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Kim Kardashian’s Paper Magazine Shoot Was Retouched

Kim Kardashian's Paper Magazine Shoot Was Retouched

Call us Captain Obvious, but Kim Kardashian’s nude photo shoot for “Paper” magazine was totally retouched. We’re not digging on Kim for the racy shots, but just putting that out there.

“Every cover of every magazine is airbrushed on some level,” Boardman tells Us. “But what I will say, is that is her butt. It is not padded. It is not augmented. That is all really her. But, yes, there was retouching to clean things up and make things look amazing,” he admitted. “That’s what retouching is. It’s not building an ass that isn’t there or taking 50 pounds off the waist.”

Boardman said that Kardashian’s famous backside was simply “oiled up” and that photographer Jean-Paul Goude “is a genius with lighting.” (A source tells Us that Kardashian’s longtime trusted makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic had the honors of “rubbing the oil all over her.”)

As far as initial talks about the risque shoot went, Boardman tells Us that they hadn’t originally planned for the reality star to drop trou. “There was some ass-related thing that was proposed but we weren’t sure what was going to happen,” Boardman explained. “We were really just planning on recreating the [famous] champagne shot…but she came in and was like, ‘Let’s, you know, let’s just go there!’ She and Jean-Paul just got into it with each other and got excited. She’s not shy about taking her clothes off, and the next thing [we knew], magic was happening.”

Are you surprised or is it par for the course when it comes to Kim’s photo shoots?


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Naya Rivera Disses Kim Kardashian’s Racy “Paper” Cover

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Uh oh- I think we have another celebrity feud on our hands!

Let it be known- Glee‘s Naya Rivera does NOT approve of Kim Kardashian‘s decision to pose buck naked on the cover of Paper magazine’s winter 2014 issue. Naya and the rest of the universe took a gander at the voluptuous Kardashian backside yesterday, but not everyone dug it. The newly married actress couldn’t resist expressing her disapproval….

“I normally don’t. But…you’re someone’s mother…” the 27-year-old actress commented on Kardashian’s Instagram post, which reposted the shot from the spread.

And Kim? She’s not super bothered.

“Kim doesn’t care, she just thinks it’s funny,” a source close to Kardashian told Us Weekly. “Naya is such a copycat, always doing whatever Kim does.”

This anonymous US Weekly source DOES have a point- Naya used Kardashian’s hairstylist when she married husband Ryan Dorsey in September, and reportedly wore a dress similar to the 34-year-old’s Givenchy wedding gown, that she got hitched in in May.

Jealousy is the best form of flattery?

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Kim Kardashian’s Butt Is On The Cover Of ‘Paper’ Magazine

Kim Kardashian's Butt Is On The Cover Of 'Paper' Magazine

Kim Kardashian has never been shy about showing off her butt or any other part of her body. She has previously said that she wouldn’t do any more nudity, but she is practically naked once again.

Kim is trying to break the internet with her latest “Paper” magazine covers. The above picture is obviously Photoshopped, but you can see that she is cracking open some champagne to flow into a glass strategically placed on her ginormous behind.

There is another picture of the reality star baring her entire behind for the front page of the publication. We’ve placed that photo after the jump for your perusal. (more…)

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Kim Kardashian Does NOT Approve of Kylie Jenner and Tyga!

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More trouble in Kardashianadise!

Apparently, Kim Kardashian does NOT approve of her little sis Kylie dating rapper Tyga.

Sources directly connected to Kim tell TMZ that her issue has nothing to do with age (Kylie is 17 and Tyga is 24), but ALLEGIANCE. One of Kim’s good friends is Blac Chyna, Tyga’s baby mama. Apparently, Kim’s not even sure if the relationship is physical, but she feels like both Tyga and Kylie should have been more respectful and not put her in the middle of an awkward situation.

Kim made her feelings clear with the photo at French Montana‘s birthday party Sunday, where she cropped Tyga out of the pic. OUCH.

Kim is saying her sister in a way is violating girl code, but that she loves her lil sis all the same. What do you think- is Kim making this situation all about Kim, or is her aggravation warranted?

Photo: FameFlynet

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