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Kryptic, Krytpic Khloe Kardashian.

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Woah, Khloe Kardashian, you getting all the feels out on instagram, aren’tcha?

On Tuesday, Khlo posted a couple words of cryptic wisdom just one day before the premiere of her new show Kocktails With Khloé. This isn’t new- the girl is pretty pro at posting text graphics that make you go “you doing okay, lady? Need another latte or are you just gonna go ape at the gym later?” But this post I guess seems more ominous, advising her fans to “stay away” from toxic matters of heart.

Given her Hunger Games style love triangle with  James Harden AND Lamar Odom, it’s hard to know who she’s taking about.

Check out the post below and let us know who you think she’s thinking of: James or Lamar?

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Photos: Instagram

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Khloe Denies Any Hookups Happened With The Biebs and Her Sisters

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Khloe Kardashian is putting the KABOSH on any rumors that link Justin Bieber to sister Kourtney Kardashian OR Kendall Jenner.

On Sunday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, host Andy Cohen asked the question we’ve all been wondering pre-Hailey Baldwin:

“Which of these sisters has Justin Bieber been with?” he said, listing Kourtney, Kendall, Kylie Jenner and “all of the above” as the reality personality’s options.

“None!” said Khloé, laughing. “It would be amazing if it was all of the above, though.”

Um, I’m not sure if “amazing” would be the word I would use if he hooked up with all three of my sisters, but I’m also not a reality sensation with her own show.

And finally, the  Kocktails with Khloé host had to reference the singer’s well-endowed nude photo snapped by paparazzi during a skinny-dip: “We’re thankful for Justin Bieber’s … you know.”

Yes, I suppose. And that he didn’t hook up with family. Do you think Justin Bieber hooked up with a Kardashijenner?

Photo: Instagram

Posted Monday, January 18th, 2016 at 11:11am
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The Real Reason Khloe Kardashian Chopped Her Hair…

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 Khloe Kardashian is looking GOOD, hair included!

As you know, Khloe’s been busting that big booty promoting her new show, Kocktails with Khloé, and her book, Strong Looks Better Naked. Which means a LOT of interviews about health, outlook and her 4o lb weight loss.

She’s also been making news with this little red number (pictured) and her new blonde bob, which she talks about as a part of her whole new outlook:

“I cut all of my hair off because I was in the hospital and I just felt like I needed … like once I got out of there for a minute, I was like I need to get rid of this negativity,” she shared of her chic chop. “You shouldn’t do haircuts when you’re that emotionally confused but I did, and I love it, though! It’s so much easier.”

As for going blonde, she explained she did it gradually…

“I slowly started going blonde,” she said of her hair hue. “I was doing the ombré thing, and then little by little I started going blonder and blonder.”

(via People)

I’ve always been meh about Khloe, but I gotta say that this is a good look for her. My blessing for you? That your weekend is as fabulous as Khloe’s bob!

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Photos: Instagram


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Dairy Is The Enemy Of Khloe Kardashian

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Every bit of news relating to Khloe Kardashian is either about weight loss or Lamar Odom, until now…

Just kidding, this post is also about weight loss and namely, Khloe facing her nemesis: cheese. Gotcha!

Apparently, ditching sweets wasn’t the hardest part about getting healthy. It was ditching the DAIRY that sucked, but it also totes worked:

“When I lost 11 lbs. in one month, I didn’t want it to be true, because cheese was my vice!” she exclusively tells PEOPLE.

“My skin also got clearer, I had more energy, and I wasn’t congested,” she says.

She’s keeping on her dairy-free plan, because there ain’t no going back.

“If I have a taste now, it’s crazy how quickly I feel like it does upset my stomach and I feel more sluggish,” Kardashian says.

Now about 40 lbs. lighter, she occasionally does eat pizza, but not before a photo shoot of her butt.

“It’s about understanding limitations.”

(Via People)

Hear, hear girl.

Photo: Instagram

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