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Julianne Moore Covers ‘Harper’s Bazaar’; Talks E!’s Mani-Cam

Julianne Moore Covers 'Harper's Bazaar'; Talks E!'s Mani-Cam

Julianne Moore covers the April 2015 issue of Harper’s Bazaar and inside, she bashes the E! News red carpet mani cam. She was invited to show off her nails on the red carpet for the 2015 SAG Awards in January, but refused. Now, she is opening up about the reason behind her decision.

She said, “I’m 54-years-old. I can’t make my fingers walk; it’s humiliating!”

Moore went into great detail about why she refuses certain requests on the red carpet. “And a guy asked me to lift up my skirt to show them my shoes, and I said, ‘I don’t need to do that. Let’s keep some dignity,'” she explained. Other stars including Jennifer Aniston and Elisabeth Moss (who flipped off the mani cam at the 2014 Golden Globes) have made their dislike for the red carpet stunt known.

Even though the Oscar winner slayed on the 2015 red carpet in fabulous custom designs from Chanel Haute Couture to Givenchy, it took her awhile to hit her fashion stride. “There was one year when my kids were little, and every time I was photographed, I was wearing a pair of cargo shorts, a T-shirt, and a bandanna,” she said. “It was so bad, my publicist was like, ‘Get it together!'”

Moore spoke candidly about the stress that comes along with fitting into a one-of-a-kind gown. “We’d all be lying if we said we aren’t watching what we eat. Of course we are!” she said. “But, you know, I had a dress on the other day, and I said to my manager, ‘When you see my back fat sticking out, tuck it back in!'” she explained with a chuckle. “Be a friend.”

Don’t you just love her?


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2015 Oscars Fashion – Gorgeous Dresses On Lupita Nyong’O, Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts And Julianne Moore

2015 Oscars Fashion - Gorgeous Dresses On Lupita Nyong'O, Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts And Julianne Moore

Nicole Kidman was in full force in the press room at the 87th Annual Academy Awards along with a lot of other gorgeous woman last night in California. Do you like her dress?

The 87th Annual Academy Awards - Press Room

Lupita Nyong’O’s dress looks fantastic as always. Her red carpet style is always on point!

2015 Oscars Fashion - Gorgeous Dresses On Lupita Nyong'O, Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts And Julianne Moore

Naomi Watts’ dress was cute, as well…don’t you think?

And….the ever so gorgeous Julianne Moore:

2015 Oscars Fashion - Gorgeous Dresses On Lupita Nyong'O, Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts And Julianne Moore

Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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The SAG Awards “Best Dressed” Short List!

The 21st Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, Arrivals in LA

Though Claire Danes may not have won in her category, her fashion gets a gold metal in my book!

Danes stunned in a beautiful green floor-length gown with interesting cut outs and piping, and was definitely one of the major winners in the fashion category. I also thought Lupita Nyong’o  and Rashida Jones took patterned gowns to the next level, in dresses that were both classic and original. Finally, Emma Stone‘s awesome black dress wins for dress I would KILL to wear (I feel like it would look good on EVERYONE) in a dark blazer and short dress along with a translucent train.

Who do you think had the best dress at the SAG awards last night?

Photos: FameFlynet

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Back in 1993, Madonna Wanted Nothing To Do With Julianne Moore

2013 Tribeca Film Festival - "The English Teacher"

Julianne Moore is super charming, but when you’re playing Madonna’s enemy, all bets are OFF!

During Watch What Happens Live, the Still Alice star talks about the 1993 thriller Body of Evidence, a film she worked on opposite Madonna. When she was asked whether she was scared about slapping Madonna during one of their final scenes, Moore vehemently answered in the affirmative!

“I was actually super nervous. I was so so nervous,” Moore, 54, told host Andy Cohen and fellow guest Jonathan Groff on Wednesday, Jan. 21. “I actually didn’t even make contact.”

But that wasn’t the only reason why she was uncomfortable on set: Moore revealed that Madonna really, really got into her character Rebecca Carlson – a kinky lady accused of intentionally killing her rich, older lover during sex.

“It was a fake slap, but she wasn’t talking to me because she was being very method-y,” Moore added of Madonna, whose filmography is littered with less-than-celebrated performances. “I felt nervous and scared. I didn’t want to hit her at all.”

She explained: “She was playing the girlfriend and I was playing the wife and we were supposed to be enemies.”

(Via Us Weekly)

Yikes. So Julianne, you didn’t invite her to your condo after the shoot to gab about acting, career, etc? That’s fair. It IS, Madonna after all. What a trip!

Photo: FameFlynet

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