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Johnny Depp Isn’t Coming Back To LA Anytime Soon

Johnny Depp auditioned for '21 Jump Street' while he had the flu

The Hollywood Vampires’ European tour wrapped up two weeks ago, and Johnny Depp‘s still not stateside.

So what’s he been doing? Well, the actor has been chilling out at his private island in the Bahamas, letting his lawyer Laura Wasser deal with his divorce troubs. His ex Vanessa Paradis and kids Lily-Rose and Jack are due to visit soon, so it feels like he’s not going to be back to LA, and is just going to hang by the pool until the drama dies down.

“He has no plans to return to L.A.,” a source tells PEOPLE of the actor. “He misses nothing about L.A. but his kids, and they are visiting him in the Bahamas.” According to the source, his daughter Lily-Rose Depp, 17, has already visited him on the island, and his son Jack, 14, is expected to arrive with his mother, Vanessa Paradis, in a few days.

“Having his kids around is always great for him. He has really missed his kids,” the source says, adding that Depp has also had friends “flying back and forth for visits” to the island. “He likes being surrounded by people and everyone is trying to cheer him up.”

The actor has been staying on the island since concluding the European half of his tour with his band, The Hollywood Vampires. Depp avoided making a return to L.A. when a hearing to extend Heard’s temporary restraining order was pushed to August.

“Johnny was very nervous about the court date,” the source says. “He really didn’t want to return to L.A. for court. He was very relieved that his lawyer was able to figure things out for now.”

According to the source, Depp hopes to settle the divorce out of court. “He doesn’t talk badly about Amber and just wants to move on,” the source adds. Depp will return to the U.S. in July to continue his concert tour with The Hollywood Vampires. “He seems excited about the concerts,” says the source.

(Via People)

Clearly, Johnny Depp just wants to settle up and move ON. I love how People paints him as this kindly older victim, which doesn’t ring true to me.  I think Amber is going to get everything she wants and honestly, good on her. Johnny- get some help with your anger management, and then come at the public with something we can respect.

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Amber Heard Is “Too Skinny” For The Justice League

"The Rum Diary" Premieres in the UK

I guess the best diet is…divorce?

Amber Heard never went to London for her costume fitting this week, and that fitting was the whole REASON her lawyers said she wasn’t able to make her deposition. So what’s the deal? Well, the production crew felt she was too skinny, having lost 20 pounds because of what she says is overwhelming stress. Yeah, I know, you wouldn’t think this woman is able to lose that much more weight, right? Well, I guess wrong.

Johnny Depp‘s lawyer wanted to take her deposition in the domestic violence case, but ultimately the judge accepted the word of her legal team that she had to go to London for the fitting and would not get back until Thursday night … the evening of the scheduled court hearing.

Turns out she never went to London. Her people say the trip was cancelled because the producers didn’t think she was camera-ready for the role … because of her weight.

Amber’s team says they were never given proper notice, but Johnny’s team says that’s BS … Amber’s lawyers represented she was not in town, and she was.

Johnny’s team has maintained Amber is afraid to make her claims under oath and get cross-examined.

(Via TMZ)

Fear of testifying or actually too skinny for her fitting? Hard to say.  One thing’s for sure- this divorce is going to go on for at least another two months.

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For Johnny Depp And Amber Heard, End Is Near (And The Hearing Postponed)

Texas Film Hall Of Fame Awards - Arrivals

And…the hearing has been postponed!

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s Friday, June 17, restraining order hearing has been postponed, the Los Angeles County Court’s public information officer confirmed. Heard was set to testify against her estranged husband, claiming that he physically abused her throughout their relationship and get that restraining order business out of the way. BUT- the case will now be heard on August 2, 15 and 16, on request of Johnny Depp’s legal team. Why did this happen? There are lots of theories. Johnny’s a coward, Johnny Depp wants to tie everything up in a one-and-done kind of thing, even settle out of court. Hard to say, but one thing is for sure- court seems like it’s second in priority to lots of other stuff (AKA THE HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES and fun engagement parties!):

Heard, 30, signed a declaration that stated she “could and would competently testify” if called as a witness in court. Her friend Raquel Rose Pennington signed a similar document, saying that she had “firsthand personal knowledge of the facts.”

Both Pennington and Heard were unavailable to attend a June 10 deposition, as Pennington’s engagement party was scheduled for June 11 and Heard was a guest. Heard also said she would need at least two weeks to gather all of the documents needed to present in court.

Depp’s attorney, Laura Wasser, filed documents asking that the court disallow Heard from testifying against Depp, 52, if the actress failed to “appear for deposition.” Meanwhile, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor has been touring with his band, Hollywood Vampires, and spending time at his home in the Bahamas.

As Us Weekly previously reported, Heard filed for divorce on May 23. At the time, she asked for spousal support, but she has since withdrawn that request. Days later, she requested a restraining order, alleging that Depp abused her and provided photos of her bruised face as evidence.

Wasser denied the allegations on behalf of Depp and claimed that Heard was “attempting to secure” a portion of the Lone Ranger star’s reported $400 million fortune. Many of Depp’s famous friends and exes have also come to his defense.

However, a source close to Heard told Us earlier this month that “this isn’t about money. All Amber did was try to get out of a marriage because she was suffering from abuse.”

(Via Us Weekly)

Will the August hearing happen? Hard to say. It’ll be good for everyone when this thing gets over with, don’t you think?  Go free, Amber and Johnny! Free as the wind (and away from toxic couplings, hopefully).

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