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Frances Bean Cobain’s Ex Wants A Lot More Money Than Any Of Us Thought

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Frances Bean Cobain and Isaiah Silva‘s divorce battle is just about to turn ugly.

Yesterday, we got all up in what the perceived settlement of these two might be, as Frances is open to paying spousal support to Isaiah. But, it’s not really even close to what Silva is asking for. According to E!, the dude wants $25,000 per month in spousal support from Cobain, and gave a detailed list of his expenses to the court system, which includes what he spends on monthly rent ($4,500), clothes ($200) and even private schooling ($3,333) for his child from a previous relationship. Silva also states that his monetary income from his band, The Eeries, has “changed significantly” as a result of his divorce proceedings, which is probs bs.

“Due to break up of marriage and incidents of violence and harassment against me I have been unable to tour and record music,” the documents say…and he also claims that he is entitled to half of her assets earned during their marriage.

Now, dude seems like he legit is probably owed money from Cobain’s camp, but THAT MUCH? Come on. It seems SO SKETCH. Never trust a dude in a reversed pentacle pizza tee, ya hear. D bag city.

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Frances Bean Cobain Is Going To Owe Some Serious Spousal Support

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Aaaaaannnnnnd that’s why you don’t get married at 21.

As we reported, Frances Bean Cobain filed for divorce from from her husband Isaiah Silva back in March…and now it turns out the 31-year-old is gunning for a TON of spousal support, in addition to a portion of Kurt Cobain‘s estate he left to his daughter. Yeah, divorces are REAL and they are HARD, especially if you’re a part of music history.

According to TMZ, Silva (who admits to not having a prenup) is requesting no less than $25K a month because the musician claims he left a steady job after Frances promised to pay for his monthly expenses which includes what he spends on monthly rent ($4,500), clothes ($200), and private school for his child from a different relationship ($3,333). Additionally, Isaiah says he deserves 50 percent of any money Bean made during their two-year marriage.

Courtney Love‘s daughter made it clear in her original filing that she won’t let her ex touch her dad’s estate, but she did say she’s open to paying some spousal support, which seems reasonable. We’ll keep you posted on this divorce DRAMZ!

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Frances Bean Cobain’s Ex Husband Wants Kurt’s “Unplugged” Guitar

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Seems like a really nice dude.

As we reported, Frances Bean Cobain is in a pretty nasty divorce with Isaiah Silva, and this is just the icing on the cake, isn’t it?

Frances’ estranged hubby claims FBC gave him Kurt’s Martin D-18E as a wedding present. You might know of it from, um, I dunno, “MTV Unplugged?!” Yeah, pretty much a part of music history NOT TO MENTION only about 300 were made before Martin discontinued the model. Kurt, who was left-handed, had the bridge and nut replaced so he could play it upside down, as you can see in the video below.

TMZ reports that Frances denies giving Isaiah the guitar, and wants it back, with good reason. It was once insured for $1 million and experts now think it’s worth several million bucks. But of course, Isaiah wants the thing, too. I think Frances should have it, but I get that if it was gifted.

Who do YOU think should have the guitar?! WEIGH IN BELOW.

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23-Year-Old Frances Bean Cobain Is Getting Divorced

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Frances Bean Cobain is, not surprisingly, saying “Nevermind” to her 2 year marriage.

Frances married Isaiah Silva back in June of 2014. He’s 31, btw, and in a no-name rock band called The Eeries. NATURALLY, you understand why ASIDE FROM TRUE AND UNDYING LOVE he’d want to be with the grunge legend’s daughter. 23-year-old Frances is nervous enough to include in her divorce docs that Isaiah should not even think about trying to take a little something something from her dad’s estate, which according to TMZ valued at $450 million dollars.

They’ve been together for 5 years but married for less than 2, and thankfully they have no kids. Frances is cool with a little spousal support but not much more than that.

Man, I am VERY interested to see who Frances ends up dating/marrying/growing up and loving. She’s had a crazy life and while I don’t want to assume she’s messed up by her upbringing, I’m sure it plays a part in her overall happiness. Girl’s only 23- she can get help. And I don’t mean from her mom, Courtney Love. Yeesh.

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