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Amber Heard Missed Her Deposition This Morning


Amber Heard Arrives Late For Her Deposition In Century City


Apparently, Amber Heard had “an emergency” and that’s why she missed her 10 AM call for a deposition in L.A. According to TMZ, an unspecified emergency arose and “to no fault of her own, Amber was unable to arrange for a flight to travel from London.”


Amber’s lawyers, Samantha Spector and Joseph Koenig, go after Johnny Depp‘s lawyers with a vengeance, saying, “Johnny’s counsel continues to wage a malicious war against Amber in the Court of Public Opinion in an effort to intimidate and discourage Amber from telling the truth.” and furthermore, say Johnny will never address the allegations of domestic violence under oath and then says, “It is a disturbing shame that Johnny’s lawyers continue to pursue a relentless personal attack against Amber.”

Spector is asking to Amber’s depo to Saturday, so she can presumably get back to the US for the thing.

Now, I generally side with the victim  in these types of situations but it feels like if Amber’s so bent on getting this over with she will probably want to testify, or at least SHOW UP. I’m very curious as to what this emergency is…not that I don’t believe it. As we reported, the girl has been a stressed out mess about this whole divorce. But that’s why she’s gotta get it over with!

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Amber Heard Is Losing It

"The Rum Diary" Premieres in the UK

Take this with a grain of salt…

Yesterday, we reported that Amber Heard was almost an hour late to her scheduled deposition hearing, but not only that: the girl was sobbing and refused to testify under oath, according to Johnny Depp‘s attorney. Now, this info comes from Johnny’s camp, so I’m not sure how much I really believe it, but it was true that she was late and being very difficult. Which does seem odd, seeing as word from HER camp is that she wants all this “over with.”

Legal docs filed by Johnny’s camp allege that Heard refused to leave an office adjacent to the deposition room, and that despite multiple attempts throughout the day, Depp’s team was unable to take her deposition, and everyone could clearly see her going pretty nuts:

Because the “offices are made of transparent glass,” Wasser claims she could “quite clearly” observe “Amber hysterically crying and pacing in her separate conference room, or screaming and yelling at times and laughing at others.”

Wasser adds that “she appeared manic and irrational” and that she “observed Amber’s counsel trying to reason with her throughout the day.”

Depp’s lawyers also claim Heard’s team never turned over documents they had requested. His team is now asking for an order prohibiting Heard from testifying when the case goes to trial or an outright dismissal of the domestic violence case.

Here’s Heard’s legal team’s side:

But a source close to Heard tells a different story about the day. “Although Amber was ready, willing and able to go forward with her deposition, it was not taken by Johnny’s attorneys,” the source tells PEOPLE. “She waited for 10 hours and at no time did Amber ever refuse to start the deposition. There was nothing preventing Johnny’s counsel from commencing the deposition during that time.”

Speaking on Heard’s previously scheduled deposition on Saturday, her attorney Joseph Koenig told the judge, “It did not go forward, she was there for 10 hours. [Depp’s] counsel may have a different view if they think we sat there and did nothing. It is inaccurate.”

(Via Us Weekly)

The judge ordered Heard to be deposed on Friday, Aug. 12. Depp is set to be deposed the next day, Saturday, Aug. 13. The hearing itself (which was the 15th) is pushed to the 17th. Ooof. We’ll keep you posted, everybody!

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Amber Heard Was 90 Minutes Late To Her Deposition. Whose Side Are YOU ON?

Johnny Depp Has A Problem With Bad Breath

Ugh, come ON.

Amber Heard had a much-anticipated deposition with Johnny Depp’s lawyers, and through it all…she managed to be late, at least according to TMZ. Johnny Depp’s lawyers arrived at 9:40 am (PST) for a 10 am deposition, but first Amber’s lawyer was 15 minutes late, then Amber was more than an hour late. For someone who wants this divorce to be over over over, it feels like a weird move that’s intent on wasting everybody’s time. But maybe Amber’s also just hanging by a thread, these days? Here’s the TMZ snippet:

Amber Heard showed up 1 1/2 hours late for her deposition … where she’ll be in a face-off with Johnny Depp’s lawyers over her divorce/domestic violence case. Amber and her lawyer Samantha Spector showed up Saturday morning at the law offices of disso-queen Laura Wasser’s firm, Wasser, Cooperman and Mandles, the firm that’s repping Johnny in the divorce. Her client wasn’t with her and finally, at around 11:30 AM Amber drove up to the front of the building but didn’t want to be filmed so she found a more private entrance.

Our sources say both sides tried hammering out a settlement Friday night but negotiations fell apart at around 9 PM.

As TMZ reported, the depo should last all day and the lawyer doing the questioning — Blair Berk will almost certainly be interested in Amber’s domestic violence claims. Berk will pepper Amber with questions over the fact the police officers who responded to the downtown L.A. loft saw no evidence of physical injury and no damage inside the unit. The deposition will also cover amber’s demand for money in the divorce. The marriage lasted only 15 months.

(Via TMZ)

OOf. Now know that both teams are due in court on August 15th (six days, baby!), so… just keep your eyes open for more DRAMZ, k?

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Amber Heard And Elon Musk Are “Hanging Out.”

Fergie at The Trevor Live At The Hollywood Palladium in LA

Um, this feels….RANDOM.

According to Page Six, our pal Amber Heard (who is still going through her messy divorce with Johnny Depp) spent the weekend at the Delano South Beach with single-again Tesla billionaire Elon Musk.

While EVERYBODY insists Musk and Heard insist they are just friends, apparently the two did some VERY intimate hanging out. Although they had separate rooms, Musk was seen entering a specific room and the actress exiting the same room at different times over four days.

One witness said, “They were seen arriving to, and leaving, the same room many times, but always separately. He was seen going in at night and doing a ‘walk of shame’ in the morning.”

Yeah, that seems “friendly.” Musk was in Florida for the launch of a SpaceX Rocket from Cape Canaveral, while Heard was there for work. Like a good friend might, Musk allowed Amber to use his room while working on his rocket launch.

“I believe your sources are mistaken,” Musk’s rep told us. “Elon was in Cape Canaveral, Florida for a SpaceX rocket launch this weekend.” Cape Canaveral is three hours drive from Miami, and Musk posted tweets from the Falcon launch on July 17 and 18. Of his “walk of shame” the rep echoed, “Don’t think that last bit is true, unfortunately.”

Another source added, “They all happened to be staying at the Delano. The group hung out at the hotel, rather than in public, understandably, due to all the recent press scrutiny.”

(Via Page Six)

These two are definitely banging. Not saying it’s a love connection, but COME ON. Heard starred in the 2013 Robert Rodriguez movie “Machete Kills,” and Musk made a cameo in it, which is probably where the two initially know each other. Also, he’s single and into actresses (he divorced actress Talulah Riley in March) and worth 400 BILLION. Amber’s going through a nasty divorce and looking for some $$$. Perfect match?

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