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Annnnnddddd…Johnny Depp’s Dogs Are Leaving Australia

Amber Heard Excites Johnny Depp On Every Level

Well this was a dog-filled day of DRAMA!

After their lives being threatened due to Johnny Depp and Amber Heard not following like, any international protocol, the actors are putting the pups on a plane back home to safety.

While Depp filmed the fifth installment of  the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, he thought nothing of bringing his two Yorkshire Terriers, Pistol and Boo along for the wild ride. Laws? Boo? Regulations? Who needs em?

But, when the Aussie authorities found out, they threatened to euthanize the two pups. I’m sure Johnny would rather send Amber home on a plane, but naturally he  packed his precious pooches on a flight and sent them back to the states.

Aussie law requires canines to be quarantined for ten days, just to make sure they aren’t bringing any doggie diseases into the country. Maybe remember that next time, Johnny Depp?

Photo: FameFlynet

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Johnny Depp Might Be Missing And His Marriage Is A Mess


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Johnny Depp Injures Hand In Australia; Flies Home For Surgery

Johnny Depp Injures Hand In Australia; Flies Home For Surgery

Johnny Depp was in Australia filming the latest Pirates Of The Caribbean and while off the set of the movie, he injured his hand. This has caused the actor to need surgery and have time to recuperate before filming resumes. Thus, Johnny has flown home in order to have an operation on his hand. Poor fella.

Local news outlet 9News tweeted a picture of the 51-year-old actor boarding a private jet in Brisbane on Wednesday, March 11, his hand held in a sling, as he prepared to jet home to Los Angeles to receive medical attention for the injury.

The actor is expected to be off set for around two weeks while he recovers from surgery but will then return to continue filming.

“The film won’t be delayed too much,” the Disney spokesperson told the outlet.

Hopefully he will have a speedy recovery and Amber will take really good care of him during his down time. Best wishes to Captain Jack!

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Johnny Depp Has A Problem With Bad Breath

Johnny Depp Has A Problem With Bad Breath

Johnny Depp has a problem with bad breath and his wife Amber Heard has been urging him to brush his teeth and floss more in order to remedy the situation. Reportedly, he refuses to floss and it’s grossing her out!

A source revealed, “Amber has flat-out ordered Johnny to floss every day and brush his teeth more because his bad breath is becoming a serious turn-off. Johnny’s had this issue for years, but he’s never addressed the problem. He thinks the issue will go away by brushing his teeth a couple times a day and chewing gum. But it’s worse than ever!”

His ex-girlfriend Vanessa Paradis was happy to let Johnny be a hippie, but Amber is having none of it. The source added, “Amber’s as health conscious as they come, and she’s desperate for Johnny to fix his oral hygiene once and for all!”

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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