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What in the name of Botox is wrong with Lindsay Lohan’s face!?

Lindsay Lohan showed up at A&E’s upfront last night in New York with a newly injected face!

If you can believe it, the actress is only 25, but her face looks much, much older.

She appeared on the red carpet with a puffy face, dark eyebrows and a blotchy spray tan. Her lips also look like they’ve been injected with something.

Here’s my nice thing to say: I like her dress and her shoes. Those are pretty cute.

Also at A&E’s upfronts: Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Photos: Fame/Flynet

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Jennifer Love Hewitt gets renewed!

Lifetime has decided to give the green-light to season 2 of “The Client List”, Jennifer Love Hewitt’s TV show.

Lifetime has picked up a second season of “The Client List” in which Jennifer “Love to Her Friends” Hewitt plays a Texas mother who, after her husband leaves her, takes a masseuse job at a day spa — only to discover it’s not a day spa, but a “day spa.”

“ ‘The Client List’ represents everything we want to be — fresh, exciting and original with attitude,” Lifetime President and GM Nancy Dubuc said of the TV movie/backdoor pilot that became a 10-episode order in its first season. Lifetime has ordered 15 episodes for its second season.

I haven’t seen a single episode of this show. I just have ZERO interest in watching it. How about you? Have you seen it? Is it any good?

Here are some new pictures of Jennifer leaving her hotel (looking totally cute) in NYC.


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Jennifer Love Hewitt wears a dress that’s not Herve Leger!

Every time we see Jennifer Love Hewitt she’s wearing a 2-sizes-too-small Herve Leger dress. Not that she looks bad in them, but it’s nice that she changes it up a bit! Here she is wearing a simple black dress, that fits her well, and she looks great! Some sites are saying that she looks thinner, but I think it’s just because she’s wearing black (I try that trick too).

The 33-year-old actress took to the stage at The Grove to promote her show The Client List on Extra.

She paired the look with some lacy platform shoes and wore her brunette locks in a straight style.

As always, the former Party Of Five star was in a happy and smiling mood for the appearance.

The actress also got a surprise when her Client List co-star Colin Egglesfield surprised her onstage.

Jennifer appeared much more slender today compared to the launch of her show back in April, when she stepped on the red-carpet in a figure-hugging pink Herve Leger dress.

Jennifer plays the role as a masseuse who offers ‘extras’ in the steamy TV show, which airs on American channel Lifetime.

Rumor has it Jennifer and Colin are dating. A source told US Weekly that at a recent party, “They hovered around each other all night,” an eyewitness tells Us Weekly. “When they spoke, Egglesfield had his arm wrapped around Hewitt’s waist!”

Photos: Fame/Flynet, Source

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Adam Levine “Flattered” By Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Flirting

Remember when I said that Jennifer Love Hewitt, 33,  thought newly single Adam Levine was a cute guy, with cute hair? Well, of course Levine caught wind of her remarks…and he was very complimented by them!

“It’s very, very flattering,” Levine told “It’s very flattering and very sweet and it was lovely to hear.”  He added, “But I’m not going to let it get to my head.”

Aw, kind of a perfect answer- and one that I know will make Jennifer Love Hewitt even MORE into Maroon 5 frontman and “Voice” coach.  Am I right?

Photo: Fame/Flynet

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