “and all hell’s going to break loose,” Boswell wrote. Then, Cong flew from Vancouver to Louisville on April 18 and kept contacting Blaine Lawrence, Boswell wrote.

“Either I find out, or you come and see me, okay?” Boswell quoted Cong as saying. “You got me really upset. When I’m, when I’m upset, let’s see what happens, alright?”

Cong took a cab to the Indian Hills Police Department in suburban Louisville on April 19 and asked about the home address of Lawrence’s mother. Police interviewed Cong for three hours. During the interview, Cong described himself as the second coming of Jesus and said Lawrence’s mother had what he needed to complete his journey, Boswell wrote.

Officers took Cong into custody and involuntarily hospitalized him for a psychiatric evaluation. He was taken to Central State Hospital, Where he KEPT on calling Blaine Lawrence!  He’s still in Federal custody, and a criminal complaint was filed against this sicko today.

Ugh, poor Lawrences! We’ll keep you updated on how Cong’s incarceration goes.

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Posted Monday, May 27th, 2013 at 1:13pm
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