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Tina Simpson threatened suicide after finding out her husband, Joe Simpson, was gay and having an affair.

According to RadarOnline, Tina Simpson wrote a secret suicide note after finding out that her husband of 35-years was not only having an affair, but was having an affair with a young boy.

Shortly before flying to New York to confront Joe Simpson, 52, about his affair with 21-year-old model Bryce Chandler Hill in August 2012, Tina wrote a suicide note threatening to shoot herself after discovering her husband’s homosexual affair. In the note, Tina, 53, also said she wanted to shoot Joe for cheating on her.

Tina left the note in the Encino home she shared with Joe, and he found it. He immediately turned the note over to his lawyers, who were handling the divorce proceedings. “Tina was so distraught when she found out about Joe’s secret gay affair, she immediately wrote a suicide note,” a source close to the Simpson family tells Radar.

“It was fairly detailed and she said she wanted to shoot herself for what Joe had done to their 35-year marriage. Worse still, Tina wanted to shoot Joe as well. She was just so angry with him. But, instead of killing herself, Tina headed straight to a New York hotel to confront Joe about Bryce Chandler Hill. However, when Joe returned to the Encino home in Los Angeles they shared, he found the note, made a copy and gave it to his divorce lawyer as a bargaining tool for the settlement.”

Eventually, Tina offered Joe half of their family fortune, because she wanted the divorce over with.

Joe was busted about his affair with Bryce Chandler Hill when Tina found some modeling pictures of the baby-faced blonde boy toy in their home. “They were taken in and around the house and she was suspicious because she didn’t have a clue who the boy was,” a family source told exclusively. And things started to take a turn for the worse when Tina began to inquire about Bryce, whom she had never met.

“Because Tina looks after Jessica’s fashion label, she meets a lot of people who work in the fashion industry,” the source continued. “In one meeting, somebody mentioned Bryce and she couldn’t talk about him because she didn’t know anything about the boy.”

It was then that Tina enlisted daughter Jessica’s best friend CaCee Cobb for help in finding out who the boy was. “CaCee uncovered some personal pictures of Joe and Bryce posing together and showed Tina. Tina sent Joe, who was back in New York, a text message asking if he had anything to tell her. She quizzed him about Bryce but he denied knowing the kid. But Tina knew where Joe was staying and wanted to confront him in person. Tina wanted answers. She flew to New York to make an unannounced visit to Joe.”

So sad. Thank God she DIDN’T hurt herself, and she just moved on. Who can blame her, though, for being incredibly hurt and devastated. It has to be so hard to learn that not only has your husband of 35 years been unfaithful, but also that he’s gay, and he’s been involved with a young man. That would make any woman go a little bit crazy.

MEET Bryce Chandler Hill after the jump! (more…)

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Jessica Simpson’s Mom Wants Her To Stop Ashley’s Partying!

Tina Simpson is concerned for her youngest daughter!

According to a source close to the fam, the Simpson matriarch is hoping sister Jessica Simpson can help stop the partying and the boozing that Ashlee Simpson seems to be into these days!  Not sure what she means (and when I say I’m not sure, I mean, I have no photographic evidence of Ashlee out and about on the town), but if there are some bad habits, it can’t be good for Ashlee’s kid, Bronx to be around that kind of behavior.

A source close to the family says:

“Tina’s asked Jessica to look out for Ashlee and make sure she doesn’t start partying too hard once again. With Jessica focusing on her second pregnancy, she’s a calming influence on Ashlee because she doesn’t want to go out on the town. Instead, she prefers family nights in relaxing and has encouraged Ashlee to join them when they are all together, which she has been doing.”

Aw, that’s nice!  But…are there buttered pop tarts involved in these “family nights?” (Sorry! I had to!)

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Pregnant Jessica Simpson and sister Ashlee step out with their kids for a Toys “R” Us shopping spree!

Jessica Simpson, 32,  and Ashlee Simpson, 28,  took their kids out for a Toys “R” Us shopping spree on Saturday afternoon! The sisters brought their kids, 10-month-old Maxwell, and 4-year-old Bronx, along for the trip!

The sisters, whose mother also joined them, walked out of the store with an overflowing cart full of toys!

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Jessica recently told Ryan Seacrest that she wants to be done having children after their baby boy is born. Maybe…. “Originally, I had wanted three. But now that I have one and another one on the way, I feel like I could stop here,” she said. Then again, “Accidents do happen,” she said laughingly.

They do make very cute babies!

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Jessica Simpson Looking Pregnant Again!

Here’s our favorite Mom/Weight Watchers Spokeswoman Jessica Simpson looking better than ever (in my humble opinion).

Simpson went out for lunch with her fiance Eric Johnson in Santa Monica, California today rocking the pink blazer and lipstick, accenting her look with black sunglasses, top and gold clutch. I think she looks absolutely adorable. What do you think- is there a little boy or girl in there?

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