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January Jones and son Xander enjoy the Pasadena sunshine



January Jones isn’t particularly known for her sunny disposition, so it’s no surprise that she was less than happy to be confronted by paparazzi while out walking in Pasadena, California with her son Xander on Monday.

Xander, however, seems to be having a grand ol’ time. He’s so cute! Also, he’s rocking that sushi t-shirt. I bet it cost hundreds of dollars (because I assume everything celebrities have is expensive).



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Olivia Wilde Heads to Pilates

Pregnant Olivia Wilde Heads To Pilates

Pregnant and more adorable than ever, Olivia Wilde was spotted heading to Pilates in West Hollywood earlier today.  She looks amazing.  I hated pictures of me when I was pregnant, but she looks just amazing.  Make-up free and all.  At the Golden Globes, Wilde announced that her due date is May 4th.

Wilde is expecting her first child with fiancé, Jason Sudeikis.  The two attended the Clippers game on Wednesday night in Los Angeles.  They cheered their team to a slim victory against the Houston Rockets in court side seats.

Wilde, 29, and Sudeikis, 38, started dating in late 2011 and got engaged in January of last year.  This will be a second marriage for Wilde, who was previously married to Tao Ruspoli, an Italian filmmaker for eight years.  Sudeikis dated actress January Jones, who announced her pregnancy just a few months after they separated, however Jones has never revealed the identity of her son’s father to the public.

Pregnant Olivia Wilde Heads To Pilates

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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Sleeping In Separate Bedrooms

This pic of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth in happier days shows how far this couple has come…and that, perhaps, a breakup is imminent!

Why? Because they don’t even sleep in the same room anymore, on the rare occasion that they are both together in their LA home! I know, very sad.

One supposed insider reveals (via PerezHilton):

“[Miley] stays in the master bedroom and Liam stays in one of the guest rooms. Sometimes she’ll even stay at her parents’, which is across the street, with her sister or mom so she doesn’t feel alone. The two know it’s over…but aren’t ready to announce it.”

As much as I like making fun of young, dumb, celeb couples, this quote strikes me as sad. The two should just rip the band-aid off, break up for realz, and start living their own (and young!) lives!  These things happen, and the sooner you can tackle the ugly stuff (separating things, announcing the split) the sooner these two can move on.

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Is Liam Hemsworth Secretly Dating January Jones?

Okay, we’ve all seen Liam Hemsworth being photographed at that party with January Jones, AND heard about how his relationship with Miley Cyrus is reportedly on the rocks. BUT- is Liam really dating January? And Is Miley really not pissed about all that Jan Jones press?

Here’s an excerpt from The Star that may just be rumor, but even if it’s a little true, DANG!

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s relationship has been hanging by a tread lately, and the engaged couple are in for a whole new wave of drama — because Liam, 23, is secretly dating January Jones! After being the first to reveal the pair’s secret hookup in February after being spotted leaving a pre-Oscars party together, Star has now learned that Liam’s dalliance with January, 35, has turned into a full-blown relationship!

According to an inside source, the Hunger Games actor has become a fixture at January’s L.A. home in recent weeks. “Liam is at January’s house all the time,” says the insider. “He brings her favorite wine, and they hook up. They have date nights in — they never go out, because they want to keep it a secret.”

Although Miley, 20, is fully aware of Liam’s rendezvous with January, she is apparently refusing to break up with him; she’s praying it’s just a phase and that he’ll come to his senses. “She’s in denial,” continues the source. “She is desperate to marry Liam and make the relationship work.”

But while the “Ashtrays and Heartbreaks” singer may still be fantasizing about a wedding, Liam and January have developed strong feelings for each other. “Liam is interested in seeing where the relationship can go,” spills the pal. “January is doing her best to keep Liam around.” With Miley’s dad, Billy Ray, recently referring to his daughter and Liam as “really good friends,” the odds look like they are ever in January’s favor!

[From Star, print edition, May 6, 2013]

Check out what Billy Ray said about Miley and Liam HERE, but man…this is becoming quite the web of intrigue, isn’t it?
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