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Joan Rivers has some unpleasant thoughts about Gwyneth Paltrow

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Joan Rivers rarely has a nice thing to say about anybody, and that’s her whole schtick, so I get it (even if I think it’s horribly unfunny). That being said, it’s not particularly surprising that she’s not too keen on Gwyneth Paltrow and has made some pretty unkind comments about her.

Your move, Gwyneth. Joan Rivers threw down the gauntlet during her Watch What Happens Live appearance on Wednesday, April 17, when a viewer asked which stars had given the comedian a hard time about her Fashion Police jokes.

“The worst criticism was, ugh, Gwyneth Paltrow,” the red carpet veteran answered without pause. “She came and yelled at us, but she stood up. She can’t sit down ’cause she’s got a stick up her rear end.”

Host Andy Cohen laughed, but Rivers, 80, wasn’t done. “The world’s most beautiful woman voted by Helen Keller and Stevie Wonder,” she scoffed of the Oscar-winning actress and recently separated Goop founder, 41. “Not my favorite.”

Heh – I guess it’s funny for adult women to put each other down on national TV now? However you get your kicks, I suppose. I’m no Gwyneth Paltrow fan, but I’m even less of a Joan Rivers fan, so I find this pretty obnoxious, to be honest.

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Lindsay Lohan offered a job in porn!

Lindsay Lohan is looking at 3 months in rehab. And rehab doesn’t come cheap. The alleged bill for such a stay is $125,000. has found a solution to Lindsay’s problems. The site is offering to cover $50,000 at the Betty Ford Clinic in exchange for working for them.

Now it’s not exactly what you might be thinking. They actually want to give her a job as a marketing consultant. But not only that. They are offering her unlimited access to their porn collection. EW!

However, Linsday’s rehab fees may ring up to around $150,000 has learned! Will cover all of that too?

It does appear that Lindsay is strapped for cash and is not sure how she will pay her rehab bill.

If I remember correctly, Lindsay does have another option here. A while back I believe Joan Rivers tweeted that she and her daughter Melissa would be willing to pay for Lindsay’s rehab.

Maybe the offer still stands. Time to give Joan a call.

Source Bauer Griffin

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Joan Rivers: “I’ll pay for Lindsay Lohan’s rehab”

“I am so sorry for Lindsay Lohan,” Joan tells THE INSIDER. “I am so appalled that these people are coming out of the woodwork upset that I did a joke about her. I think they should worry about Lindsay Lohan. I think this ex-girlfriend, this deejay — I thought it was a skinny boy when I first saw the picture — came out doing jokes about me and Melissa [Rivers, Joan's daughter]. Why not worry about Lindsay Lohan? That girl is going to be dead in 10 years if somebody doesn’t take care of her.”

She goes on to say, “If I were Lindsay’s parents, I wouldn’t be on television discussing it, I wouldn’t be going on to Joan Rivers for doing a stupid joke on her blog, I would be taking her to rehab and a rehab where you don’t get your nails done.”

Joan, whose new WE tv series, “Mother Knows Best?,” premieres in December, shows her serious concern for the troubled young actress, saying that if Lindsay’s family “can’t scrape it together” to pay for rehab that she and Melissa will pay for it. “I think it is so sad, the road that this girl is going down, it’s appallingly sad and I think somebody should, Melissa and I will pay for rehab if her family can’t scrape it together. She better get into rehab and better get into it fast.”

Joan’s plea to Lindsay? “Lindsay, I am pleading with you… you’re beautiful, you’re smart, you’re talented. Go to rehab, you’re young! Melissa [and I] will pay for your rehab!”


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