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There is going to be another ‘Blow’ movie!

There is going to be another 'Blow' movie!

Johnny Depp rocked his interpretation of former drug kingpin George Jung in the movie “Blow” and he may just get the chance to reprise his role. Color me excited!

Prepare for more tales of cocaine pure as the driven snow — George Jung penned a sequel to “Blow” during his almost 20-year prison stint … and his people say Hollywood’s already knocking.

The classic film starring Johnny Depp was inspired by Bruce Porter’s 1993 book about Jung’s life … but we’re told that was only a fraction of Boston George’s cocaine adventures.

A rep for Jung says his new book, entitled “Heavy” … will detail more of George’s drug smuggling missions in the 80s and feature some of the same “Blow” characters.

Not surprisingly, we’re told a movie production company’s already interested in the book … which comes out next month.

Will YOU see the new movie when it’s all said and done?

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Amber Heard was fangirling Johnny Depp when she was a teenager

Amber Heard was fangirling Johnny Depp when she was a teenager

It looks like Amber Heard had quite the crush on her fiance Johnny Deppway before they ever met!

A friend said, “Johnny was Amber’s first love, even though she’d never met him. When she was a teenager, Amber had already decided to become an actress and she had pictures of Johnny all over her room. So it’s no surprise they fell in love while working together. Amber can usually get whatever she sets her mind to.”

Just like Johnny, Amber also dropped out of high school, but she did make an impression on her fellow classmates. One said, “Amber was very quiet, so some people used to call her ‘Amber seen and not Heard.’ She always seemed almost like her mind was just off somewhere else. She always said, ‘I’m going to go and be an actress and that is what I want to do.'”

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Johnny Depp Getting Cold Feet?

Johnny Depp Getting Cold Feet?

Johnny Depp proposed to Amber Heard, but rumor has it that he’s getting cold feet about the whole thing!

Reportedly, Johnny is having second thoughts about marrying Amber because his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Paradis is trying to drive him crazy. According to the gossip, Vanessa has been flaunting her figure during a modeling shoot and even got a new man to make Johnny jealous.

A source said, “Believe me, Johnny took notice when he saw the glamour shots of Vanessa. He started seeing her in a whole different light…and that’s exactly the effect that Vanessa wanted to have!”

Johnny’s friends are also convinced that the age gap between the two will get the better of their relationship. An insider said, “Amber truly loves Johnny, but she’s getting the jitters. The whole thing may be unraveling before they can head down the aisle!”

Do you believe that for one minute?!?

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Johnny Depp To Buy Amber Heard An Island!

Johnny Depp To Buy Amber Heard An Island!

It must be nice to be Amber Heard! According to reports, her fiance Johnny Depp is gearing up to buy her an island. And not just any island, either. Johnny wants his Amber to have a nice ocean view — to the tune of $15 million! Wow, nuts!

A source revealed, “Johnny wants a home on Kauai. He wants an art studio for her since she’s gotten into painting, and the kitchen needs an ocean view because Amber loves to cook.”

Reportedly, Johnny is said to be hiding his love for partying from his bride-to-be. A snitch said, “Johnny was so wild for so long and it’s hard to believe that Amber has straightened him out completely. Last year he was partying with six chicks and getting turned away from bars, this year he’s quietly going to dinner with Amber and you never see him do anything wrong.”

The spy continued, “Johnny always seemed like he was having a great time out partying, and it wasn’t just because a lot of women were around. People are afraid that he’s just stopped partying or is hiding his partying to be a good and upstanding guy for Amber. No one wants to see him go down that path again so they’re hoping that Amber is keeping him in line.”

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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