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Kris Humphries’ New Flame Looks Like Kim?

Looks like Kris Humphries has moved on!

Kris was in Miami yesterday and according to TMZ, the lady lounging along side of this NBA star looked like his ex, Kim Kardashian.

While Kim has famously moved on to her new flame, Kanye West (and they’ve gotten serious, and fast), Kris and the mystery brunette sang a different tune. When the two were spotted by photographers beaching it up,  the two quickly went their separate ways.

New love, perhaps?

Sources say no- that this new chick is just a neighbor who happened to sit down next to Kris.  In my opinion, she looks more like Snooki than Kim,  but you can judge for yourself right here!

Photo: Fame/Flynet

Posted Monday, June 4th, 2012 at 12:12pm
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Kim Kardashian thanks her 2 million Instagram pictures with this “beastly” picture.

Kim Kardashian sure knows how to thank her fans! The reality star posted this picture on her website, with a message to her fans: “Thanks to all you 2million sexy beasts out there for following me on Instagram! So heres a little present of me in full on beast mode! LOL”

Posted Thursday, May 31st, 2012 at 10:10am
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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West BOTH selling their homes

Rumor has it Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are looking to move in together. I thought it was just that, rumors, until now. TMZ is reporting that both celebs are selling their homes, clearing the way for them to rent a house together.

Kim Kardashian and Kayne West have both discreetly listed their homes for sale, setting the stage for the big, “We’re movin’ in together” … TMZ has learned.

Kim has given a “pocket listing” to a realtor for her $4.8 mil Beverly Hills home — a pocket listing doesn’t appear in official real estate documents. We’re told Kim’s asking price is $5 million.

Ditto Kanye, who listed his L.A. home as well — again, a pocket listing.

Sources close to the couple confirm … both are selling their homes so they can rent a house together. They’re looking for a really private place to live … behind gates.


Posted Thursday, May 31st, 2012 at 10:10am
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Kardashian Sisters Open Up About Their Mom’s Affair

On the new episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians  Sunday night, Kourtney and sisters open up about mother Kris Jenner‘s affair with longtime husband, Robert Kardashian. 

“I’ve definitely talked to my mom about her affair,” Kourtney says to to the camera. “I’m not saying that my mom was being selfish on purpose but I think her actions were definitely selfish.”

And perhaps she was, still- the celebrity mom says she was conflicted.   “(Rob) had been the only man in my life since I was 18… I don’t know why I was having a mid-life crisis at 30, but I was,” she writes in her memoir,  All Things Kardashian.  In 1991,  Kris married Bruce Jenner, and had two children with him.

You can’t say Kris hasn’t had an exciting life!

Photo: Fame/Flynet

Posted Monday, May 28th, 2012 at 4:16pm
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Kim Kardashian’s Luggage Has Stuff Missing.


I’ve always felt weird about checking luggage on planes (it seems so- based on the honor system. Have you seen those baggage claims?), and now Kim Kardashian probably feels the same way!

When Kim arrived at LAX, she found herself missing a few of the things she acquired in France.  What were these things? Nobody knows for sure. What we do know is that Kim’s a little upset, as reflected in Saturday’s tweet:

“Very disappointed in British Airways for opening my luggage and taking some special items of mine! Some things are sentimental and not replaceable.”

I’d be upset, too!

Photo: Fame/Flynet

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