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Kelly Osbourne Gave Ozzy Her Wisdom Teeth Dipped In Gold

Kelly Osbourne Gave Ozzy Her Wisdom Teeth Dipped In Gold

Kelly Osbourne is a special kind of weird. She shared the above photo of her wisdom teeth on Instagram and captioned the picture: “I had my wisdom teeth pulled out in 2006 and for my 30th @whitetrashcharmsjewelry is dipping them in gold! One is for me & one is for my dad! #IAmAnOsbourneAfterAll”

It’s strange to the rest of us, but that could prove to be normal for their family…who knows?

In other Ozzman related news, he has recently revealed that he is giving up on touring with Black Sabbath after one final tour!

Will you go see Ozzy in concert?

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Kelly Osbourne Confirms Her Relationship Status With Her Tongue


Fashion Police star Kelly Osbourne ended her engagement to Matthew Mosshart after over two years together this past January.  She has officially moved on to model Ricki Hall, as evidenced by her Instagram post where they are touching tongues and she captions it, “#TasteGood.”

As recently as May 31, Ricki was in a relationship with fellow heavily tattooed model Lauren Capulet, with the pretty brunette posting a photo to Instagram of the two kissing, with the caption, ‘My heart x.’

However, by June 23, he had been linked to the Fashion Police co-host after they began following each other and messaging on social media.

‘They recently started following each other on Instagram. He’s got a a huge beard which Kelly finds really sexy, she loves guys with beards!’ a source told Us Weekly. ‘She’s definitely interested in seeing where it goes with him.’

So there you have it.  As the report observes, the tongue picture is posed in front of a white backdrop- leading one to suspect it was professionally taken.  Which is an interesting shot if you think about it.  Rock n’ roll.


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Kelly Osbourne got a tattoo of ‘Stories’ on her shaved head

Kelly Osbourne got a tattoo of 'Stories' on her shaved head

Say what you want about Kelly Osbourne, but I kind of like her. She speaks her mind and doesn’t take any crap from anyone. Having said that, her new tattoo is kind of ridiculous — isn’t it?

Over the weekend, Kelly decided to head to a tattoo shop to get some new ink and she got “stories” tattooed on the side of her head. Weird, right?

She shared the above photo on Twitter with the caption: “Sorry mum and dad but I love it!”

That came after she showed off a photo of herself at the tattoo parlor with ink in head, saying, “oops what did I do tonight?”

Recently, Kelly was said to be hooking up with Sean Combs’ son Quincy. A source said, “Kelly is single, but she’s having a lot of fun. She’s been hooking up with Quincy, her really good friend lately. It’s not serious but he’s really hot and he’s very into her!”

What do you think of Kelly’s new tattoo? Strange, right?

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Kelly Osbourne shocked by $20,000 family dinner auction bid

Kelly Osbourne shocked by $20,000 family dinner auction bid

Kelly Osbourne finds it insane that someone has shelled out $20,000 in order to have dinner with her and her family.

The family donated a family meal for an auction at the Race to Erase MS gala event over the weekend and some rich person snapped up the opportunity to have dinner with the Prince of Darkness and his family.

She took to her official blog to say, “Can you believe that someone bid $20,000 to have dinner with my family???? That’s insane but thank you thank you thank you whomever you are, I can’t wait to have dinner with you!!!!! It’s going to be a fun one so get prepared… YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!”

Who would you give $20,000 to dine with?

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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