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Heidi Klum Looks Stunning

Heidi Klum at The NBC Universal Summer Press Day 2014 in LA

Ok… so I know I’m probably the only one on the planet- but I sometimes think that Heidi Klum dresses horribly.  It’s always way too much T&A – not that she shouldn’t flaunt either, but I just think sometimes it works best if you flaunt either one or the other.  One at a time.  She often seems to work glorified ice skating uniforms.  Not that models come with fashion sense- they often don’t- but she’s the host of Project Runway…  and maybe sometimes just… well… shouldn’t.  Again- I’m sure I’m the only one who thinks this.  Anyway- that is why these pictures of her at the NBC Universal Summer Press Day 2014, held earlier today in Pasadena, are so pleasing.  She looks FLAWLESS.  Heidi, you can forget everything I just prattled on about- you are stunning.

Heidi Klum at The NBC Universal Summer Press Day 2014 in LA Heidi Klum at The NBC Universal Summer Press Day 2014 in LA

Nick Cannon, who attended the event as well… um… not so much.

Heidi Klum at The NBC Universal Summer Press Day 2014 in LA


Photos: FameFlynet

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Heidi Klum Parties With a New Flame

The 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Heidi Klum, 40, was in attendance in a stunning black dress, at the Vanity Fair Oscars party on Sunday night, but she did not go stag.  While the couple tried to avoid attention as they were leaving the party, Klum and her new flame, Vito Schnabel, 27, were spotted departing together in the same car.  Klum and Schnabel were seen together earlier this month in Hollywood ‘making out’ at a nightclub owned by David Arquette.

Heidi Klum broke up with her bodyguard turned boyfriend of a year, Martin Kristen in January.  Schnabel was previously linked to Demi Moore and Liv Tyler.  He is the son of artist Julian Schnabel.  

Klum has yet to confirm the relationship, however, the two were spotted together multiple times throughout Oscar week, and they are rumored to be getting serious.

Her dress isn’t my favorite of the night, but my goodness she’s pretty.

Heidi Klum Stops By Whole Foods

Photo: FameFlynet, Source

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Heidi Klum and Boyfriend Out Shopping

Here’s Heidi Klum doing some serious retail therapy with her boyfriend Martin Kristen in Beverly Hills today.

The two went all over the place, and looks like they had a good day! I also love seeing her bodyguard boyfriend carrying all of Heidi’s bags. Yeah, I know, if I were dating Heidi Klum I’d be whipped, too!

Photos: FameFlynet

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Heidi Klum admits she pays her kids to eat healthy. Good idea or WTF?

Heidi Klum, her boyfriend, and Heidi’s kids have been photographed a lot lately. On Sunday, the family was spotted having lunch in Brentwood. Over the weekend they were also spotted playing on the beach in Malibu. Heidi and her bodyguard boyfriend, Martin Kristen, look pretty happy together! Is he still her bodyguard? I mean, I’ve seen the movie…. I know how well that works.

Anyhoo, Heidi’s current obsession is juicing. (Mine is veggie smoothies, I don’t understand juicing…seems so wasteful!) Heidi claims she tried to get her kids into it, and they’re not feeling it. In order to get them to drink her juices, Heidi admits she’s been paying her kids a dollar per drink. I’m not sure if I’m on board with this whole – paying your kids to eat healthy – mindset, but if it works….does it matter?

Keeping her children healthy comes at a price for Heidi Klum.

The 39-year-old supermodel has revealed she bribes her four children, Leni, eight, Henry, seven, Johan, six, and Lou, three, to get them to finish daily smoothies.

She said: “I’ve never really done a real diet. My New Year’s resolution for 2013 was to start every day with a fresh juice.

“We make an effort every morning – we peel pineapples, apples, lemons, bananas, kiwis, ginger and berries and we make delicious smoothies.

“Some of my kids don’t love it so I decided I would pay them a dollar if they finish their drink. All of the money goes into their piggy banks, they have collected a bunch of money since January 1. What’s good for them is good for me as well.”

I have a hard time getting my kids to eat many veggies (the REAL veggies), and I only blame myself. As a kid, we were forced to eat our veggies without exception, and I grew to hate them. Hate is putting it mildly. I still gag when I eat broccoli. As an adult I blend up my veggies for smoothies – and have found that to be an easy way to get my veggies in. But it’s hard getting my kids to eat their leafy greens.

I know the answer is I should have started them from the beginning eating this way – my bad. What tricks do you use to get your kids to eat healthy? Would you pay them to eat right?


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