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Kim Kardashian on motherhood: ‘The key is to prioritize’

Kim Kardashian on motherhood: 'The key is to prioritize'

Kim Kardashian has a one-year-old daughter North that she ignores and suddenly, she is passing out advice like she’s mother of the year? That seems about right. These Kardashians think they are all experts on just about everything. Case in point: Kim was a spokesperson for Midori, but doesn’t even drink. The only thing she should be allowed to give advice on is how to become famous using a sex tape….but I digress.

When asked what tips she could give a busy working mother in order to help her balance working and motherhood, she gave this advice: “It is an adjustment trying to balance a career and motherhood for sure, but the key is to prioritize. You become more selective and work on projects that are so meaningful because you want every other waking moment spent with your family. You have to remember though to make time for yourself. If you feel good, you will be happy in your career and family life and everyone is happy!”

When speaking on what she has found to be the most challenging in being a mother, she said, “I took a hiatus after I had the baby, and found it challenging to start working again because I didn’t want to spend any time away, but you adjust and prioritize, and just figure it out!”

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Kim Kardashian wigs out with blonde hair; shows boob

Kim Kardashian wigs out with blonde hair; shows boob

Kim Kardashian wants to take your mind off of all of the drama surrounding whether or not she strolled a fake baby through LAX yesterday, telling the paparazzi to keep it down so that her daughter could sleep. Of course, the best way to do that is either one of two ways: dye her hair a different color or show boob. In this situation, she did a little bit of both.

She donned a blonde wig on her Facebook page, but revealed the color was merely for a photo shoot. In the other photo (after the jump), you can see her boob — primarily because she’s a famewhore at heart and she loves the attention.


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Rob Kardashian hasn’t spoken to Kim nor Khloe for a month

Rob Kardashian hasn't spoken to Kim nor Khloe for a month

Since leaving Kim’s wedding, Rob Kardashian has decided not to speak to her nor their sister Khloe. He has also turned down any attempts from their other siblings to make things better within their family, as well. Has Rob finally realized that he is among the very greedy and very selfish Kardashian klan?!?

A source said, “He has no reason to talk to Kim. They haven’t been on good terms for a very long time. Kim hasn’t bothered to even attempt to talk to him since returning from her honeymoon, [while] Khloe has sent him text messages and left him several voicemails.”

The source went on to say, “Rob hasn’t returned any of Khloe’s phone calls or texts. He feels completely estranged from his sisters and family. He really isn’t in a good place.”

As you know, Rob flew all the way out to Paris for Kim’s wedding, but left after he and Kim got into a heated argument. Instead of sticking around for Kim’s wedding in Italy, he left early and headed back to Los Angeles. A source previously said, “Kim and Rob haven’t been speaking to each other for months – she thinks he is lazy, and bringing down the family name because of his physical appearance. After arriving in Paris, Rob and Kim got into a very heated argument because she thought he was just moping around the hotel. She encouraged him to go out and sight see, which he declined to do.”

Perhaps it was just time for Rob to tell them all that he’s not their puppet!

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Kim Kardashian and the paparazzi are no longer BFFs

Kim Kardashian and the paparazzi are no longer BFFs

Kim Kardashian loves the paparazzi when she calls them for a photo op, but not necessarily when they are following her around with her sleeping daughter North. Hey, look…She’s spending “quality time” with her daughter! (Snarf.)

Do not mess with Kim Kardashian when it’s late at night, she’s about to get on an airplane…and her one-year-old daughter is sleeping! The constantly-photographed star lashed out at photographers at LAX upon arriving with baby North on Tuesday.

In a video obtained by TMZ, paparazzi surround the reality star’s car as she sets up her baby’s stroller and attempts to place her safely inside. “Could you guys just not say anything? My daughter is sleeping,” she snaps, before opening the car door.

The 33-year-old’s attitude didn’t lighten up as she made her way inside, either. “You’re going to have to move!” she tells the photographers.

I hate to be the voice of reason when it comes to this fat-bootied broad, but I kind of agree with her for shutting people up when she has a sleeping kid around. Sleeping babies should be left alone to sleep — and even moreso because this whiny broad doesn’t have her nanny staff in tow to take care of North once she awakens…

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