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Kim K’s First Pregnancy Craving IS….

In N’ Out Burger!

Yes, the most perfect pregnant queen of reality Kim Kardashian FINALLY has a craving! Everybody stop and listen, because this pregnancy isn’t as divine as you would have thought!

Kim K revealed on Twitter yesterday that she craved In N’ Out.  She previously insisted that the only change in her diet had been  wanting carrots and celery with ranch dressing, plus (ugh) energy bars.  Not so fast, people of twitter! Says the diva:

“Damn!!! I spoke too soon! My 1st pregnancy craving! #InNOut #EnjoyingEveryBite,” she wrote.

And of course, she shared a photo of an burger and cheese fries on her Instagram and twitter, too! Keep up that media, girl.  And keep up acting like a human, you’re wayyy more likeable that way!

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Posted Thursday, March 28th, 2013 at 3:15pm
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Kim Kardashian Wishes She Craved Junk Food

According to E! News, Kim Kardashian isn’t having any crazy- or unhealthy- cravings!

” I just don’t crave any of the junk food that I used to eat normally and that really is upsetting to me,” Kardashian told E!. “I thought I was going to be home eating like McDonald’s and Taco Bell and ice cream—can’t eat any of it.”

Nauseous?  Maybe…

“I mean, all the magazine’s say I’m like 500 pounds,” she jokes.

Yeah, okay. So what DO you eat and or/have cravings for, Kim?

“I crave carrots and celery with ranch,” she revealed. “I have to have that once a day, and protein bars.”

I’m calling BS.  First of all, the thought of protein bars while pregnant sounds both gross AND depressing, and the fact that she craves veggies with ranch dip, and only eats it once a day? Come ON. I get it- you’re trying to seem perfect and all of that, but I’m going to assume you have like a whole closet of snacks and new outfits to eat them in.

You’re pregnant! Live it UP!

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Posted Wednesday, March 27th, 2013 at 1:13pm
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Kim K: “Kanye LOVES My Pregnancy Curves”

Kim Kardashian has gotten a lot of heat about her pregnancy weight gain (which is of course, ridiculous), but there’s one person that’s only been embracing her newfound changes…boyfriend Kanye West!

The 32-year old reality star says Kanye is really helping her to accept and love all the changes that are happening to her body…and making her feel all the more confident in their growing family! Says Kim via USWeekly:

“It’s just such an exciting thing, I think, for the guys to see our bodies go through all these different changes,” she explained. “He loves it and just embraces it. And he’s helped me to really feel sexy and embrace it.”

Indeed, as the April 1 issue of Us Weekly reveals, the rapper is totally on board with his girlfriend’s curves. “Kanye thinks Kim is gorgeous,” a source told Us. “He just wants her to be happy in her own skin.”

Aw, I love this! Do you think Kim feels confident? She sure looks it in all her inventive maternity clothes!

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Posted Tuesday, March 26th, 2013 at 2:14pm
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Kim Kardashian: “I feel my best when I am in heels and chic clothes!”

Kim Kardashian is starting to suffer some of the more serious side effects of pregnancy. Like wearing flats!

Oh my.

“I never thought I would ever say this…But I’m wearing flats today,” the 32-year-old mom-to-be tweeted of her surprising sartorial decision.

Until now, Kardashian — expecting her first child with boyfriend Kanye West in July — has seemed to prioritize style over comfort where maternity wear is concerned. “I feel my best when I am in heels and chic clothes!” she explained on her blog. “Happy mommy, happy baby!”

The comment was part of a post defending some of the star’s recent wardrobe choices, which include a leather pencil skirt and fur stole. “I felt so good in this look. So me!” she wrote of the outfit. “But then I saw some comments that were so critical!”

“It’s funny because Kourtney warned me that when I get pregnant, people’s opinions will be on an all-time high and everyone will chime in!” she continued. “So I now see what she means.”

Yes, I agree. People do what to chime in on your fashion choices Kim. And so let’s!

What do you think of Kim’s latest fashion choices and comments?

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Posted Tuesday, March 26th, 2013 at 8:08am
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Lamar Odom Destroys Kris Humphries!

On the court, that is!

In what would be an incredibly juicy game to watch, the Clippers beat the Nets on Saturday night, 101 to 95…which means the two power forwards, Kris Humphries and Lamar Odom…who are still technically brothers-in-law, went head to head on the court!

The Kardashians really are the great uniters!

Both were very professional (which was a change for Kris Humphries, I’d imagine) and played the game respectfully. Still, I wonder if there was any apprehension or awkwardness between two.  Or hey, maybe they felt closer than ever? Both are somewhat estranged from their wives (on paper, anyway), and dealing with crazy publicity because of it!

Neither of them scored, so it was way there was less personal vendetta involved.  Still, I love the idea of them playing Bball against one another. Do you think Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian tuned in?

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Posted Monday, March 25th, 2013 at 1:13pm
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