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Pregnant Jessica Simpson and sister Ashlee step out with their kids for a Toys “R” Us shopping spree!

Jessica Simpson, 32,  and Ashlee Simpson, 28,  took their kids out for a Toys “R” Us shopping spree on Saturday afternoon! The sisters brought their kids, 10-month-old Maxwell, and 4-year-old Bronx, along for the trip!

The sisters, whose mother also joined them, walked out of the store with an overflowing cart full of toys!

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Jessica recently told Ryan Seacrest that she wants to be done having children after their baby boy is born. Maybe…. “Originally, I had wanted three. But now that I have one and another one on the way, I feel like I could stop here,” she said. Then again, “Accidents do happen,” she said laughingly.

They do make very cute babies!

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Jessica Simpson Looking Pregnant Again!

Here’s our favorite Mom/Weight Watchers Spokeswoman Jessica Simpson looking better than ever (in my humble opinion).

Simpson went out for lunch with her fiance Eric Johnson in Santa Monica, California today rocking the pink blazer and lipstick, accenting her look with black sunglasses, top and gold clutch. I think she looks absolutely adorable. What do you think- is there a little boy or girl in there?

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Jessica Simpson is PREGNANT. AGAIN.

Well, it looks like Maxwell Drew is going to be a big sister!

Jessica Simpson just confirmed her second pregnancy via twitter with a picture of little Maxwell over the words “Big Sis” written in the sand.  Not the worst way to announce a pregnancy, especially for the queen of indiscreet, Miss Jessica Simpson.  Just seven months after having little baby Maxwell, and looks like her family is growning!

But what of her weight watchers deal? Weight Watchers is paying Jess a hefty sum to get down to 130 post-pregnancy, but it looks like that’s going to be put on hold for a while (nine months, to say the least).  Weight Watchers didn’t seem too happy about this, but today they released an encouraging statement, saying:

“Our celebrity ambassador Jessica Simpson shared yesterday that another gift is on the way! After a 50lb weight loss to get back to her pre-baby weight, she’s expecting a second child next year – as she’ll tell you herself in one of our newest [TV commercials]! We know that one of the most important factors for having a healthy baby is being a healthy mother, and though Jessica will not be following the program during her pregnancy, we feel good that what she’s learned during her time on our program can help her make healthy choices in any life stage.”

Okay, so they’ll be encouraging her to continue the program through her pregnancy (what, no more buttered pop tarts?! Boring!). I wonder if she’ll stick to it?

Anyhow, check out Jessica’s Weight Watchers video announcing her pregnancy HERE.  Yep, she’s going a whole new, unexpected angle for this Weight Watchers thing, to be sure!

UPDATE: Here’s the picture of baby Maxwell announcing that she’s going to be a big sister!

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Jessica Simpson Worried About Her Mom’s Drinking

Jessica Simpson is worried about her mom, Tina!

And for good reason, too.  The star and fashion mogul is fearful that her mother- faced with the many reports of her ex-husband Joe Simpson‘s affairs with much younger men- will keep behaving in an unhealthy manner,  according to a report in the new issue of Star magazine.

Tina and Joe, the matriach and patriarch of the Simpson empire, are divorcing after 34 years of marriage.   Having moved out of the family home, Tina is now constantly watching her back in case of more rumors, paparazzi and the like, and turning to booze for her problems.  According to reports, Tina had always been a social drinker, but now she is reportedly using alcohol to help her cope with the very public demise of her marriage.

“Tina is hitting the bottle to ease her sorrows over her marital problems, she’s built up quite a tolerance and has switched from wine to stuff like scotch and vodka,” a source tells Star. “Jess is just a mess over this, she feels helpless and doesn’t know what to do.”

Oy.  These are big issues to wrestle with…and part of the reasons why a good therapist is helpful. Tina, get thee to a professional!

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