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About That “Leaked” Nirvana Song – It’s A Fake

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Sorry to disappoint the hardcore Nirvana fans, but the supposed new song that hit YouTube last week is a fraud.   Courtney Love wasn’t hacked and wasn’t hiding an unreleased track on her laptop, dashing the dreams of Kurt Cobain fans everywhere.

Sources tell TMZ … Love caught wind of the tune — which was uploaded to YouTube last week — and with the help of a real Nirvana member … confirmed it was fake. Courtney is part owner of Cobain’s music rights, and got YouTube to take down the song.

The people behind the fake jam claimed to have hacked Love’s computer to uncover a rare track … which Cobain never planned to release. We’re told that whole story is also fake — Courtney never had the song … nor was she ever hacked.

Still, her lawyer Richard Dongell tells us Love is pissed off enough about the phony recording that she’s working with law enforcement to track down the impostor.

I didn’t catch the song before it was pulled, was it even any good?  Could it have passed for Nirvana?

Source   Photo Credit:  Fame/Flynet

Posted Friday, February 27th, 2015 at 11:11am
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Courney Love Had An Art Show?

Along with being an aging musician and master twitterer,  Courtney Love is also an artist!

Love had a show in NYC, and here are some photos to show that, well, not every successful person is multi-talented.  After losing the right to profit over Kurt Cobain‘s image, she’ll probably be needing some extra income, but I’m not sure if this is the right way of doing it!

What are your thoughts on Courtney Love, the artist?


Photos: Fame/Flynet

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Courney Love Loses Rights To Kurt Cobain’s Image

Courtney Love loses the rights to her late husband/music legend’s image…to her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain!

19-year-old Frances Bean has taken over control of profits garnered from her late father Kurt’s name, likeness and appearance. Legally, Love agreed to step down as acting manager of End of Music LLC, the corporation overseeing funds generated from Cobain’s publicity rights, when she received a $2.75 million loan from Frances’ trust fund in 2010. Until Love ponies up that money, she won’t get any profits made from Kurt Cobain’s publicity rights.

This will probably put even more strain on Love and Cobain, especially after Love falsely tweeted that Cobain and friend Dave Grohl were going home together.

Frances has been estranged from her mother since 2009, stating drug use, violence and the death of two pets as reasoning.  Says The Huffington Post,  Love’s role in the intellectual property has been rapidly diminishing.  Since losing custody of Frances, Love also lost having control and advising the funds in Frances’ trust fund.

What a mother figure!

Photo: Fame/Flynet

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Frances Bean Lashes Out at Mom Courtney Love

Hey all, remember when  Courtney Love tweeted about her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain and musician and family friend Dave Grohl? 

Love suspected the two had gone home together, and criticized the pushing-50 Grohl “preying” on Love’s 19-year-old daughter.  Well- it was absolutley untrue, according to Frances Bean herself.  Frances Bean tweeted a response:

“While I’m generally silent on the affairs of my biological mother, her recent tirade has taken a gross turn. I have never been approached by Dave Grohl in more than a platonic way. I’m in a monogamous relationship and very happy.”

It’s true. Frances Bean Cobain is engaged to Isaiah Silva, lead singer of the rock band the Rambles.  Dave Grohl, who was also quick to respond about Love’s ridiculous accusations,  is married with children.

Maybe twitter should ban Courtney Love? Or put her in Tweet Purgatory?


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