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Joan Rivers’ Death: No Autopsy Done!

Joan Rivers' Death: No Autopsy Done!

Joan Rivers’ death may forever be a mystery — because her daughter Melissa didn’t have an autopsy done. The circumstances surrounding Rivers’ death were said to be predictable, which some have determined to mean preventable. Despite reportedly looking into a lawsuit, Melissa didn’t want them performing the autopsy on her mother. TMZ reports:

Sources connected to the NYC Medical Examiner tell us … Melissa Rivers was despondent when Joan died and told doctors she did not want an autopsy performed. According to New York law, doctors will honor such a request if there’s no evidence of criminality associated with the death.

The Medical Examiner has concluded the cause of death was deprivation of oxygen which caused irreversible brain damage. We’re told they determined the “predictable” complication involved the procedure itself and not Propofol.

Here’s the problem … we’re told without an autopsy it’s impossible to pinpoint the nature of the problem. As one source said, an autopsy might reveal a puncture in the throat or other trauma.

The only way Joan’s family might get a definitive answer is if a doctor or nurse owns up to a possible mistake … and even then it’s just someone’s word.

Hopefully the decision to not have an autopsy done will allow them some closure to the matter and maybe they just won’t pursue it? Only time will tell!

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Joan Rivers’ Cause Of Death Revealed

Joan Rivers' Cause Of Death Revealed

Joan Rivers passed away on September 4, 2014 after undergoing a throat procedure at a clinic in New York. Now, the comedienne’s official cause of death has been revealed. According to the Medical Examiner, her brain was cut off from oxygen.

TMZ reports:

Joan Rivers died because she went into hypoxic arrest during her throat procedure … cutting off oxygen to her brain — but the medical examiner is calling it a “predictable complication.”

The New York City Office of Chief Medical Examiner released its findings today, revealing that Joan was sedated with Propofol during the procedure.

The investigation also revealed Joan had the procedure to evaluate changes in her voice and to deal with acid reflux. Joan suffered brain damage due to lack of oxygen.

As for the “predictable complication” … it appears the Examiner is saying her cause of death is simply a risk associated with either anesthesia, the procedure, or both.

May she rest in peace. It’s sad that she’s gone…

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Joan Rivers’ Doctor Took A Selfie While She Was Under Anesthesia

Joan Rivers' Doctor Took A Selfie While She Was Under Anesthesia

This is just about the most heinous thing I could possibly think of. According to new reports, the doctor that was treating Joan Rivers at the endoscopy clinic actually took a selfie while the legendary comedienne was under anesthesia. Ugh. TMZ reports:

Joan Rivers’ personal doctor took a selfie while the comedienne was unconscious during a biopsy … shortly before her heart stopped beating … this according to a new report.

The doctor performing the endoscopy had just finished when Joan’s personal ear nose and throat doctor began performing biopsy which was done without her consent — this according to the CNN report.

A staffer at the Yorkville Endoscopy clinic reportedly told investigators Joan’s doc stopped to take the selfie.

Let’s hope that Melissa sues the pants off of that clinic and the doctor involved. It won’t bring her back, but it would teach them not to repeat this mess. What do you think?

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Joan Rivers Unplanned Throat Biopsy Caused Death

Joan Rivers Unplanned Throat Biopsy Caused Death

People are getting to the bottom of the cause of late comedienne Joan Rivers’ death and apparently she had an unplanned biopsy on her throat that caused her to stop breathing. “Us Weekly” has the full report:

When the doctor performing the endoscopy found “something” on the late star’s vocal cords, another doctor, whom Rivers reportedly brought with her and didn’t work for Yorkville Endoscopy, “asked if he could use their instruments” to perform an unplanned throat biopsy, the paper reports.

The New York Daily News added that Rivers had agreed to the endoscopy, but not the biopsy, and that it was “a huge no-no” for Yorkville Endoscopy to allow the outside doctor to perform the spur-of-the-moment operation.

During the biopsy, the television personality reportedly suffered the vocal cord contraction laryngospasm, which stopped her breathing. Sources told the Daily News that if the biopsy had been done in a hospital, which is better equipped to deal with unexpected outcomes, “she might have been okay.”

How much you want to bet that a lawsuit comes out of this one?

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