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Kanye West Feels Trapped By The Paparazzi

Kanye West Feels Trapped By The Paparazzi

Kanye West has never really been a fan of the paparazzi, so naturally after his girlfriend Kim Kardashian gave birth to their daughter North, he feels trapped by the photographers. Some photographers really go out of their way to get that special shot of their subject.

And we really thought we would be seeing pictures of baby North by now, but alas, Kim and Kanye are trying to keep things private. Kanye is said to be looking forward to taking his daughter out into the world, but is afraid of the harassment.

A source said, “He wants to be outside with his little girl, not just in some house or in the backyard of a mansion behind gates. He wants her to see the world, put her in a stroller and walk around with her. But he can’t. The cameras will be all over him, depriving him of these precious moments he could be having with his daughter.”

The source added, “Kanye feels like a caged tiger. He’s pissed he can’t just live in peace and have some time with Kim and the baby without all the attention.”

He shouldn’t be so angry with the situation…he kind of did that to himself, didn’t he?

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Kris Jenner & Kim Kardashian Want To Quit Reality TV?

It appears that perhaps momager Kris Jenner and her reality TV star daughter Kim Kardashian are considering quitting the family business!

Reportedly, the famous mother/daughter are looking to end the show on a high note and they don’t want it to drag out too much. Isn’t it a little too late for that one?!?

A source revealed, “Both Kim and Kris want to make sure they end on a high note, leaving fans wanting more, rather than try and stretch the show on for another few seasons and watch it die a death. Plus, they are now moving on in their lives…exploring new options and opportunities.”

Kris is said to be trying to focus on her talk show, of which she’s trying to turn into a success. It’s not looking good for the momager as one critic has already bashed her for her apparent lack of talent. With regard to kim quitting the business, reportedly she just wants to have more time for her daughter and boyfriend.

A source said, “Kim wants to be with her daughter and Kanye, while Kris wants to focus on being a talk show host and maybe start producing movies. She’s telling everyone that one day she will have an Oscar. They want a break from the cameras – that shouldn’t be too surprising.”

Do you think they should give up the reality TV game already?

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Kris Jenner Annoyed That Kim & Kanye Aren’t Getting Married

Kris Jenner Annoyed That Kim & Kanye Aren't Getting Married

Apparently Kris Jenner is really super miffed that her daughter Kim Kardashian won’t be tying the knot with her rapper boyfriend Kanye West anytime soon.

During an appearance on The Talk yesterday, Sara Gilbert asked Kris if Kim and Kanye are going to get married and whether or not she is upset about the duo. Kris answered, “No and no. They’re not getting married – that I know about it. Not right now, that I know.”

Julie Chen chimed in to ask, “Why aren’t they getting married?”

Kris responded, “I don’t know. Why aren’t Kourtney and Scott getting married?”

She added, “It’s so annoying! I’m a little annoyed, sure. I think they all think they’re Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn now. It’s like, ‘Oh, we’re going to just do this.’ Which, you know, I’ve tried to just take a back seat, keep my mouth shut and learn that this is the way they’re doing this. I don’t know where they got this because I’m very old-fashioned that way.”

She’s making money off of all of them, so what does she care what they do?

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Kris Humphries’ Ex, Myla Sinanaj Made A Sex Tape

Kris Humphries' Ex, Myla Sinanaj Made A Sex Tape

Kris Humphries sure does know how to pick ‘em!

His ex-wife Kim Kardashian was a sex tape star and now we’ve learned that his ex-girlfriend Myla Sinanaj wants to follow in Kim’s footsteps. Kim really did set a terrible precedent there, didn’t she? So many girls wanting to follow the same route to fame and fortune, that it’s just madness!

TMZ has the full report:

Myla tells TMZ, “I may not like Kim, but she was smart and she’s sexy and I look a lot like her so why not make a tape and make millions and get a reality show?”

Myla fully admits she shot the skin flick for Vivid porn studio — which even hired a Kris Humphries look-alike to bang her silly — saying, ” I had a blast that weekend with someone I was attracted to and had chemistry with.”

We don’t feel that the world is ready for another Kim Kardashian, do you?

Photo Credit: Spread Rumors

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